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  1. Too bad she lost all of extra weight again. I really thought she was going to set a new high! Thanks for sharing!
    You're cute belly is starting to get so round and chubby! If you keep on eating like that your belly is going to look so fat and sexy can't wait to see you get bigger!
    Off to a great start! Such a cute starter belly! I would love to see more of her backside in the next video! You get a nice shot of her butt at the end!
  2. The new weight looks amazing on you! Keep up the good work!
  3. Thanks for helping bring us one of the all time best feedees!
  4. Damn she's looking great! Hope she exceeds 210 and ends up closer to 220! Thanks for always sharing! This is one of my favorite threads!
  5. That fat belly you've grown is so sexy!
    Another great video! Definitely worth a purchase! Your belly is looking so cute and chubby!
  6. I can't wait tell that belly gets so fat that it pushes down those pants!
  7. You have the cutest chubby bloated belly!
  8. It looks like you've been eating well! I can't wait to see you get even fatter!
    Wow! Easily the hottest video you've ever made! Your belly is looking so plump and gorgeous! You're really looking difficult than when you started! You should be proud of yourself for working so hard to grow that beautiful belly! If you've ever wanted to see a sexy chubby sorority girl make an absolutely messy pig out of herself than this is the video for you!
  9. You have the cutest little chubby belly forming!
  10. It's going to look incredible with another 20 pounds on you! Can't wait to see how beautiful you will look!
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