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  1. fit or fat, this girl is just fucking hot. this thread is the reason I joined this forum back in the day. I'm super happy it's getting updated again. Even as fit, I think she is amazing. She looks 10 years younger without the fat. Interesting to see where it goes from here.
  2. Growing face, ass and arms? What more can you wish for!
  3. You have an amazing face and I love your make up. Hoping all the best for you and your feeder husband!
  4. she's such an amazing little treat
  5. from the danish equivalent of Fit to Fat to Fit
  6. Tiki67

    Loey Lane

    Cannot believe she got this massive
  7. She's lost a bit of weight? She's still big and sexy, so it's fine by me. Also, she was getting gigantic back at the beginning of the year.
  8. the older one is a smoke show indeed I believe her pounds will be back (and bring company) we shouldn't worry!
  9. she didn't use to be THIS massive wow
  10. Wow, you were also hot before
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