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  1. I'm back in gaining and I want it more than ever!❤ I just can't erase the feedee in me so why not just let go and live my dream life!😍 Please help me to gain I want to be 400lbs at the end of 2020! That would be so amazing to have all this new fat on me to play everyday with my huge belly!🙊


  2. NEW VIDEO!! 😃 --> Exercise at 300lbs





    Screenshot_20200505-151718_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200505-152120_Video Player.jpg

  3. Heey!:) I hope you will enjoy this first exercise video and let me know if you want to see more videos like that!😘


  4. New vidéo!! :)

    Banana and sprite Bloated😍


  5. I love bloating my belly 😍 Banana and sprite are getting my belly so big!😁


  6. Stoned and stuffed 😇


    1. Baby


      The best way to be 😝

  7. I'm doing a looot of stuffing these days😍


  8. new videos will be uploaded soon :)


    1. regbill


      Looking gorgeous,young lady!❤️

    2. degek2001



      Naughty... ❤️ Henk

    3. Kyle2014


      Wow. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  9. BIG SALE!! 😃

    Heey! I hope everyones are doing okay!

    I decide to put all of my videos at 4.99$ and less!

    My school is close and I will stay at home andeat a lot all days😍 I will probably filming some new videos too!:)


    1. Shin900


      I hope to see another video where you patting your stuffed belly while show your face in camera and biting your lips. Something similiar you do in your first weight in video, Ireally go crazy for your gaze in that video :wub:

  10. More than 100lbs gained!! 😃


    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      In how many years?

  11. I was so excited last night and I decided to filming a belly play video 🙊 I'm so turn on in this video when I'm jiggling my fat belly 😍


  12. New videos is coming soon!! ;)


  13. Pepsi and menthos bloated 😍


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