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    One of the best videos in curvage ever. Seriously stop buying content from the other skinny bitches here and buy from this beautiful piggy lol.
    This was a great video! Nice burps and it was nice to see a really soft, squishy belly. I recommend others to watch this video. Black Barbie, I hope you make more vids!
    Wow this was a good video!! I really got to see more of your videos and I recommend others do also. This was nice Judy. Diablo.. keep up the good work!
    This was a great video, your belly looks heavy and you seem to definitely be gaining weight! Your chubby cheeks are really cute too, along with thick thighs. Good job and I'd recommend making more content!
    Oh my, this is one of the best videos I've seen from a feedee/bbw. Please post more content if you're willing to, this is just great and I want to say more but I'm speechless.
    This is a very cute video. I really liked this video and I hope you post more of your beautiful belly :).
    Wow I don't know if it's because your Latina and cute but your the best model here already. Content-wise you have lots of potential and I hope you stay in this in this community. Very cute/sexy video.
  1. Goddess Shar is the Best! Can't wait to see the Goddess get even bigger. [
    I really liked your video! You're very attractive, please tell me if you do customs? Thanks!
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