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    We need a ten-star option for this amazing video. Miss Casey has done it again, producing an even sexier clip than ever before. There is so much in this vid that shows off her passion and beautiful growing body. The tattoos on this babe’s thighs are starting to get swallowed up by her large, round belly. It is so sexy to watch it hang and jiggle so close to the ground as she feasts on her dessert. The jiggles and shaking of her beautiful gut is so perfect. That alone would make this video worth the $$. Amazing Miss Casey shows no sign of slowing down, and we should be fortunate to have her in this community!
    Such a sensual and sexy video. Casey has been getting more comfortable as a feedee the bigger her belly grows. And it is growing! Can’t resist the way her gut slaps and jiggles around so sensually! The way she speaks to her “feeder” would make anyone weak in the knees. Another must have!!
    This beauty’s belly and body can’t stop growing! Such an amazing vid discussing her encounters with her amazing weight gain. I wonder how much pizza could fit into that expanding tummy. Toward the end, there is some amazing belly play that was nearly too hott to handle. Very sexy witnessing it shake and jiggle without using her hands. Congrats on this babe reaching her highest weight! A must watch to find out how much she has grown. Cannot wait to continue to admire new goals and milestones.
    Incredible!!! At this point I should stop commenting that this video is better than the last. It has been true for every single one. This is by far the hottest vid on Curvage. What would you pay to see the gorgeous Miss Casey at a strip club? This is as close as you’ll get, so make sure you give it a watch. There is a lot of “stripper practice” performed throughout. If only I could be in the chair she sits on and dances around. So hott to watch this beautiful babe struggle to catch her breath while exerting just a little bit of effort. Her face is filling out just like her big belly, and it is great! Do not miss out on this one!
    Not only does Casey’s tummy seem to be growing, but her beautiful face/arms/and legs all seem to be catching up. What most would give to be on that bed under this beauty! Casey continues to increase her dirty talk as she describes her growth. As always, the belly play is nothing short of exquisite. Worth the purchase!
    Another 10/10! Great to see more followers showing support for the best feedee on Curvage! Clearly, Miss Casey has been hard at work getting back into the 220s. Who knew watching someone eat could be such a turn on. It is truly impressive to see the way she continues to outgrow her clothes. Such great discussion of how her lazy lifestyle is beginning to significantly impact her life. Although it appears to be more difficult to move around, it doesn’t seem that there is an end to this sexy growth in sight. Once again, this clip is well worth the $, as the stuffing alone is hott enough! Bonus belly play makes it all the better.
    Wow! Pretty soon beautiful Miss Casey might not be able to fit in that tub! Such a wonderful clip showing off her growing belly in the tight bathtub. Once again, the way she slaps and jiggles her gorgeous gut is enough to make you weak in the knees. Her recent content has been some of the best on all of Curvage...you’re missing out if you don’t watch!
    Words won’t do this clip justice! A must watch for any of Miss Casey’s fans. Probably her best by far, as she really gets into the fantasy that we all would like to become reality 😉 It seems as though she is having more and more fun with her added weight and bigger belly. Definitely worth the purchase. P.S. It would certainly be nice to make you out of breath IRL as you mention at the end!
    Once again, this video is even better than the last! Truly remarkable to listen to Miss Casey’s goals and future desires. We are in for some weight gain magic if what she says in this vid becomes a reality. It is great to see more reviews for such a beautiful gal! Clearly her gain is having an impact on her Curvage followers. How could anyone miss out on such great content!? Best of luck and as always, looking forward to your continued growth!
    Simply remarkable. Dee’s belly has grown so big and round! Great to hear that it’s not over...good luck!
    My goodness! Finally getting to watch Miss Casey struggle into a tight pair of jeans is so hott! The way she slaps and rubs her tummy is such a tease. I was impressed that she was able to squeeze her big belly all the way in. Hopefully all of the clothes purchased for back to school will soon “shrink” as well. Always exciting waiting for what is next 😍
    Gorgeous Casey is back and better than ever before! It was tough waiting so long, but worth it in the end. Her beautiful belly has grown some more, and it is so sexy hearing her demand you to be her feeder. With multiple camera angles, it is easy to see that Miss Casey has not slowed down in her progress. Soon enough, that bikini top will be completely outgrow. Show your support and help this beautiful lady grow!
    Yet another amazing vid by the beautiful Miss Casey! So jealous of her new man fondling her soft and sexy belly. It’s almost as if she is teaching him how to play with her growing gut. Truly hope this man expedites such a beautiful gal’s growth! Excited to see what the future holds for this babe!
    Wow! A little jealous that someone is able to intimately feed such a beautiful woman. But if it will help that belly grow, how can you not support it. Worth a watch as Casey rides on her man in a few sexy positions. Now the feeding will be sent into overdrive!
    Simply astonishing to watch your progress! Love how you keep track of your growth and measurements. New stretchmarks and expanding body parts galore! Well worth the purchase.
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