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  1. Nice! Keep us updated! Also any news on the OF?
  2. You look fantastic as always @CurvyByNature! Hope everything is well!
  3. After a long day, this made my day! Love how you're teasing us all @CurvyByNature!
  4. She looks fantastic @jtf724! Definitely encourage her to keep going!
  5. You look awesome @CurvyByNature, love the bikini color by the way! Do you have a new weight goal or just going with the flow now?
  6. She looks fabulous! And all the theories were hilarious! Also @1789 is she wearing a crop top? If so she looks awesome and that's how crop tops should be worn!
  7. Do tell! I love buffet stories, especially ones that are true!
  8. Looking plump! Comfy gym clothes suit you @CurvyByNature! You should wear them more often !
  9. Hmmm interesting! I've come to notice that our community has grown(no pun intended) the last several years, especially here in the U.S.
  10. Oh my! I don't know if she's stuffed in these last two sets of pics, either way her belly looks really round!
  11. Uuggh! Your pizza looks so good, you got me craving pizza now!
  12. @funfact123 She seems to be very open minded about all this! I love your approach as to how you came about to telling her, congrats by the way!
  13. @CurvyByNature Perhaps a stuffed belly pic? Maybe sitting down?
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