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  1. Permanent “during phase” bod 😋 her body knows she’s supposed to keep some fat on
  2. Olivia Wayne’s back on curvage! Looks like her husband shoved another bun into that hot oven.
  3. Update: had a better frame in her before corset fitting than after. a LOT of calories on that Sugar wall from the looks of it
  4. Possibly lost weight 😖 unless her chest just got bigger to hide the belly. Last 5 pics were from earlier this year.
  5. She doesn’t move around the screen as much anymore it seems. Still thick.
  6. WalkingFed


    Getting a bit Porkimane
  7. WalkingFed

    Gina Carano

    A good before to compare how fuller she got.
  8. WalkingFed

    Noelle Foley

    I’ll admit it wasn’t my best try but when you answer a call expect to get feedback.
  9. WalkingFed

    Noelle Foley

    Man, tough crowd. If I need lessons on how to jack up a face morph, I guess I’ll go to @JeannieThePig
  10. WalkingFed

    Noelle Foley

    Mirror mirror on the wall who”ll be the fattest of them all?
  11. Apparently she was weight training and “ever so slightly bulking up” for her SI swimsuit shoot. I think she made a few many pit stops to grab a bite to eat afterwards.
  12. A toast to her husband. Took 9 years but he finally gave us what we wanted, a fatter Ashley Graham with a growing belly!
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