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  1. You are the one ond ony girl I know looking so exteremy sexy wearing tops and shorts. There is no sexier one because you are my goddess of sexiness and shorts! I am worshipping your your super stunning and extremely anazing curves.
  2. That's one of the best fitting bras I ever have seen. Looking fantastic and amazing.
  3. Your tiny belly and sweet muffin top is growing so sexily. Your bigger curves make you so extremely attractive.
  4. So fantastically beautiful! One of the sexiest new bellies here and such a cute face. I am melting away like ice in the sunshine.
  5. She is growing so sweetly and has got a cute tiny gut now. Please more like this.
  6. Your stunning cures have blown my mind away. I have no words, o goddess of roundness. I never have seen any better rounded and more toned curves than yours.
  7. Looking fantastic in work clothes sitting on a tiny chair. Those curves are fantastic.
  8. Je suis heureux d'entendre, que tu soies sortie de quarantaine et tu as faim. J'espère, que tu remplirerais ton joli et petit vente avec toutes les chauses de bon goût, qui te feront plus heureuse et qui te laissent grandir un peu plus.
  9. Congratulations for reaching this amazing record. And for sure you are rounder and sexier than ever before, so I have not enough words to describe your beauty.
  10. Your gain is so impressive, I have no words. Please give a come back to your tiny ourfit of your slimmer days. You will rip it for sure.
  11. Such a sexy ly fitting bra! Please more like this.
  12. Krounos Demetrios


    Your overflowing beauty is amzing.
  13. Fantastic curves, lady. Please show us more.
  14. Wearing extra tight shorts, skirts and tops makes you looking so super cute and amazingly sexy because this kind of clothes accentuates your fantastic, soft and newly growing curves at its best.
  15. I can't beleive it, you made my wish coming true! Thank you so much, goddess, to hear your underling's and servant's request. - Your comparison picture is really mindblowing because of that magnificant growth of your beauty, gorJESS. You are some of the sexiest growing girls I ever have seen. You are amazing.
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