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  1. I hope you all have been well! I’m back with some updated photos and weight gain ❤️
  2. Feeling like a sexy Pillsbury DoughGirl ❤️ 

    IMG_0678.thumb.JPEG.9e6c278003ce0073ef88b77e33f33a2f.JPEG                                                                               IMG_0672.thumb.JPEG.a62dba53ba2d08f91807d78cc783e39b.JPEG                                                                     IMG_0677.thumb.JPEG.1c80b98a709cb244ea3ffff502b9cb4f.JPEG

    1. dj2k1357


      Thats a whole lotta dough to knead. Call me the bakers man 😜🤣🤤

  3. Belly Growth ❤️ First 2 photos are from 2016 where I was about 230 pounds. Last 3 photos are from today (Oct 2019), where I am now 305 pounds!
  4. I’m finally back after at least a year, closer to 2. Bigger and better than ever ❤️38757B70-31B5-46B1-8C71-22B76AA05E91.thumb.jpeg.78da64478fca10f9c3daa26a8573d48b.jpeg61A21F06-C4D2-490C-8E43-57F53BE354C4.thumb.jpeg.154611c99922d08761a25ada590d1501.jpeg

  5. Back again! (For good this time!) and I’m bigger and better than ever! 😘😘
  6. Although I do want to lose weight, I love my body and my shape and so I'm happy no matter what size I am, and that's the important thing
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