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  1. Ok, this being the lifestyle discussion section, let's discuss. I'm a FA, like many of you here. I'm relatively open about it, and don't feel ashamed about what I'm attracted to. But I still have some issues. I've dated girls that ranged from "chubby" up to about 280 lbs. I find a pretty wide range of women attractive. There's been several girls 300, 350, even close to 400 that I would have LOVED to have a chance with. But I didn't pursue. The reason being that although I'm in love with their size, I would feel terrible for it. I'm loving something that is ridiculously unhealthy for them. And don't try to deny it because we all know it's true. Being that big will not keep you in good health as long as being fit. And although watching my girlfriend get bigger and bigger may turn me on, it hurts me at the same time. Once all the "urges" are dealt with and my hormones have calmed, I find myself wondering if doing this to her makes me a bad person. "Feeding" her bad habits. So my question to anyone in the same situation is this: Have you dealt with this problem? If so, how? And anything else you want to weigh in on. I've come to terms with my preferences. I'm hoping you guys can help me enjoy the full range of them.
  2. I don't see how it's any different from what the O.P. was doing here, or any different than someone posting a picture of a celebrity or somebody else up on their facebook telling all their friends how they'd love a girl/guy like that. If you have pictures posted ANYWHERE on the internet, expect them to be saved by someone else. Creepy, legal, or agreement-bound otherwise. That's how the internet and this day in age is. That being said, I don't have the pictures saved on my phone or my computer, and I didn't go giving out the girl's information. In fact, this was my first time ever sharing a photo here, because I don't just go around creating my own personal database of pictures. But if you're against "saved" pictures of girls taken from elsewhere, why the hell are you here? That's kind of what this whole section is. Now, about the profile being fake. Seems like it definitely is. "She" has tried messaging m but I didn't reply because by then I had been tipped off about it being fake. Sorry for the worthless post I guess then haha.
  3. Really? Links please? Maybe the profile I came across was a fake then. Seemed pretty legit, had several other photos as well.
  4. Came across this girl today. Her profile actually says "looking for a guy who is okay with me recent weight gain. My ex wasn't." If she accepts my friend request, I might be able to help her out with that.
  5. Lol it's a saying. Maybe it's a midwestern thing though...
  6. The first 3 videos are of the same girl. I have more but they are having trouble uploading. Her youtube account name was pudgyjigglygirl I think. Don't quote me on that because I'm not 100%. It was a while ago.
  7. Unfortunately I do not. My collection is very limited right now, but I figured something is better than nothing. I'm looking for more though and I'll upload what I find.
  8. Hi there, de-lurking to give back to the community a little. I'm posting a stash of videos slowly to youtube. Here is my channel, there will be more uploaded over time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvtkMg3xjM9HTlEsoO7zebA Also, if anyone has some videos they would like to share to add to my content, please message me here or on youtube. Thanks guys.
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