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  1. you have come a long way you are gorgeous
  2. Wow... you look amazing!

    1. chris huxel

      chris huxel

      10 more lbs please 😀

  3. looking gorgeous!

  4. Wow. you are gorgeous. sure hope you come join us again.

  5. this would be a dream come true to witness.
  6. You look amazing. hoping you are totally rockin that sexy bod! you are smokin.
  7. You are a beautiful Italian goddess. Your curves are off the hook!

    1. NikkiMaialina


      Thank you! You're too sweet! I'm actually American but I lived in Italy for a while. 😊😘

  8. Hoping the ladies on here rock the server with all the stuffed Thanksgiving pics later! Eat up...and then eat more and please post your bloated belly pics. 

  9. I think we will be truly "blessed" when that tattoo becomes smack dab in the middle of your lower belly roll. You look amazing.
  10. Fatty thighs for fatty thighs. looking Amazing Ms Mac.
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