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  1. the pictures were taken april 27! two days ago! she’s getting chubby again
  2. i think hailee steinfeld might actually gain this year and was looking a tad bit thicker than usual last night, not much but it opens up possibilities
  3. she may have lost weight recently but she was definitely sporting a belly at the jingle ball and it was definitely sticking out
  4. anything on lili reinhart? i feel like she wants to gain weight and obviously does sometimes but can’t because of riverdale
  5. damn well she’s doing a bad job lmao she has just as much belly as she does ass
  6. if recent videos suggest anything sigrid is definitely gaining this year
  7. i haven’t seen anything that suggests she has been
  8. i could see that in the past few episodes of river dale her clothes don’t fit that well at all
  9. lili reinhart is always dabbling with weight gain i can see her putting on around 10-15 lbs.
  10. singer of indie dance act sylvan esso took a break from 2014 to 2017 and came back looking a little, erm, heavier 2014: 2017-2018:
  11. Samisthebest

    Tamera Mowry

    yeah oops sorry i didn’t realize the topic of the vid just thought she looked big in the thumbnail
  12. Samisthebest

    Tamera Mowry

  13. looks a little chubby here
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