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  1. I remember seeing this woman on YouTube a long while ago. Does anybody have or know of any videos of her saved anywhere that they'd be willing to share? There are still some pics up at FF under Conyers1203 (hope the link is still working...), but no vids.
  2. The "double belly" on a woman is a turn-off for me. Relatively small indentations are kind of cute, but the ones which give way to two (or possibly more) distinct pouches of fat, one on top of the other, are unattractive. I also second the comment about asses :thumbsup: .
  3. Found an excellent video I've never seen before.
  4. Tamsin Coates' channel has been taken down for a while. Just wondering if anybody has any saved vids they'd be willing to share?
  5. The idea of "I would like you to gain weight, but I don't want you to risk your health for my sexual pleasure" has been stated before, but it always helps to put a face and a real life story to an abstract idea. I find your uncle's part in this story very interesting. So technically, your uncle was like one of us before your aunt lost weight. One thing that shows is that it is very much possible to be attracted to people of all sizes. There must have been something deeper than outward appearance if your aunt and uncle have stayed together throughout both ends of the body size spectrum.
  6. Does anybody have saved copies of NattyFattyBelly videos they are willing to share? I would be very appreciative for any help, thanks.
  7. It only captures video. A Pro account is required to record system audio...
  8. Success!! It turns out I didn't need any kind of add-on or downloader at all! I can just record the video straight off of the screen with this nifty screen recording software [http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/]. It will probably help to record with each volume turned as high as you can as it looks like it records the volume of the video as you record it. I recorded it with the volume down at the moment so I'll have to try it later. But for now, looks like this is the way to do it for sites that don't allow real/flash/dailymotion/etc. downloader to recognize the video. BTW, it looks like every add-on or video downloader offered by FireFox does the same damn thing!! >
  9. How? The RealPlayer download icon doesn't show up for some reason. Thank you for responding btw.
  10. I'll make this request short and sweet: Is there any way to download videos from Fantasy Feeder even within the 24 hour viewing limit? Thanks
  11. This is an excellent question to get out there! My answer would probably be no if I was asked to gain to please a partner. Unless it was somebody who I really, really liked a hell of a lot and would really make me feel good about all the extra blubber. I mentioned in another topic that I've tried gaining weight before. Unfortunately, it just didn't... feel like me. I think that women's body structures deal with weight gain a lot better than men do so... I guess it doesn't feel as bad seeking a woman with a larger size or asking her to gain without gaining in return. It also seems to me that fat guys get the short end of the stick in terms of potential prospects, even amongst fat women. I'd be interested to hear what (het) women think about asking a man to gain for their pleasure. (If you think about it, the proof is in the pudding on this very site. The forums dedicated to men's photos/videos is paltry compared to forums dedicated to women's photos/videos. It's so small the photos and videos sections are combined into one!)
  12. Hello! Thin guy here. This is a great question to ask and, honestly, one that I've been thinking about myself for a while. I'm a bit of a literal guy so please excuse me if I get too caught up with definitions. I'll start by saying that I'm not exclusively attracted to bbws. I would say that the constant in my attractions is what's on the inside (e.g. humor, chemistry, likeability, etc.). Growing up, I've been very active with athletic activities, so I kind of had no choice but to be conscious of being fat (I'd say that it involved conscientiousness of control over functionality rather than image per se). However, I feel that even if you were to control for that I would still be pretty self-conscious about it. I've actually tried gaining at one point but found it a bit too uncomfortable for my liking. My thighs felt like they were on fire from chafing, I couldn't think as quickly or clearly as I normally did, and worst of all was a general lack of balance in my posture and when walking (all that extra weight made it so that the slightest lean toward one direction would send me toppling over!). Although there are some health problems associated with being too far overweight, I think overall women's bodies handle weight gain MUCH better than men's. That should be no surprise since much evidence supports that women's bodies are built to be generally healthier (i.e. longer lasting) than men's. I've thought about the phenomenon in which some women feel some attraction to "bad boys", and I think a similar dynamic might be at work here (at least for me). Perhaps it's because I've been so active throughout my life, but if I had to look deep down, I'd say that I have always seen a spare tire hanging over a woman's waistline as sort of a big "F You" to the rest of the world. And unlike smoking, drinking, run-ins with the law or things of that nature associated with "bad boys/girls", any potential downsides of having a fat partner are virtually harmless. I didn't think any less of overweight girls as people, but I found the added padding interesting, intriguing. I think initially the thoughts I had we're something along the lines of "I wonder why she just doesn't exercise more or eat less. It doesn't seem that hard to me." Eventually I just accepted that these women were fat, and they were either perfectly fine with it or we're trying their best to lose weight. Whatever it was it was well beyond my ability to control (I believe this is what psychologists call "radical acceptance"). Once I accepted the fact, I started to wonder more along the lines of "I wonder what it must be like jiggling around like that?" and "Wouldn't it be fun to just pinch a little bit of it in my own fingers?" It reminds a bit of the stress ball psychologists use to help relax. I was totally mesmerized and pretty much have been ever since! Eventually thoughts of "pinching" gave way to "squeezing" and "rubbing". Then I guess the concrete attraction to bbws just fell into place like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. So that's what I think, and I hope that personal explanation helps you come upon your answer!
  13. supermachguy


    What happened to NattyFattyBelly? First her YouTube channel was taken down (as probably expected TBH). Then, right after she put new DailyMotion videos on DM channel that got taken down (even previously recorded vids get rejected). I saw she was at FF and even that is nowhere to be found! Facebook doesn't really have anything either. Does anybody know what's happened?
  14. Does anyone have any BBW/skinny guy videos to share, like this one? Nothing too hardcore, please. Dailymotion - Watch, publish, share videos
  15. Just wondering if anybody has any old vids of belliesrcute1 saved that they might be nice enough to share here. In case you do not know, this is a link to her YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/belliesrcute1 Thank you very much for any assistance in this matter.
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