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  1. Hey, wanna hear my funny conspiracy theory, a bit on the side of that recent convo here? Republicans and Democrats are, in the end, the same thing. Like the two factions in Deus Ex: Infinity War if anyone played that. No one really wants to oust Trump because he actually provides US with an excuse to do everything they are currently doing. Threatening pullout from NATO? Check. Shitty practices with regard to immigrants? Check. Getting cozy with Putin in case we need him to stop China? Check. If the shit hit the fan and it would turn out that these moves fell flat, Trump would be the scapegoat. And everyone would buy it since they hate him so much. Also, it's not only the US. I have a feeling that in the majority of the Western World democracy is only another opium to the masses, the whole drama of battling parties, insults and so on being only the way to channel and control the various sentiments among the public and set them against one another so that those who pull the strings can continue herding. And it has never been easier than in these times when you can sell any bullshit online and enough people will buy it for it to make a dent. The only reason I'm not saying this completely seriously is the fact that a conspiracy like this would require lots of people and all of them would have to keep their mouths shut. If this shit actually happens, then the people on top of it are a bunch of social engineering geniuses. There, now hand me my tinfoil hat.
  2. 245 lbs, 400 lbs Would prefer to keep this within the same lady, that is, my current one
  3. Well guys, it's early news and at this stage there is no certainty it will hold, but my wife's ob-gyn just confirmed today that the eagle has landed and is currently 2 mm big ;). For now I'm keeping it cool but if it's still there in a month, I'll celebrate :D Also, yay for managing to do this before wife started any pre-pregnancy diet - now she most def won't :).
  4. Fun piece of convo from today. We were talking about making some space in our wardrobes and getting rid of some of the clothes we no longer wear. I said that I will definitely have some buttoned t-shirts to dispose of because even if I lost some of my belly weight, they wouldn't fit my shoulders. To which my wife replies: „Well, I don't have complex problems like that. If I grew out of some piece of clothing, it's done. Let's be honest - I'm only going one way, just like our little one.” I just nodded. But you can imagine my internal grin :P
  5. The thing with abortion is not a simple binary conflict between, say religious backwaterism and atheistic immoral liberals. It's basically a philosophical matter with profound implications. Religious people have it easy. The soul is in from the very beginning, that is, conception, so they talk of death and murder. Now, if you're not religious it's not immediately right to be ok with abortion. Basically, you have to ask yourself how you define life and how you value it. For instance, a lot of people, especially on the left, are not ok with killing animals in situation where they do not cause clear and present danger to human life. Why? Because they value life. So, logically, that should extend on unborn children too, right? To me, if someone cries at baby kittens dying in animal shelters but is ok with late abortion, I find that either hypocritical or simply illogical. There is also the matter of potential. Once an egg is fertilised, the potential is there. To some people, even those not religious, that is reason enough to protect that seed of life. And then you have the question: how to balance this with comfort and health of females, or, if we used some ultra-PC language, people capable of becoming pregnant and giving birth. And here come issues such as existing illnesses, pregnancies from rape, pregnancies from incest, etc. There is also the issue of comfort of children's life, as in, what if a child is born severely disabled, possibly suffering to some extent for most of their life and/or unable to experience it. And those, ladies and gents, are not easy questions to answer. If anyone is able to just take a stance on the spot, they are either genius, dumb or ideologically polluted. Just my 2 cents.
  6. scissortooth

    Alt-right FAs

    Yeah, and and dozen or more far right and nationalist movements in Europe. They sow dissent, not communism.
  7. scissortooth

    Alt-right FAs

    Man, there are no commies nowadays. You have right-wing authoritarianism in Russia and party-controlled protectionist capitalism in China. Who is going to fund spreading communism in US now? Cuba? Venezuela? One unrealistic utopist ideology is dead, now it's time to kill capitalism too - and this will be A LOT harder.
  8. You two are rewriting definitions in such a blatant manner that my eyes hurt.
  9. Hey, long time no update... Things have been well in general. My son is now 9 month old and so far he far exceeds any expectation I had with regard to having kids. So much that I actually can't wait to have wife get pregnant again :D. Speaking of whom... That new attitude of hers persists... She actually stated that as long as her sugar and insulin levels are in check, she has zero motivation to lose weight and probably won't. I have no idea what her current weight is - last time she told me anything about it passed 215 lbs and gravitated towards 220 but that was 3-4 months ago. She mentioned indirectly that it has not been going down, so that's the only certain thing. And for now her periods seem normal, first time in her life without meds, which killed the last motivation for losing weight that she had, i.e. increasing the chances for pregnancy (it works like that a bit in some cases if you have history of insulin resistance, long story). Since her periods are normal, it means the fertility issues should be gone, as her fertility treatment was basically aimed at making her periods normal. So, like I said, she has no reason to lose. I like her fat, she doesn't care what others think about her being fat, her health is ok and her fertility is not impacted negatively by her being fat. I can already see that showing in her being very relaxed about what she eats and even if she sometimes mentions that maybe she should not have this or that for a meal or snack, in the end she has it, guilt-free. And the best part is that for the second time in our relationship (first time was in mid to late first pregnancy) I can see her actually liking herself, not just accepting. She even started joking in a self-praising manner, something she never did. If anything, she was always self-deprecating, and now I can hear her saying stuff like „welp, time to go give my godly body a bath”. I know for some women this is nothing out of ordinary, but trust me, it is for my wife. This is also confirmed by the fact that she clearly feels sexy (well, at least every other fortnight ;)) - and both these things have given our sex life a serious boost! So, do I have any expectations now? Well, option minimum, I would love it if she got over 220 lbs (100 kg) and stayed there, for good. No matter how much over it, just over. Now, ideally, she gained about 20 lbs since the onset of first pregnancy (as she got down to 200 lbs then), and since we plan at least one more, ideally two more, I would hope for her gaining at least 40 more lbs plus some extra from the fact of 1) not getting younger 2) having more kids to handle and less time to care about her weight 3) pregnancy gain being easier the bigger your start with. So, I think it's entirely realistic for her to get in 250-275 lbs range as a mom of 3 before her 35th b-day. And by then her chances of losing any weight are going to be even slimmer, pun intended ;). That is, at least if her health stays ok. Fantasy scenario would be her hitting and crossing 300 lbs... When I imagine our kids playing with their cute truly fat mom I get this funny mix of warm and fuzzy and downright horny that makes me want to populate the planet with my offspring :P. I won't deny that I've been having a lot of fantasies lately with us having a whole bunch of kids and her getting fatter with every next pregnancy :P.
  10. Well, while my successes in the matter are small, I will give a shot at answering these questions: So, how to make your wife/girlfriend fat and/or have her stay that way and/or make her even fatter? - Cook. When you cook, you're to a large extent in control of her calorie intake. Just remember, it has to be tasty first, fattening second. If it's not tasty, she will eat it only once. If it is, she'll ask you to make it again. - Take her out for dining dates. It has been proven, IIRC, that people almost always eat more out than they would at home. Also, whenever she's on the fence whether to have something extra, like, dessert or a starter, take advantage of it. Pick only places where you know food is excellent or at least can reasonably expect so. Again, if she likes it, she will want to come back. - Eat with her. Especially when you're encouraging her to eat more. That will be an excuse for her to eat as well. Also, it looks weird when you tell her to take something extra while you don't. If she does that herself, let her and you don' have to do the same, but do it at least once a while so as not to make her feel like the only glutton at the party. Also, you can always take less fattening treats for yourself, especially if your lady is not that nutrition-savvy. - Stock up snacks. Just exercise reason. If you fill your whole storage room or cabinet with it, she might realise there's something odd going on. But a bag or two of crisps in store? A few bars of chocolate? A frozen pizza for a lazy evening? Sure! Also, snack with her for the same reasons as in two above points. - Lead the kind of life where both of you don't get enough sleep, at least once a while. Undersleeping usually means eating more during the day. - Make sure she knows clothing stores where she can shop without worrying whether they have their size. If their size chart is a bit skewed in the direction of size L clothes fitting ladies who usually take XL - perfect! - Make her feel that your relationship is secure and you're going to be together forever (and you better mean that, pal!) - if she is not certain of that, she will try to keep higher chances for herself in the dating pool, which usually means staying away of getting fat(ter). Things that usually help within that scope? Proposal -> marriage -> kids. Also, if you look at any other women in lustily fashion (porn included), stop it or at least keep her unaware of it. Also, make her the sole focus of your fantasies, even if you do the above. As in, don't wank to other women unless e.g. you wank to the image of your wife/gf being as fat as the lady who's vid/pic you are watching with your dick in hand. Even if the fantasies are bit darkish (fattening to immobility or, IDK, some humiliation stuff) still keep her the main object of it. Obviously, it won't magically turn her fatter, but it will help you be extra genuine in making her feel like the special snowflake she is, which will help make her feel secure. - If she wants to diet, let her! Better, if she wants to crash diet, help her! You want the diet to be the bad guy, not you. So let her get sick of the diet and whenever she seeks some excuse to drop it, help her. She says "gosh, I'd so eat an X but I'm on diet"? Tell her that you'd love to have some too. Also, if she is not too nutrition savvy and you are cooking, you may try making the portions smaller while at the same time making them even less filling (more simple carbs, less protein and, to some extent, fat - once she goes back to her regular regimen you can put the fat back ;)). - If she wants to exercise, don't discourage her but either suggest stuff that she will quickly get bored or tired of doing or - if she is more serious about exercising - try to steer her towards less taxing activities. Some moderate walking, smimming or cycling might actually boost her appetite and work miracles for her sense of well-being (and health too), while it is highly unlikely to cause her to burn too much fat. Plus, exercise is always a good excuse to let oneself eat more, so use that argument to you advantage ;). - Don't talk too much about her weight, size, etc. Talk about her. How beautiful she is, how lovely her [insert body part] is, how good she looks in that body-hugging dress, how you love caressing her body, how pleasantly soft it feels... Well, you get the point, right? No "OMG, you look so hot at 200 lbs!" or "OMG, I love those fat ankles of yours". Well, ok, at some point (and with some women) this might be acceptable, but exercise MAJOR caution. - Drop the whole FA terminology entirely unless she uses it herself and finds it something normal. Most women do not like feeling like fetish objects and a relationship based on fetish does not seem like something made of granite. - Neutralize fat as a negative adjective. If necessary, name it differently. Language has power. "Soft" is a nice substitute. - Don't play too much with her fat bits if she is not entirely comfortable with it. Once she is, play the heck out of them! Also, if she is uncomfortable with it, try doing it when she is too ecstatic to notice/remember (which basically means all those situations when she is gravitating towards the orgasm). She may not be there with you then, orbiting Jupiter or Pluto instead, but her brain and body are still there and they make associations. Sex + orgasm + his hand holding my belly roll = good. It will not change her mind overnight, heck, it actually takes some time, but it's definitely worth it. In some cases after a year or two you might actually notice she gets even more aroused once you squeeze that belly roll and then you will feel like a champ! TBC, maybe I will recall some more tips ;). Also, take it with a grain of salt - people vary greatly and I based all of this above on one woman only.
  11. scissortooth

    Alt-right FAs

    Oh yeah, and that is SO different from righties calling anything related to social security or securing equality "commie".
  12. I think 300-350, maybe even 400. Wife was near 250 lbs tops and I could easily see another 50 lbs on her looking good.
  13. scissortooth

    Alt-right FAs

    And imagine that where I live the typical association with a feminist is: fat, shorthaired, wears glasses. Ironically, that's exactly my type of woman, though I suppose my imagination is actually closer to "fat, shorthaired sexy librarian with glasses" ;D
  14. It's not the calories that are important but your body's ability to absorb them. Which is why simple sugars are the most fattening in spite of containing less calories than, say, fats. Basically the ultimate gaining combo would be to spike your blood sugar levels and at the same time apply a dose of insulin that would help convert it to fat quickly. That, however, is one of those "kids, don't try this at home" things as taking too much insulin can easily kill a person.
  15. When it comes to the Internet - Plump Princess.
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