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  1. What’s weird is that she just bought a bigger pair of pants the day after she complained to me about not fitting into her clothes, which is kind of confusing. She rationalized it by saying the clothes she had before shrunk in the dryer.
  2. Hello, My gf has started unintentionally gaining recently. She didn’t really notice it or care until she realized she couldn’t fit into any of her clothes and is kind of upset (she doesn’t think she’s gained weight though and is blaming it on the clothes). For experienced members, what usually happens when girls first outgrow their clothes? A gradual indifference and continue gaining or a successful effort towards losing weight? I told her I love her regardless of her weight.
  3. I should add she (currently) has a slimmer build but was overweight at an earlier part of her life and loves food, if that’s any environmental predisposition
  4. My SO has started to gain completely unintentionally and isn’t bothered by it and isn’t doing anything to stop it. From experience, if her diet / lack of exercise doesn’t change she would just keep gaining, right? The science of plateaus isn’t really there yet 😅
  5. A friend of mine told me this was true and I couldn’t find anything online to support his hypothesis. If a skinny girl has thick, flabby arms, is it a sign their body is destined to gain weight?
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