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  1. Feeling like a sexy Pillsbury DoughGirl ❤️ 

    IMG_0678.thumb.JPEG.9e6c278003ce0073ef88b77e33f33a2f.JPEG                                                                               IMG_0672.thumb.JPEG.a62dba53ba2d08f91807d78cc783e39b.JPEG                                                                     IMG_0677.thumb.JPEG.1c80b98a709cb244ea3ffff502b9cb4f.JPEG

    1. dj2k1357


      Thats a whole lotta dough to knead. Call me the bakers man 😜🤣🤤

  2. Belly Growth ❤️ First 2 photos are from 2016 where I was about 230 pounds. Last 3 photos are from today (Oct 2019), where I am now 305 pounds!
  3. I’m finally back after at least a year, closer to 2. Bigger and better than ever ❤️38757B70-31B5-46B1-8C71-22B76AA05E91.thumb.jpeg.78da64478fca10f9c3daa26a8573d48b.jpeg61A21F06-C4D2-490C-8E43-57F53BE354C4.thumb.jpeg.154611c99922d08761a25ada590d1501.jpeg

  4. Back again! (For good this time!) and I’m bigger and better than ever! 😘😘
  5. Had been wanting to lose weight last time I was here, and now I'm dancing around 300 pounds. So much for that! Guess it's time to just embrace it and work with the beautiful body I've been given. :)

    1. thetingtangdude


      Does that mean you're here to stay? stay big that is?:wub:

    2. bigbootylover


      That's awesome! You have a beautiful, big body! It's definitely something to be embraced :D

    3. RockOfGreece


      please dont lose weight you are gorgeous

  6. Hello there again :) been gone for a while




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KFD


      What a babe!!

    3. regbill


      It's good to have you back.

      You look great!:)

    4. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Welcome back! Gorgeous photos. :D

    5. S77


      Love these photos, welcome back

    6. grimswolfz


      Looking beautiful especially your belly. welcome back!

    7. scosc@yahoo.com


      wow you are totally gorgeous girl! You are sexy lady! Such a beautiful big, soft and flabby belly, great booms, chunky thighs and legs are pretty painted toes in flip-flops. All that I love ❤ A pretty BBW showing her toes xx thankyou for sharing x


  7. Probably the only pic I'll ever put up like this lol
  8. Haven't been on curvage for quite some time, so thought I'd update ya with some new pictures enjoy
  9. Hey there So I normally only come on here to post photos and things of that sort, but I figured im single so why not make a post here. Never know where you might find the one. So I'm a single mom of a 6month baby boy. I like video games and just simple things. Love to get dressed up and go out. My dream is to be a housewife and mother when I'm financially able. Love being anywhere near water, funny since I live on the desert. I'm sarcastic and a smart ass. Love to laugh and hang out. Well anyways message me if you want to get to know me better or kik me for convenience at loveisdead420 (was feeling a little hopeless when I chose that lol)
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