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  1. It's not the one I was thinking of but i appreciate it! I read the first chapter of this one and am definitely gonna finish it.
  2. Hey y'all, I've run out of ideas on where to go and am asking for some help on finding a story. I originally found it on deviantart years ago and it was about a guy who answers an ad to move in with a girl. They work odd hours so they rarely see one another but when they do he notices she is consistently gaining weight, mainly in the butt. For all I know its deleted and will never be found but thought I'd see if anyone had ideas.
  3. Holy.... is this new BF a fat admirer?
  4. http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1943345-The-Jock-and-the-Cheerleader/map/1
  5. dymometer

    Who is this?

    I mean... It kind of looks like that one members GF from ages ago, the plump persian thread or whatever. But the first few pics don't have a face and the last one is a different setting.
  6. Can i have access? Luckydudeff is my sn
  7. I've read the books and was intrigued by that part, but it is indeed too brief. I'm also afraid the stories out there will be of underage Stark's, then again Dany in the books is also underage so that might be why it's such an avoided topic
  8. Hey all, So I've been scouring the web for a Game of Thrones based weight gain story and have come up empty aside from a few short one on Deviantart. Was wondering if anyone here has found any good ones. If not, I can resume my internal debate at writing one a shot.
  9. Jake 4 Jake looked at the photo that popped up on the screen, a thin Kristi and him were smiling at a restaurant downtown celebrating something or another. The date on the bottom was almost exactly a year ago as thanksgiving was approaching yet again, usually a time to make fun of Amber and her ever growing waistline. Jake felt this year might have a twist to it and it would be Kristi experiencing the jokes and punishment. He continued to scroll through social media at work, coming upon a pic of Amber dated last night, and she was out with a few other members of the gym having a good time. Her weight loss had slowed down quite a bit, but she still looked great. Jake guessed her to be around 150is h with a round butt still and a bit of softness round the middle, but nothing compared to what she used to be. After a few moments he noticed he had gotten a friend request along with a message from some chick that looked really familiar. Jake, This is Amanda from Sports Authority, if you don’t remember; I was the employee you had a quicky with in the dressing room. “That’s who that is…” Jake thought to himself before continuing to read the letter. Well I just found it odd that you never got my info or came back to formally ask me out…then I found your profile, and see that you are in a relationship, and have been for quite some time. It took me awhile to come to grips on why you cheated, but I creeped on pictures of your girlfriend and it became apparent. I then pitied you for having to put up with such a lazy individual, and at the same time applauded you silently for not ending things because of her weight, though I do understand why I brought you to a moment of weakness. I weighed the options and decided to not tell her about our one instance so long as you remain with her. I do however have news. I’m pregnant. Jakes heart sank, his eyes closed, and his mind went numb. Those two words echoed in his ears, but he didn’t even know what her voice sounded like. He saw a bit more text and decided to keep reading. It may or may not be yours, there have been others around the time we hooked up it could belong to, but I felt that even though you are a cheater, there is some human side to you that if it ended up being yours you would do the right thing. Sincerely, Amanda His spirits lifted a little, it might not be his, and there is no need to raise alarm yet. He typed up a quick response to keep him updated and gave Amanda his number for anything she may need. Within minutes there was a text, but it was from Kristi, not Amanda. “Pizza for dinner, we need more ranch.” Was all it said, Jake looked at the letter from Amanda again, “I weighed the options and decided to not tell her about our one instance so long as you remain with her.” He sighed and realized he would have to deal with Kristi and her appetite if this was going to stay hidden from her and his family. He grabbed his keys and took off for the grocery store, making a mental note to grab ice cream as well, because they were probably low on that too. Amber 5 “…and then she acted as if nothing was happening!” Amber finished her story. She had just got in from a little get together with Kristi at her house that involved the two of them catching up and eating lunch together. Amber made it sound like Kristi was the one eating while she was the one talking. Amber got a little annoyed with how Matt’s attention seemed to be waning during the story, she thought he would love to hear about the pig his brother was dating as she ate enough food to have to pull her shirt down multiple times. “Wow… Sounds like you two had fun” Matt managed to say. A reaction Kristi hadn’t anticipated, she had hoped they would laugh together at it. Shrugging her shoulders she left the room and walked to the scale, stepping on and sighing as the numbers were still hovering around 150. She looked in the mirror and noticed how she looked a bit more muscular and there was definition in her legs now. She failed to see the good in it as she was really hoping for lower numbers. “Babe,” came a call from the kitchen. “What would you like for dinner?” “Nothing!” Amber said, trying to conceal her hurt feeling from the scale still reading 150. “I’m still full from lunch with miss piggy. I’ll have a salad later or something.” She finished as she heard her stomach growl, opposing what she had said. She had been 150 now for about a week and a half and wasn’t used to the scale reading the same all the time, she figured cutting calories might be an option, never considering herself anorexic by any means, but she was also bright enough to realize it would become a possibility if the scale didn’t start to reflect her hard work. Her thoughts soon shifted as she thought back to her lunch date with Kristi. Amber had been trying to reconnect with the plumping girl for quite some time but schedule conflicts made it difficult. She needed to see in person just how fat she’d gotten and not through social media pictures. Upon seeing Kristi relaxing on the couch in a pair of skin tight athletic shorts and tank top she felt herself get turned on the same way she was when she first saw the pic she masturbated to a few months back. Trying to maintain composure she had to admit the pounds on her friend made her a much more enjoyable companion and they had a great time. What she had told Matt was true, Kristi had indeed eaten enough to expose her full belly, stretch marks forming on her love handles from the haste of her growth. Amber did leave out the part where she was turned on by all of it, as well as the food she had consumed in her lust for Kristi’s belly. Even now, Amber stood in the mirror with her clothes on; she took off her shirt and released her belly, having been sucking in the whole time she had been home. It showed a healthy sized food baby, which might explain the lack of weight loss for today’s weigh-in. The part that really bothered her about it all, was as she looked at her food baby in the mirror she felt the same feeling between her legs that she felt whenever she looked at Kristi’s bulging mid-section.
  10. Also, I've always wondered what it would look like illustrated. I have pictures in my head but my drawing abilities/3d art abilities are equivalent to a rock. If anyone wants to make some art of this I think that would be cool
  11. Hey all, if you are reading this you either read the story or scrolled to the bottom of the page to see just how long this thing was. I've been writing it for quite some time and have posted it all on FF under the SN luckydude. I've been a member of Curvage for as long as I can remember so I figured I might as well share it here. There are hopefully going to be more chapters and if you have any suggestions or criticisms let me know. I'm not a professional writer by any means, this was just a boredom project that turned into a long ass story.
  12. Kristi 6 Kristi stared into the mirror in the bathroom; she had just stepped on the scale to find out she had surpassed 185 pounds and was now a comfortable 186. She could hardly believe she gained 3 pounds in 4 days until she remembered ordering pizza twice in those 4 days and only left the couch to get the food. Her hands were on her belly now and she shuddered with the softest touch, hating how it felt but at the same time not willing to give up her lifestyle so easily. With a look of determination she pulled the largest pair of gym shorts on over her thunder thighs and bulbous butt. She then took a shirt and put it on, trying to ignore how it was tight enough around the middle that it showed off her deep navel. She left the house quietly as it was still only 3 am, Kristi decided that if she’s going to lose this weight there is no way anyone was going to see her this out of shape. She worked out at the same gym as Jake, Amber, and Matt and it was a small location that was open 24 hours for members who scanned their keys to unlock the door. Kristi was making the drive when her belly began to rumble. She reached over to the passenger seat and quickly polished off a bagel saying the carbs were essential for a productive workout, though she failed to find an excuse as to why so much cream cheese was needed. After the first bagel was devoured she ate a second one as she sat in the parking lot of the gym. She cursed her appetite as she scanned her key to get let into the dark gym; at least no one would be around to see her stuffed with two bagels. Her shirt was having a hard time containing her lower stomach as she walked across the floor and realized the second she stepped on a treadmill it would be impossible to keep it pulled down at all. Despite knowing this she hopped on the treadmill and amped the speed up to a point where she would have to jog. Within minutes she was drained of energy and sweating profusely so she decided to take a break. As soon as she stepped off the treadmill she heard the door to the office open. Taken aback that anyone would be here at this time she peered over in that direction to see who was there, not bothering to pull her shirt down which now exposed all of her lower belly and love handles. “Hello?” came a tired yet very recognizable voice. Kristi knew there was no chance she’d make it out of the gym without being seen so she took a deep breath and responded “Matt is that you?” “Kristi?!” was the response when Matt came into full view, Kristi still hadn’t pulled down her shirt and she noticed the first spot his eyes landed were on her belly. She blushed a deep red and tried to cover herself. “What are you doing here?” he asked in a confused tone. “Well, believe it or not, I’m trying to lose this bit of weight I seemed to have gained” She said with a gesture to her entire body. She noticed Matt’s eyes linger on all the areas that seemed to be the worst, her hips, thighs, belly, and love handles each got inspected but it was different than how Jake inspects her. It was almost as if Matt longed for her. They stood in silence before Kristi asked him why he was there. “Well… um…I spent the night here because well… Amber and I aren’t doing so well it seems.” Kristi’s attention perked at that and sat as he explained how she changed as a person after losing all the weight and it didn’t feel like he was dating the same girl. He finished his rant by saying “I just wish she would put that damn weight back on.” Kristi opened her mouth to say that’s ridiculous, but by the look on Matt’s face he wasn’t kidding. He was still staring at her exposed belly; she had given up pulling it down now. It all began to make sense to her now, the weight gain in college and the constant encouragement of snacks and alcohol when they hung out together. She decided to change her tactics and asked “So… you liked her as a fat slob?” “Well. Yea… I guess.” Matt replied with a bashful look on his face. “It wasn’t just her fat though.” He said the last bit in an attempt to defend himself and make him look like less of a shallow person but it wasn’t easy convincing Kristi of that with his eyes glued on her doughy mid-section. Kristi smirked at his response, “oh no? So all fat pigs don’t get you going?” she said with a playful slap to her belly and a shimmy of her hips. Matt stammered, shifting awkwardly as he stood there and Kristi loved every second of his attention, it reminded her of when she was thin and every guy had eyes on her. “What are you doing?” he managed to get out as Kristi slowly walked toward him. “What do you mean?” Kristi asked playing dumb as she was now close enough to have him pinned against the wall, her protruding belly now lightly grazing his shirtless torso. Her hand pressed against his abs and she could feel his whole body shaking. Slowly her hand slid down the front of his gym shorts and wrapped around his fully erect cock. “I think it is all fat that gets you going.” Kristi said with a devilish grin. With that she took a step back and took off her shirt, revealing to him how big she’d gotten. Her belly was hanging over the waistband of her shorts and she was sporting a muffin top. “And now I want you to prove it.” She said as she pulled his shorts down and led him into the office of the empty gym. Matt 6 Matt’s eyes closed as he was brought closer to orgasm as Kristi’s thick thighs jiggled on either side of him. His hands reached up and held each of her boobs in his hands, feeling the weight as she rode him faster. From there his hands slid down her soft back to her bulbous backside, gripping tightly as he blew his load into the condom. She rode him to the very last second and slid off to lie next to him on the cold office floor of the gym. Matt’s hand still on her backside, feeling its softness. He found it hard to believe that this same butt was the one that looked like a rock almost a year ago. Matt yawned and rolled onto his side to look at Kristi as she lay there panting, this was most likely the most exercise she’d had in a long time. He rolled over and went in to give her one kiss when… BUZZBUZZBUZZ Matt opened his eyes slowly to his and Amber’s bedroom. With a sigh he realized he had had the dream again. Two months had passed since him and Kristi had hooked up on the floor in the gym’s office. Nearly every night since then it was the same dream, her image was the same each time despite the past two months having put quite a few more pounds on her already chunky frame. The only reason he knew this was her sporadic photo sharing when Jake was out or she was feeling particularly “fat” as she put it. Where Kristi was still putting on the pounds, Amber had hit a standstill in her weight loss at right around 145-150. This pleased Matt slightly because there was still a bit of meat on her bones, and it didn’t seem like she was actively trying to lose as much anymore. She would even binge on occasion, making Matt believe the old Amber was dying to get out. Each time Matt thought about saying something to Amber she would run off to the room locking herself in to hide her binge. Matt decided that laying bed any longer wouldn’t benefit him so he rolled out of bed to start the day. Stretching like he did every morning he looked down and saw the aftermath of his dream. His shorts were stretched tight to accommodate the swelling of his morning wood. He sighed and made his way to the shower, thankful Amber was gone already so he could be free to use his own private methods of fixing his situation.
  13. Jake 3 (3 months later/September) Jake pulled his pants up and searched for his shirt in the small dressing room, his companion was one of the employees of the store and a near replica for what Kristi used to look like months ago. He watched as she bent over to pick up her shirt and the overall fitness of her body made him feel shallow for cheating on Kristi like that. Then again, over the last 3 months this has been his 4th random hookup with other woman. Jake didn’t think Kristi even realized how often he left, all she seemed to care about these days is the newest shows on Netflix and the time it takes a pizza to get delivered. Without saying a word the petite worker left the dressing room to resume her shift. Jake checked his phone and saw he had a message from Kristi asking where the coupons were for the pizza place. Jake responded by reminding her she used the last of them 2 days ago when she got breadsticks with her pizza. He figured he’d better head home to make sure she wasn’t overdoing it like she always did. Despite his lack of commitment to Kristi the past few months he still thought that she could turn things around to rekindle their relationship like it was when they began. Jake was paying little attention to where he was walking as he pictured Kristi’s turnaround in his head. He bumped right into someone who was paying just as much attention as him and turned to apologize immediately. “I’m so sor…Jake?” The person ran into Jake was Amber, but it wasn’t the same Amber from 3 months ago. She looked a lot thinner, wearing a shirt that draped off her boobs and not her belly for the first time since college. Her hips were narrower and though there was still a slight bit of chub, it was in all the right places according to him. Amber must have realized Jake was checking her out because she giggled and responded with “I’m not quite the girl I was at this point last year am I?” Jake shook his head and they chatted awhile before parting ways. As he walked away he couldn’t believe that was the same girl who popped her buttons at a dinner less than a year ago, she had to be around 160 pounds now. He pulled into the driveway and walked into his and Kristi’s house, the second he opened the door he was hit with a scent of pizza and breadsticks. He slowly walked through the entryway and followed the scent of the pizza to the couch where he knew Kristi would be. Jake rounded the corner and looked to the couch where Kristi was sitting, leaned back with her feet up. He sighed and cringed at what she looked like with a whole medium pizza inside her. It seems like he was just in time to watch her eat a breadstick as she tilted her head back and slowly ate the greasy dough with one hand and rubbed her orb-like belly with the other. Her shirt, which was most likely too small, laid next to her on the couch with what looked to be a sauce stain on it. It took her awhile to notice Jake standing across the room staring in disgust, and when she saw him instead of being embarrassed she smiled and patted the seat next to her widening butt. Jake walked over and sat next to her, careful not to touch the dirty shirt. Kristi leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, her breath smelling of pizza and ranch. Jake asked her what she was thinking eating pizza again and how much she weighed nowadays. Kristi blushed slightly before answering, “don’t get mad sweetie, because I plan on starting my diet tomorrow, but the scale seems to think I’m 183… but that can’t be right can it?” Jake’s heart sank at the number. He knew it was accurate especially with how she had been eating lately. He became slightly angry as well because this is the 5th time her diet was starting “tomorrow”. Jake stood up and walked across the room, “Where are you going?” Kristi called. “Out” was all Jake replied with as he shut the door behind him. Amber 4 Amber couldn’t believe it had been 3 months since the bowling and first public embarrassment of the ever rounding Kristi. Life had gotten in the way according to Jake and Kristi and they suspended the Friday night date nights until things settled down. By that Amber assumed they meant Kristi’s weight went down. Matt had been busy as well it seemed, spending most his hours of the days in the gym working or working out. Amber still saw her during her workouts but not as much at home. It was nice to run into Jake out and about, she was sure he checked her out and it made her feel wanted again, something that Matt hasn’t been making her feel despite her impressive weight loss. The other day when she told him she was down to 157 all he did was shrug and say congrats, though he didn’t look thrilled for her. With his constant being away and her constant neglect it has led to some lonely days around the house. She figured with all her free time she bought herself a vibrator to enjoy it at least. A few years ago those extra hours would be spent watching tv and eating, she refused to let that happen again. Amber lay on her bed naked with her laptop at her side. She glanced over at her full length mirror and took a look at herself. Her belly still rounded out slightly, but her hips and thighs were noticeably fit. Her hands ran along her sides and she grimaced at the remaining amount of love handles she had left to lose. When her hands reached her backside she noticed the size of it was fairly large but there was no cellulite to be found and it was firm to the touch compared to months ago when it felt like a memory foam mattress. She looked back to the screen and saw what she was looking for had finished loading. She felt a rush of joy when she saw the pics of Jake and Kristi’s most recent date night. The time stamp for the pics was 4 days ago and Jake looked unhappy while Kristi looked absolutely out of shape. The two seemed to have gone out to eat and took plenty of pictures. Amber was a little surprised Kristi still smiled, maybe she just looked so down when she was around because of how much fatter she is than her now. Amber flicked through the pictures until she saw one near the end of the night that made her scroll back. Kristi was smiling from ear to ear with her arm around Jake and her developing belly was peering out from her shirt that had gotten untucked at some point in the night. Her smile was so large it created a small double chin and made her face nearly unrecognizable to the one from last year. Amber couldn’t help but stare at the picture for the longest time; she zoomed in cutting Jake from the picture completely, except for his hand that was resting uncomfortably on Kristi’s love handle. Still naked Amber felt herself getting wet the longer she stared. Without questioning what she was doing she reached over to her nightstand and pulled out her new toy and turned it on. Her eyes never left the screen as the vibrator pulsed against her. Moments later and after an orgasm that sent shivers through her entire body so powerful it caused her little remaining fat to jiggle she collapsed on the bed, the picture still up on the screen. Collecting herself, Amber looked at the clock and realized Matt would be home in a few minutes so she hurried to clean up and hide any evidence of her afternoon adventures. She had no idea she could be turned on by images of anyone getting fat, let alone Kristi. As Amber pulled on her yoga pants she looked into the mirror again and wondered if anyone had ever enjoyed her extra pounds in the same way she just enjoyed Krisiti’s. Her thoughts were interrupted though by Matt opening the door and announcing his arrival.
  14. Kristi 5 The week following Kristi and Jake’s “passionate” sex episode was not unlike most weeks previous to it. Instead of going along to the gym with Jake like she had that one day she insisted on staying home for a variety of reasons. Some of the excuses she managed were either illness or injury, the injury being the hardest to believe because it’s hard to get hurt sitting around all day. On more than one occasion in just a week’s time, Kristi had to attempt to hide the nearly empty bag of chips or pack of cookies from Jake as he returned from either the gym or work. The lifestyle choices she made in that week had resulted in even more weight piling on to her once slender frame, her realization to those added pounds came to her as she tried putting on a pair of her favorite jeans to wear out with Jake, Amber, and Matt for that evenings bowling session. “Hnnnnngggg, c’mon you stupid button” Kristi was trying to pep talk her button closed and no matter how hard she pulled the flaps against her pudgy middle there was no getting them closed. She stared into the mirror as she let her belly free, which only pushed the zipper down further, revealing even more of her belly. Sighing, she stripped the pants off and went to her closet; she filed through all the clothes and saw none of them fit. She finally settled on some cute sweats that hugged her curves and a sweatshirt that might have fit better a few pounds ago, but it should do the trick tonight. The car ride to the bowling alley was a quiet one as Kristi sat in the passenger seat staring out the window as Jake drove. He hadn’t talked much since their little post-gym sex session, and it looked like something was eating away at him. They passed a Dairy Queen along the way and Kristi could feel her stomach growl, she placed a hand on it to silence it, her hand sinking deep into her belly that rolled onto her lap slightly as she sat there. They pulled into a parking spot and Kristi spotted Matt’s car first, the passenger door opened and her first thought was, “I hope that fat bitch doesn’t say anything about my weight”. Her stomach turned over when she saw Amber smiling in a tight black dress. She wasn’t thin by any means, but the former porker shone now that she’s lost quite a bit of weight. Her belly wasn’t flat, but it wasn’t the jiggling mass it was before either. All in all, even though Kristi hated to admit it, Amber looked good. Kristi realized the night was going to be long the second she stepped out the car and had to pull her sweatshirt down to cover the bit of love handles that escaped. Kristi and Amber made eye contact and Amber smirked at her but kept her mouth shut. The four of them wandered into the bowling alley, making a pitstop at the connecting bar to pick up a drink while they waited for some lanes. Kristi is usually the social butterfly of the group, laughing and flipping her hair for all to see but as she sat there waiting for a lane the only thing on her mind was her drink. When she had finished her first she poured herself a second and began to work on that one while the other 3 people in her group drank there’s slowly and chatted about what’s been going on. Unfortunately for her Amber asked, “How are things aROUND your parts Kristi?” The deliberate inflections on the word make Kristi cringe and adjust her sweatshirt again. Her answer was a shrug as she finished her second beer of the night. Luckily for her the pager went off alerting them of their ready lane before she started to answer. Unlucky for her though, she stood up too quick and the beer and peanuts from the bar must have filled her up more than she thought and her belly had pushed her sweatshirt up, showing off her belly to Amber, Matt, and Jake. Matt 5 Matt had to use every bit of will power in his body not to let go of his beer or spit the gulp he had taken out after watching Kristi bounce out of her chair, quite literally. Amber wasn’t lying he realized as they made their way to the lane. It was as if someone lifted a veil off of him and he was seeing Kristi for the first time since Christmas. His eyes lingered on each of her curves as she slowly lumbered to the lane, being weighed down slightly from the beer she’d drank. The tight sweats she was wearing were stretched wide across her hips and butt and the elastic waistband dug deep into her waistline forming a nice pair of love handles her too small sweatshirt couldn’t hide. On the way to the lane she adjusted the sweatshirt 3 times by Matt’s count. Each adjustment of the sweatshirt sent a jiggle through her belly or butt and Matt couldn’t decide which one he liked to stare at more. They began bowling, and drinking some more, they placed an order for food and when that arrived they continued their bowling and drinking while munching on that as well. Matt noticed the celery sticks and fruit on Amber’s plate; he also noticed the fries and burger coating Kristi’s plate in grease. Whereas he used to stare as Amber pigged out during their little date nights and ignore the tiny bird like meals Kristi ate, he found himself eyeing Kristi intently as she took bite after bite as if her food was running away. Aside from watching Kristi eat and Amber sneer and smirk at her there was no action throughout the night. In Matt’s opinion Kristi kept shoving food in her mouth or downing her drink to avoid talking about what was very apparent… Amber was getting more stares than Kristi tonight. The car ride home was filled with Amber gloating about how well the night went. For the first time in the months they’ve been doing this double date night Amber’s clothes weren’t pressed tightly against her stuffed belly. Matt caught bits and pieces of what she was saying, some things about how fun it was to show off her new and “improved” figure, and other mentions were about how gross Kristi looked in her sweats and sweatshirt. The mention of Kristi perked Matt’s interests as he looked over at Amber to hear what she was saying. “… I mean, did she even look in a mirror to see how fat she’d gotten. She should have known better than to wear sweats out.” Matt was about to interject and point out that Amber had worn sweats before to one of their dates and was way bigger than Kristi but he decided to keep his mouth shut on the matter. Amber’s rant continued on, “and another thing, when she got that strike the way her body jiggled as she jumped with joy, yikes! Someone get that girl a treadmill.” Matt recalled the incident all too well, it was another mere seconds of getting to see her exposed flesh, how could he forget. Matt disagreed quietly with his girlfriend about what Kristi needed though. He felt she could use a few more burgers and beers, the image of Kristi’s belly filled Matt’s head as he stared out the window. Amber was driving as he had had one too many beers; it didn’t bother him any because it allowed his mind to wander free. As they drove by the Burger King Amber loved to stop and gorge at he was picturing Kristi gorging there, but this Kristi was nearly double what she weighs now with a belly that rested on her lap and thighs that took up the majority of one side of the booth. It was that thought that got him through the drive home and it was also that thought that made him finish while having sex with Amber once they did get home.
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