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  1. What a great development for you and your wife. I Love to read it. Really curious for a picture tho 😀
  2. I like your style and you're improving! Keep up the good work! Little suggestions: Maybe you can add a small note in the illustration with each character in which stories they appear? Or maybe only their main story. And maybe make some kind of timeline in which the order of the stories goes. Maybe even show what weight they have at the end of the story and what weight later on in different stories?
  3. ohhh your profile pic is traprapunzel i recognize that booty everywhere i love her! she's middle eastern like me

    1. pjotr91


      Ah thank you. I actually couldn't remember who it was! 😁

    2. bubbles98


      lol wow she's iconic i'd recognize that booty anywhere

  4. You look wonderful! I would love to see some more photos
  5. I really enjoy the story. All parts of it. It's a bummer it reaches the end allready :(
  6. Wauw! Happy to have you here. You look great!
  7. This is so hot! I wish I was there. Really excited for your future content!
  8. Everytime I see there is a new chapter it makes me really happy. And it makes me sad when i've read it because I know I have to wait again till the next one is up. I really like the whole story and it keeps getting better and better. I enjoyed the couch part with the teasing and the truth about emma who wants more. And I liked the secret midnight stuffing part. In fact, I liked the whole chapter!
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