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  1. Looks like the only things she’s giving a run is the room service tab
  2. Closest we got to a positive FA experience was “City Island”. It was a subplot and a good movie too!
  3. First hand experience it’s a hard script to write. It’s easy to put out the message but it’s to “tone it” to an accepting audience. Good prosthetics help a lot in a pinch. Happy about it can be done, converts is harder to understand if you’re not in the know about this stuff. It’s super easy to make a positive light feeder but people just write them like damn comic book villains! 4 is half whites gym in dodgeball half hairspray lol Someday 😕
  4. WalkingFed

    Kelly Brook

    Guess she didn’t get the memo they’re supposed to replace meals and not go with them 😂
  5. WalkingFed

    Kelly Brook

    Well...shit. I thought he was the one who liked her thicker. Womp.
  6. WalkingFed

    Kelly Brook

    She’s shed the weight (for now). Her boyfriend had no problem letting her pig out on pies and pints. Her body took on that two stone gain like a natural.
  7. All I said is she’s full of shit. There’s no political commentary in that statement. Haha sorry my friends like me more.
  8. She’s fat because she’s so full of shit it’s finally expanding her waistline.
  9. WalkingFed

    Kate Upton

    Verlander needs to slide another fastball past Kate’s home plate
  10. How it feels to chew Wonka 5 gum
  11. The Expansion of Spain
  12. Look at THOSE boulders!
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