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  1. Whilst we're on the subject of lost stories, i've looked everywhere for a story and can't find it. May aswell ask here, right? A reporter takes on a project as her "last chance", and stays at a feeder's house, and observes him fatten girls up, and as her project comes to an end, she realises she's done nothing on the project, finds he's been she finally cracks, after having fondue with him and begins to embrace it herself. Anyone know what this story was? Sure her name was Jennifer, and he abbreviated it to "Jen", to her dismay.
  2. Is that the one where she lives in his house, and she resists his urges and finally gives in? she decides to become her own project? And she’s called Jennifer?
  3. Can I just say a huge thank you to you. I just checked back and November 1st was your first post on this story, that means we’ve been spoilt to 12 delicious Weeks of this story. latecomers who yet to discover this story, they’re in for a dream! this was amazing! Although I’m left on tenterhooks as I hope your new story insects candace and Cody’s life and their new born! thabk you again!
  4. Binky

    Chanelle McCleary

    When you only like chips for food, and that’s it... what do you expect? Would love to see her plump up a little more!
  5. I’d guess by his user name he is either local to you and trying to make you feel uncomfortable, even though you’re doing an amazing job. OR hes just jealous as you’re happy, and he’s sad enough to create an account on a forum to attempt to troll you. loser.
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