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  1. Wow, you were also hot before
  2. http://mediathek.daserste.de/Sturm-der-Liebe/Eine-perfide-Idee-3170/Video?bcastId=5290&documentId=64103104 I finally found the source on this one. These German TV dramas are something else lmao. There is a whole subplot about a girl pretending to be blind, and this one guy has a really cute chubby gf. Great episode all in all, though the music is hilarious. The one gaining is this hot milf. In the first episode they just talk about the gain. In general, lots of hot ladies in this series. The real gain happens here: http://mediathek.daserste.de/Sturm-der-Liebe/Eine-prekäre-Situation-3171/Video?bcastId=5290&documentId=64179212 05:00 - stuffing her face 09:20 - stuffed 30:35 - eating pizza, gained a few, gets angry when pizza is stolen http://mediathek.daserste.de/Sturm-der-Liebe/Schlechtes-Gewissen-3172/Video?bcastId=5290&documentId=64214434 continues here: No gain in this one, but they got like a German Brendan Frasier, and there is also this plot about a guy who thinks a girl likes him, but then his heart gets destroyed by a poser. http://mediathek.daserste.de/Sturm-der-Liebe/Unerwartete-Wendungen-3173/Video?bcastId=5290&documentId=64253300 appears a few times, says she has a hard time gaining. A disappointment. NEXT: http://mediathek.daserste.de/Sturm-der-Liebe/Der-falsche-Flirt-3174/Video?bcastId=5290&documentId=64290730 05:20 - employs the help of a chef 26:50 - eats a pretzel, talks to a hot chubby girl 40:30 - eats again I'm skipping a few episodes, because she just eats without gain. If you like to see her eat, you can find them easily. http://mediathek.daserste.de/Sturm-der-Liebe/Im-siebten-Himmel-3180/Video?bcastId=5290&documentId=64547680 04:30 - this is the stuff u want. it took me all morning to find it, but its here! Ill be back with updates later.
  3. Our babe is bigger than ever again! on her instagram she says that she hasn’t worked out for a month, and it shows
  4. Don't think we've ever seen you so huge and round before! Looks like a great video
  5. You're really becoming all belly these days, huh? BTW your face has filled out so nicely. It looks honestly great.
  6. does anyone have a downloaded version of this? I would love to see it, but the link is not working for me.
  7. the blonde woman here is super fucking hot can anyone explain whats going on here?
  8. She is gargantuan in those last two videos
  9. Tiki67

    My goal to 250

    250 sounds like an absolute dream!
  10. I cannot believe how huge you've gotten! I still remember the first post you made, and I never ever thought it would get to this. Simply amazing stuff. Where are you going next?
  11. Damn her belly has gotten big lately
  12. can someone who speaks polish please translate what they're saying around the fat part?
  13. I really like it. It's like he's chronicling it for later reference.
  14. This is great. Is someone gonna make a thread with her?
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