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  1. I didn't know why I found it so attractive at first. Now that I'm a bit older I believe it is some type of control. I like having some feeling of control and being able to say "I did that" when the person I'm with is struggling to button their jeans. Upon realizing this I couldn't help but feel beyond sick and twisted and haven't dated in a while because I cannot seem to get over this desire. I'm manipulative and I do not like it.
  2. "risk of death" I love that phrase im 5 foot 10 and 180 pounds what are the odds that i will die? What are the odds i will live forever?
  3. Just download realplayer and you can download it yourself it works for me.
  4. tj11692

    Must have moar

    Yes! thank you today is a great day ;D
  5. tj11692

    Must have moar

    oh shes gone that's so depressing
  6. tj11692

    Must have moar

    Does anyone have more of her? I am mesmerized by this picture. **Photo removed at the request of the subject**
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