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  1. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph56e60996e487e anyone?
  2. layan


  3. layan


    who is the girl on the right?
  4. layan

    more. more!!

    anyone got more pictures of her?
  5. layan

    Clips REFORM!!

    oh, this escilated quickly, agian - I didn't mean to hurt, just expressing my frustration on the prices for these videos... you can close the thread..
  6. layan

    Clips REFORM!!

    don't worry, i have the money, i just don't feel like spending it on pornograghy..
  7. layan

    Clips REFORM!!

    lol i didnt mean to hurt, just saying my oppinion on these prices and let's face it, modeling is not for high society people.. Elizaallure uses low end street words like "as*h*le" - i can tell you aren't educated and need that money..
  8. layan

    Clips REFORM!!

  9. layan

    Clips REFORM!!

    hi I wonder how many of you guys purchase these ridiculously overpriced clips at websites like c4s.com etc.. 6.99$ for 6 mins vid??! for example let's say someone buys 2 clips per month, averaging at 14.98$ per month, for 1 year that's 179.76$ !!! I think it should be 0.99$-1.99$ per clip I propose we stop funding those sl*ts until they lower their prices, I'm sure their parents aren't proud of them.., if they want money they should find a real job and work hard like all of us normal humans do, and lower their prices and let us enjoy their sexy bodies! who's with me?
  10. layan


    i found her! she is 264 now! hmm, it says she smokes weed.. https://fetlife.com/users/3387144
  11. layan


    thanks guys!
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