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  1. I remember seeing this woman on YouTube a long while ago. Does anybody have or know of any videos of her saved anywhere that they'd be willing to share? There are still some pics up at FF under Conyers1203 (hope the link is still working...), but no vids.
  2. The "double belly" on a woman is a turn-off for me. Relatively small indentations are kind of cute, but the ones which give way to two (or possibly more) distinct pouches of fat, one on top of the other, are unattractive. I also second the comment about asses :thumbsup: .
  3. Found an excellent video I've never seen before.
  4. Some of these links are dead. Any chance of reuploading them to a file sharing site?
  5. Tamsin Coates' channel has been taken down for a while. Just wondering if anybody has any saved vids they'd be willing to share?
  6. The idea of "I would like you to gain weight, but I don't want you to risk your health for my sexual pleasure" has been stated before, but it always helps to put a face and a real life story to an abstract idea. I find your uncle's part in this story very interesting. So technically, your uncle was like one of us before your aunt lost weight. One thing that shows is that it is very much possible to be attracted to people of all sizes. There must have been something deeper than outward appearance if your aunt and uncle have stayed together throughout both ends of the body size spectrum.
  7. You should send a pic or so to these two tumblrs. Pretty interesting looking sites with quite a lot of hits. I think you would fit right in.
  8. "hilarious"???? ??? I found it funny because the outfit is so ridiculously undersized. Sorry for the confusion?
  9. Very nice photo set. You have a lovely figure. I thought these (especially that last one) were absolutely hilarious ;D.
  10. Does anybody have saved copies of NattyFattyBelly videos they are willing to share? I would be very appreciative for any help, thanks.
  11. It only captures video. A Pro account is required to record system audio...
  12. Success!! It turns out I didn't need any kind of add-on or downloader at all! I can just record the video straight off of the screen with this nifty screen recording software [http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/]. It will probably help to record with each volume turned as high as you can as it looks like it records the volume of the video as you record it. I recorded it with the volume down at the moment so I'll have to try it later. But for now, looks like this is the way to do it for sites that don't allow real/flash/dailymotion/etc. downloader to recognize the video. BTW, it looks like every add-on or video downloader offered by FireFox does the same damn thing!! >
  13. How? The RealPlayer download icon doesn't show up for some reason. Thank you for responding btw.
  14. I'll make this request short and sweet: Is there any way to download videos from Fantasy Feeder even within the 24 hour viewing limit? Thanks
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