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  1. What's everyone's favorite part about fall?  I remember being a kid, waking up well before school time and taking a blanket to sit in front of the grated heater in my house.  That's fall to me :).

    1. LushLauren


      I am obsessed with the leaves changing colors! I love how vibrant they become. Where I am from the streets are lined with glorious trees

  2. Y'all are so fat 🤣.  Setting my expectations too high. Lol.

    I bought this the second she posted, not caring or thinking that it was ROGO. Doesn't matter, hottest GD video on the planet. Love how thicc you are getting Lauren ;).
    You look absolutely enormous in orange. I love how you overflow your skin tight clothing, it makes me wonder how long it will fit on your expanding figure. Lovely belly, fantastic tits, marvelous attitude ;).
    Holy crap. Sugar is looking like she's eaten a whale! Fatty fat as hell. Looks amazing. I also love how innocent Jennie looks and how she's bulging out of that dress...like she doesn't even expect that she's getting fat too. %100 fantastic!
    Rounding out in all the right places, hanging belly and bulging boobies, and then the turn around to reveal that booty! Always gets me going. Would love to see you show it off some more though!
  3. Happy Friday!  Looks like most of you have your guts out already so eat more and be merry!

    What can I really say? Each time I look at Mrs. Fat Ass over here, it appears that she's been snacking. Her belly is superb, getting that nice hang to it, while her ass continues to explode. A very classic weigh in and measure that leaves me standing at attention ;).
  4. Dear lord, 

    I objectified a woman's behind today in the grocery store, and I am repentant.  But I would do it again; good lord it stuck out a foot behind her, and was round as a candied apple at the fall fair.  

  5. Eat, drink, and be merry!

  6. Happy Easter fat fat fatties :).

  7. Happy hump day fellow perverts! ;).

  8. Y'all go to sleep too early!

  9. Happy Friday!  (Got my days right). Where's my drinking competition lady's @laurenlush @Chyy Starr, and @Bella Abbondanza!  I know who would win in that after hours junk food session!

  10. Tonight's drinking session (Thursday - thought it was Friday but too late now ) is brought to you by our friends at the Deschutes brewery, I'm sure a favorite of our favorite Ms. @laurenlush, who I assume has been pounding beers and pounding cake the last three months ;).

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