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  1. Hottest woman on the planet.
  2. cani i type type: "6 month" weight gain girl into a well known porn site, sorry i don't know if i can name external sites on here
  3. what do you expect, she's a supermodel... to modelling agencies in the a above pictures she has gained too much weight. Crazy i know.
  4. She was fired from Victorias Secret for putting on too much weight. I think she is absolutely stunning.
  5. wow, she's huge now... she surely can't get away with being a stuff magazine model now, she's entering plus size territory, she'll be needing a new job.
  6. : because thats the only reason way we can appreciate curves...
  7. pantalaimon14

    Frazetta babes

    I'm surprised there has been no mention on this site of Frank Frazetta's art... Are there any pictures you have came across of women that share Frazetta's womens body shape? Just one example, worth googling if you haven't heard of him before, his art is stunnning.
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