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    My goodness! Finally getting to watch Miss Casey struggle into a tight pair of jeans is so hott! The way she slaps and rubs her tummy is such a tease. I was impressed that she was able to squeeze her big belly all the way in. Hopefully all of the clothes purchased for back to school will soon “shrink” as well. Always exciting waiting for what is next 😍
    Gorgeous Casey is back and better than ever before! It was tough waiting so long, but worth it in the end. Her beautiful belly has grown some more, and it is so sexy hearing her demand you to be her feeder. With multiple camera angles, it is easy to see that Miss Casey has not slowed down in her progress. Soon enough, that bikini top will be completely outgrow. Show your support and help this beautiful lady grow!
    Yet another amazing vid by the beautiful Miss Casey! So jealous of her new man fondling her soft and sexy belly. It’s almost as if she is teaching him how to play with her growing gut. Truly hope this man expedites such a beautiful gal’s growth! Excited to see what the future holds for this babe!
    Wow! A little jealous that someone is able to intimately feed such a beautiful woman. But if it will help that belly grow, how can you not support it. Worth a watch as Casey rides on her man in a few sexy positions. Now the feeding will be sent into overdrive!
    Simply astonishing to watch your progress! Love how you keep track of your growth and measurements. New stretchmarks and expanding body parts galore! Well worth the purchase.
    Miss Casey strikes again with one of her best vids to date! So amazing to see her in her tiny workout attire. Could only imagine seeing her in public at the gym looking like such a pig! Sorry that her mom wants to make sure she’s working out, but confident that this big belly will only continue to get bigger! If anything, she now has more motivation to grow. Always a turn on watching Casey slap and jiggle her bulging belly!
    I wish that belly would stay permanently expanded to the point in which it does in this video, but at this rate, I know Miss Casey will grow even bigger so soon! Such a passionate and appreciative gal, creating videos requested by her fans. Watching the progress has been nothing short of remarkable. This bloating video is yet another must watch!
    I’ve said it many times, but once again Growing Casey made an even sexier video. For anyone even partially into role playing, this big beauty talks so dirty making it seem as though she is demanding the viewer to take advantage of her deep belly button. The clip certainly heats up toward the end, as Miss Casey begs for a c**shot all over her bulging gut. It becomes damn near irresistible to not lose all control at this point. Can’t wait to continue to watch this beautiful girl’s progress toward becoming such a fatty. Quite evidently, she is well on her way!
    Once again, the latest vid from Casey proves better than the last! Truly so creative as she flaunts her beautiful chub. Casey knows full well what every curvage fan desires...this particular clip goes above and beyond to excite! No man should ever have a say in how a woman’s body looks. The “texts from her ex” were disgraceful, but fortunately gorgeous Miss Casey stands up above the hate. Hearing about seeking revenge and continuing to grow her bulging belly is so beyond perfect. Keep up the wonderful work!
    No words needed! Even with no talking, listening to Miss Casey’s growing gut bounce and move around is so sensual. By far the best model on this site, knowing precisely what to give fans who love to watch a gal grow. Watching the oil rubbed all over her glistening belly is too much to handle. Casey generously shows off all aspects of her larger body, making her seem beyond irresistible! As always, this clip is worth every penny.
    Where to begin... It definitely felt like an eternity without an update, but this video makes it worth the wait. Casey is glowing in her tiny red shirt and sexy tight jeans. It seems like there is no stopping that belly from getting more round. Tight, plump bellies like hers are my favorite. Watching it expand as she continues this journey is so hott. Forcing her massive gut into shorts that were clearly from last summer adds to an already amazing vid. And the way she slaps her fat tummy seems to turn me on even more. Listening to her discuss her struggles with being so fat in warm weather is the perfect way to start off this clip. Wouldn’t mind watching the sweat sexily drip off her bulging gut. As always, well worth the purchase!
    Such a hott video! You are becoming more naughty as you continue to grow bigger. The lingerie is the perfect touch...truly highlights the size of your huge belly. Casey is every feedee’s dream come true...it’s so amazing to follow along on her journey.
    Another video better than the last! It is amazing to watch how big Casey continues to grow. A mention of a summer goal of 300 lbs...can’t wait to see where this journey takes this fatty!
    Tough not to be jealous of this man. Casey has become so confident on cam, and it makes her already great videos even better! Another one worth the price of admission!
    It truly gets better with each video. Miss Casey is so talented at luring her audience! Worth every penny!
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