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  1. This was a something I did more to see if I could rather than thinking about whether or not I should. I know it's a tad extreme in regards to how ridiculously fat she becomes, but it was a stream of consciousness kind of deal. I hope you enjoy it and check out my Devart with the still pictures the animation was created from. https://www.deviantart.com/makingitup/gallery/
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    Telling the Girlfriend

    A prickly situation indeed! If I was going to give any advice, it would be to make her understand that your preference is just ONE part of your sexual spectrum. It does not define you or set any expectation on her to conform in any way or participate within it. It's just simply part of the rich tapestry that makes up you and is nothing to be hidden or ashamed of. Best of luck.
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    Turned Feedee

    In answer to your questions. Partially, a bit and yes, tribulations ahoy.
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    Top 3 Skinny Women You Would Most Like to See Gain

    In no particular order Jennifer Laurence Jenna Coleman and Emillia Clarke One can only dream, then touch oneself furiously.
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    Bryce Dallas Howard

    She's just perfect....Mind blown!
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    Looking for Rachael Stevens weight gain story

    Part 4 8) So, over the past 3 week he had been gently increasing the food in her immediate proximity and without thinking, she'd been snapping it up. At first it had just been a snack or two. A few packets of crisps, fizzy drinks, chocolate etc. But each day he had added more and more to her snack routine. He thought she'd resist, that she notice but her appetite was clearly making all the decisions for her. After 3 weeks He'd reached a point now where the amount of snack food she was eating had almost become a meal in itself. She hadn't really noticed it but she was now almost full when meal time came around so was having to push herself even further just to finish what she was eating. It had been so easy just to lie back and enjoy herself and let them take charge. Something she couldn't ignore though were the changes in her body. She hadn't weighed herself since the night Andy came back and could tell her body had taken a hammering. She'd been too afraid to check the scales out of guilt for not yet stopping her gain. Part of her mind knew it was only serving to make her more famous still but another part was genuinely terrified about facing up to the reality check of the scales. She knew she felt bigger and softer than just 3 weeks ago. Her sides felt fleshier than ever with big juicy folds forming that stacked up above the large hip/belly fold below. Her thighs felt like a big squishy mess. Each one now bulged with flab threatening to cause a fold above her knee cap. her thighs rubbed constantly which made her lazier as a consequence. Even her ankles had now taken on some weight and were getting quite thick. Her breast now sagged and drooped slightly to the sides of what was now a noticeably different belly. her belly had exploded in a short amount of time and now had genuine hand fulls of belly that could be grabbed kneaded with no chance of reaching the muscles within. It now sat, increasingly heavy on her thighs completely hiding her crotch when she was sitting. That was something else she was dimly aware of. All the hard parts of her body had almost dissapeared. Everything was liberally covered in a thickening layer of softness that hid every bone or muscle save for her kneecaps and her elbows. Even her elbows were beginning to fade under a permanent fold from her upper arms that was slowly pushing them out of sight. Just sitting down felt different now as her butt cheeks spread and bulged under the weight of her. It felt like she was sitting on an extra cushion, a cushion of jiggling flab. Even her face had fully succumbed to the weight gain. She sported a healthy double chin and the chubby cheeks of a fat girl. She knew she was going further than she had meant to but had been so caught up with and she'd been unable to resist. But now 3 weeks after Andy's return, she had to face some cold hard facts. The replacement sweats that Andy bought for Rachael, that had been a size or two too big at the time, were now like a second skin. Her body had filled every baggy space, every loose fold and every inch of stretch in the material. She had just woken up from a nap, something she was doing increasingly often, to see what looked like a plate of doughnuts on the coffee table in front of her. I say looked like because her belly now blocked most of the view of the coffee table when she lay back so she could only see the highest piled doughnuts. Staring at them she immediately felt automatically hungry as saliva filled her mouth. "mmm is that a plate of doughnuts I see before m--?" A wave of realization passed through her as she remembered that night 3 weeks ago. "I could see the table when lay back a few weeks ago!" She thought filling with horror. "surely I couldn't have gotten so much bigger so fast?". Unfortunately the evidence to the contrary was literally overwhelming. Her belly sat proud and wide before her blocking any view point from where she was. "It must only be a doughnut or two", she reasoned. Over the past week she had subconsciously developed a new way of getting up from the sofa. She would move her upper body side ways and swing her weight forwards to pull herself off the sofa. The sight that met her now hit her like a sledge hammer. Stacked neatly, in piles of eight were 4 stacks of assorted doughnuts. "holy fuck", she stammered. "what have I done?" She screamed inside her head. "My belly Can't of gotten that big?! that's crazy!" She reached down to touch it and felt just how big it really was. It now sagged down between her thighs and wobbled with every movement. As hard as she tried she couldn't feel any inch of muscle under the flab that that buried it. She even noticed for the first time newly formed tiny red lines that were criss crossing her waist from her belly to her hips. "What the fuck?" She pawed at them as it trying to rub them off but there was no chance. "that it, she thought, I have to check the scales and start the diet. I'm bigger than I ever imagined and don't think I could get much more bigger without doing some serious damage." A plan began to form in her mind and with it, calmness. "I'll go on the scales and see the damage, I can hardly bee angry at Andy for doing what I wanted, he been trying so hard. Once I've done that I'll start planning the diet very carefully. I don't want to go too crazy as I need to be fat for this too work, but I definitely need to dramatically reduce my food intake and stop gaining weight. maybe lose a bit just through light work out routines" She sat there reasoning herself into a better mood, feeling an amount of control returning to her world when she glanced at the doughnuts again. Her stomach rumbled and she couldn't deny she was hungry. "I really shouldn't have any of these she thought" subconsciously reaching for one and picking it up. "I mean, this is whats causing the trouble in the first place" bringing it to her lips. "doughnuts are off the menu from now on I'm afraid" she said as if apologizing to the doughnut. She could smell its sugary goodness as her will power began to crack. Her body began to go into over drive telling her she was hungry, starving even. She brain was now accustomed to large quantities of sugar to function and as a consequence it now thought that anything less than the amount she was now eating meant she might be starving to death. So the hunger pangs that ripped though her now seemed to fill her entire being and take over all sensible thought. Her hand shook as she stared transfixed by the sugary jam filled delight. "get a hold of your self" she thought taking deep breaths and trying to calm down, but she couldn't. The more she stared at it the more she felt her resolve melting away. "stop feeling so hungry!" she thought desperately. "I shouldn't eat it!". She couldn't believe the struggle she was having, she had no idea just how powerful her appetite had now become and it terrified her. "but I'm so fucking hungry!" She said tears now streaming down her eyes. "I have to put it down". Even as she said this she brought it closer to her mouth". She was truly horror struck now. just a moment ago she had felt so self assured, making her plans for her diet and return to fame, but now she was shaking like a leaf and finding it almost impossible to resist a simple plate of doughnuts. "I've got to get a hold of myself" she thought edging the doughnut closer. "I'll just have one lick of the sugar then put in down", or so she thought. She brought it to her mouth and almost dribbled as she opened her mouth to lick it, she was at the cusp of the first food binge of her life and by no way the last. She was at a tipping point as the last vestiges of will power abandoned her, all alone with the mighty beast of an appetite that demanded to be answered. Her tongue touched the doughnut and the sugar explosion hit her mouth like a thunder bolt sending a wave of pleasure through her that she wouldn't have though possible. "oh god oh god oh god", She though as she took another lick, then another seemingly unable to resist. The hunger in her belly went up a few notches welcoming the flavour as she realised with dark horror, she could no longer resist. She tore into the doughnut with a fierceness that took her by surprise as she practically inhaled the first and reached for the second. "what am I doing?" She kept repeating to herself between bites. It was like watching somebody else as she plowed through the first stack and started on the second. She knew with every fibre of her rational mind that she should stop, but she couldn't stop herself, her hunger was just to strong. The second and third stack were gone in a flash and it was only whilst coming to the end of the forth and final stack that the hunger that had commandeered her senses began to lose some of its hold. She was finally feeling the food in her stomach with two doughnuts left to go. Even though she no longer felt the drive of all consuming hunger pushing her hand she continued to eat what was left. She was in a state of shock from what had just happened and could only do the first thing that now came so naturally for her, Eat. she ate also out of fear. Rachael had been lucky enough to be slim most of her life and now that she was fat she was suffering from the first episode of food addiction. An addiction that she had been suffering from a lot longer than she'd realized but reasoned it away with her quest for fame. She had never, these past few months tried to resist her appetite directly and was only now realising the reality of her situation. The difficulty of just saying no. Her fat girls appetite that she had inadvertantly grown in her quest for fame was now starting to call the shots. She wanted to say no, to be able to resist, but she now found she couldn't. She was fully aware of the consequences of giving into mindless, unrestrained gluttony and the damage she was doing to herself, but the habitually ingrained desire to consume huge quantities of fattening foods destroyed any chance of her quelling her desires."I don't know what to do", she whispered to herself, still abit breathless from her doughnut binge. 10 minutes later she had regained some of her composure and had decided to get some sort of grasp on her situation by finding out just how much she currently weighed. She was terrified of facing it as she wobbled into the bathroom. Her once baggy clothes now ready to bust apart served only to deepen her sense of foreboding. She knew she was fatter, she could see and feel the difference in her body. just walking into the bathroom she could feel all the extra weight bearing down on her and slowing her movements. Petrified she tried to gently press the scales, with her foot but all the extra weight on her once toned thighs and calf served to make her hit it much more heavily than she had intended. As if shocked and startled the scales lit up in red letters as it loaded up then set to 0.0. tentatively she stepped on, ready to receive her sentence. the lights flashed for what felt like an eternity as the scales quantified every jiggling part of her. She was just about to jump off as the wait got too much when the scales beeped. She looked down and nearly fainted. 287lbs (20 stone 7 lbs) glared up at her in enquisical shades of red. She jumped off the scales as if they were radioactive then hurtled out of the room as fast as her body would allow her. What scared her now as she ran for her bedroom was just how slow and ungainly she now moved. In her fit and healthy days she had sprinted 5-6 miles a day, barely breaking a sweat. Now as she lumbered down her corridor to her room she could barely keep her balance. She just wasn't used to doing anything physically active with all this quivering blubber offsetting her. Her belly wobbled furiously as she sprinted bouncing off her gelatinous thighs and trying to pull her forwards. Her bottom also quivered and bulged tearing her pants slightly as she blundered along. Even her breasts and arms were sending her off balance as she simply didn't know how to counter their weight. All of these element served to make her stumbling run become more and more erratic. By the time she reached her bed she was nearly falling over forwards as the weight got too much for her. She leapt for the bed and in doing so caught her ankle on the corner frame of the bed. A flash of pain shot up her legs and made her scream with the intensity. To be continued?
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    Looking for Rachael Stevens weight gain story

    Part 3 He'd even lied to Larry about her progress making out that she had only put on about a stone or so. Larry had been furious about this and had promised to call her the next day to hammer in how important this weight gain was to bringing her career back from oblivion. Now entering the house after a good few weeks he could barely hide his excitement. In the living room near the sofa was a pile of destroyed pants. Picking them up he stretched them out to get an idea of just how big she'd gotten. Barely able to contain his excitment he thought, "these were her biggest pair!!". He could scarestly contain his delight and had to wait a few minutes just to get himself under control. He had to clear his head, had to think. "If I go in there clearly as horny as a teenager over her fattened body she's going to know something is up. I want to go in there and be the one in charge, to be the one putting up with her oddness in this quest of hers". "she's bound to be feeling very self concious and unattractive as she simply can't imagine anyone finding her attractive as she is. What this requires is the perfect gentleman". His plan was simple. He would act suprised at how big she'd gotten but also give her positive encouragement to show that his feeling for her were more than purely physical. He would play down how much weight she had gained and make her feel better within herself. He needed her to trust him, so he could "help" her reach her goal. He would need to help instill behavour in her that would make losing weight all the harder. He approached the bedroom door, took a deep breath, then went in. Rachael lay there panic stricken, hidden under the duvet. She hoped he couldn't see her enlargement under the thick covers as she feined sleep. She hadn't thought about how Andy would react to the changes. he'd obviously be disgusted at first. But he was her boyfriend of several years so he should be there for her, right? Her side lamp was on so Andy Asked, "Hey twinkle toes, you asleep?". Rolling her eyes she shot back, "yeah of course I'm fast asleep, that's why I'm answering". Andy could hear the shake in her voice as she tried to act cool and in control. "she's embarrassed and nervous as hell!" He thought. This excited him all the more as he walked across the room. "Well it's good to see you too, it's been too long. What is it, three weeks?" "erm, something like that." She said much quieter than her last outburst. "Well I've missed you" Andy said and proceeded to undress down to his boxers. Panic washed up and down Rachael as she heard him getting ready for bed. She had her back facing him and was too nervous to turn around. Feeling this Andy enquired nonchanantly, "so how has this quest thingy of yours been going?" Turning her head involuntarily she chirped, "it's not a quest alright. It's my chance as becoming someone again. I know it's a tad extreme but it means alot to me to accomplish this". "Hey hey, relax babe, you know I want whatever you want. I only want you to be happy you know, however you have to accomplish it. I accepted that there would be...changes to your figure..obviously. and that's fine. I can be adult about it. I love you babe and am happy to work through this with you". "You might not say that when you see me", she shot back, tears filling her eyes. "I kind of went a little crazy!". "perfect" Larry thought. Slowly and deliberately he pulled the cover off rachael revealing her blubbery mass. She looked incredible to him. She'd clearly lost a lot of muscle whilst he'd been away and gained more weight than he'd expected. To him she only gained a tiny amount of weight when compared with how big he planned on getting her, but he understood it felt like a lot to her. Gently touching her body he pulled her nervous wobbling frame towards him. "come here, let me feel you". Rachael was terrified about how she must feel to him but it felt so nice having his hands on her after so long. Cuddling up now Gary felt every fleshy crevice and fold. Resisting at first Rachael was now warming to his exploration, enjoying it even. Could it be that Gary didn't mind the extra weight? That he loved her more than trivial things like her now oversized features. She hoped so because as he felt her, she quickly felt arousal spreading up from her crotch. "you don't mind this fat mess?" she whispered breathing faster and staring him in the eyes. Andy realised quickly how horny Rachael was becoming at his touch and began to caress her nipples and work his way down. "Rachael, I love you. You really think a little thing like this is gonna get in the way of that. Yeah you may feel different, but my love for you lies unchanged. You've got to remember, this is only temporary. In a few months you be on every paper and magazine, you'll be a star again. I understand the sacrifice you're making and support you fully. So let me give you your reward. With that they wrapped in a passionate, intense kiss whilst groping and feeling eachother. Rachael Hadn't expected this explosion of hormones to come over her so suddenly but now, just like when she would wake up hungry for her morning meal, her sexual appetite had woken up hungry And Andy was the starter, main course and dessert. "take me" she whispered as she felt herself pushed backwards by his muscular body. Andy was in heaven. moving her into the middle of the bed was an exquisite experience. Every soft curve, every ripple served only to excite him as he pushed her to the bed. Even feeling her thickened arms rubbing against his side as she pulled his pants down served only to excite him further and it showed. Rachael gasped upon pulling his boxers off at his clear excitement. "I thought we were gonna have trouble down there with me as I am" she said smiling and throbbing with excitment. "never with you rachael, i promise you that". And with that he mounted her, pulling her blubbery legs up to give him deeper penetration. Rachael could barely contain the explosion of excitement coursing through her body as he thrust deeply inside of her. "it's never felt this good" she thought. "never". And she meant it. In all her years being sexually active nothing had ever felt as truly physically exciting as this. It was as if her whole body had become sexually attuned. As if her enhancement had enchaned her ability to experience sexual pleasure. "A huge grin spread across her face as she rode this orgasmic bliss. "So there is an upside to this afterall she thought" Andy too was reaping the benefits of her altered form. Before when they had made love it has been nice but there had always been something missing, something not quite right. Now, with her meaty thighs rubbing against his sides and her belly pressing into his stomach he realised what it was. With every thrust he felt her body squash and bounce and it was amazing. he even noticed how he was higher off the bed than normal due to her fat form. He could tell she was enjoying this more than she ever enjoyed sex before and with that perceived another weapon in his arsenal to aid his quest to make her his blubbery princess. Just thinking about this made holding on impossible. Lucky for him rachael was ready to climax too resulting in them both experiencing the single most incredibly powerful and long lasting orgasm of thier entire life. Rachael thought she would die with the intensity of it as she orgasmed repeatedly, her body spasming with each all comsuming wave. Andy had never experience sex like it. It was like a whole separate experience."Jesus Christ that was incredible", Rachael coo'd as Andy fell exhausted at her side. Flushed and happy from their exhertions she quickly fell into a deep satisfied sleep. Andy fell asleep almost instantly also, happier than he'd felt in his entire life. The next morning Rachael was awoken abruptly by her phone ringing. Gruggily and slowly she rolled over picking up the phone. "Hello?" she yawned through the mouth piece. It was Larry. "how are you my little princess?" Larry enquired. "I hope you've been making progress as we discussed?". "You wouldn't believe the progress I've made", Rachael smiled, actually feeling proud of herself. "I think that I'm ready to make my comeback, I put on-". Larry interrupted, "Yeah yeah that's nice Rachael, I'm glad you're doing well but it's far too soon to think about your comeback just yet. Now before you say anything, hear me out. The timings all wrong Rachael". "The timing?" Rachael muttered out, struggling to contain herself. "Yeah, the timing. You see it's coming up to summer which complicates matters. If it was winter the timing would be great. We'd get you seen in public, we'd release a story about how you're depressed, overeating bla bla bla. After that winter sensation you go on a strict diet, a exercise regime and shed the blubber for the summer season. Women won't care anywhere near as much about your amazing weightloss at a time of the year where they only get 6 hours of daylight. People feel happier and more compelled to live healthier during the summer months. They plan their weightloss around it. And to have you miraculously release your story/auto biography and fitness DVD at a time like that, they'll eat it up. They'll eat you up. So... for the next...6 months I'm gonna need you to...eat it up. You know what I mean. You'll be richer and more famous than you've ever been and you will never fade again. Trust me. I know this is hard for you but trust me, this is the right thing to do." "six months" Rachael almost sobbed at the thought. "Six month and then an eternity of fame ok, alright." Larry said his goodbyes about Rachael wasn't really listening. She was in a state of shock. She'd hammered her body and put herself through such extremes recently only to be told she had six more months to go before she could even think about losing any weight. She had gone to sleep feeling amazing and now felt like her world had been turned upside down. She couldn't argue with his logic but she had no idea what she was supposed to do now. Should she keep overeating at the same rate she had been? She knew that was a bad idea. To continue like that for another six months would push her to boundaries she dared even consider. No, she have to cut down dramatically. Slow the weight gain to a reasonable level to ensure she didn't get too big. She loathed the thought of admitting defeat to Gary but she'd have to tell him to decrease the portions. maintenance with a slow and steady gain would be the key. SO Rachael lay there formulating a plan to get her weight gain under control. "quantity control is the key". she thought and slowly began to doze. She had just dropped back off to sleep when she heard her door opening, knowing Gary was here with her morning feast. She promised herself she would tell him immediately about her change in tact and her desire to slow the gain down a peg or two. As she propped herself up she fully planned to tell him to take at least half the food away. "Morning dear, I've cooked you up a special treat today, Andy's orders" Gary grinned at his rotund recipient. He loved that he could now cook such calorie laden specialities and have them appreciated. He preferred this fattened rachael in front of him now. Greedy and appreciative of his cooking, willing to try almost anything and always wanting more. "thanks Gary it really is amazing but--", She stopped abruptly, surveying the feast before her, her stomach rumbling. It looked incredible. Every amazing breakfast related meal she could think of that been melded and incorporated into what looked like an incredible banquet. She could feel saliva building in her mouth at just the sight of it. "andy ordered this?" She asked. "he did indeed." Gary responded smiling at her. There was a note on the corner of the tray from andy, it read: Morning sugar plum. Last night was amazing and as a reward I ordered Gary make you a meal fit for a princess. I love you dearly and want to show my support. So eat this for me and we'll have an wonderful day. Love Andy". Rachael was touched, Andy should have been disgusted at her for letting herself go so much. He should have been demanding she go on a diet and lose the weight but instead he was showing his true love for her. He was willing to support her despite himself. so here he was, showing his support, how could she say no? "thanks Gary, it's really nice. honestly". Gary smiled and went to leave the room. "shall I cook the usual for dinner?", he enquired. Rachael knew she should say no, but didn't quite have the heart to say no in her current state. "well...ok Gary!". "Very good miss" Gary said and exited the room. She knew it was far too much food but she could hardly not eat it after such a romantic gesture from Andy. She tentatively picked up her knife and fork and took her first mouth full, then another, then another. Before she knew it she was at full swing, stuffing herself well past the point of full towards uncomfortably full. The food quickly disappreared from the tray as her appetite took over. She even drank the weight gain powder as it seemed a waste to leave it. finally after 30-40 mins she was done and lay in a state of repletion. A large burp erupted from her as she rubbed her swollen tummy. "God that was too easy", she thought looking at the empty tray. "But I only ate that because Andy ordered it specially", she thought knowing it was only half true. "Well I may as well eat normally for today and start a fresh tomorrow, it's easier that way". This all sounded very logical and reasonable but it wasn't quite true. Rachael had undergone many changes these past few months, most of them directly her doing. But now changes she initially made were starting to change her. Yes it made sense for her to eat normally today and start her reduced intake the following day but a small part of her brain had another more primal logic. Unconsciously her body had now adapted to the food it was receiving. Like a drug it had become dependant on the extra calorie intake. Her stomach was stretched, her metabolism shot and even the chemical make up of her brain was altered. The simple act of eating food brought her pleasure on a very carnal level that she wasn't even aware of. In a way very similiar to to an actual drug addict, the same pleasure centres were now triggered at the very sight of the feasts she was devouring and even more so when she stuffed herself silly. In short, her recent foray into the world of over eating and weight gain had left her weakened and susceptible to the most innocent and innocuos of things, food, glorious food. She spent the rest of day cuddling up with Andy and eating her usual fare, which was anything but usual. Andy loved it. Rachael clearly took more pleasure from eating the food than she would have liked and with some gentle encouragement from him she ate more than she would have liked too. It was almost too easy. Rachael wasn't sure how to feel. She knew the eating part now came very naturally to her and she was loving spending time with Andy after so long apart, even if it centered around her appetite. He was being so helpful and encouraging, and she didn't have the heart to say no to his affections. He was showing real commitment to her cause and she felt guilty at the thought of changing her tune suddenly and letting him down. "I'll have to change my habits slowly" she thought, wanting to spare his loving enthusiasm. "I've got six months after all, plenty of time to slow this down". It also felt amazing to Rachael to finally not be alone on this bizarre journey. Andy, bless him was only showing his love for her and encouraging her out of a sacrifice for himself, or so she thought and it almost felt like now they could be a team on this journey of hers. This journey of theirs. That night was topped yet again by a session of incredible love making. Rachael had never felt so full in her life. Bursting with food and also bursting with the deep sensual vibrations of their love making. "I could get used to this", she thought in half jest half alarm as sleep took her. The next day was very much the same. Huge breakfast, cuddling with Andy whilst snacking continually, huge dinner and more snacks followed by an enormous tea. She was still thinking about her conversation with Larry but had decided to Ignore it for now. She had plenty of time and wanted to enjoy herself in the here and now. She had no idea how long Andy was back for and wanted to enjoy it to the extreme. She knew she was eating far too much, but Andy's encouragment and Gary's cooking made it hard to resist. And so it continued this way for the rest of the week, Rachael wanting to say something, put the brakes on her increasing weight gain and the amount of food she was eating but she never quite found the courage or the right time to say anything. Before she knew it another week had rolled by in a blur of food, sex and sleep. Rachael could really feel the damage now from the barrage of food she was constantly buried under. She'd spent three weeks being pampered by Andy's attention and Gary's cooking and and had barely lifted a finger. She'd spent most days sprawled on her sofa with andy, watching tv and eating whatever he brought her. It used to be just the huge meals and deserts she'd eat, but now Andy had begun bringing Rachael an assortment of snacks to continue the feeding between meals. Andy wanted to slowly turn Rachael towards mindlessly reaching for food even when she wasn't hungry. he wanted her to become so naturally greedy and accustomed to constant snacking that she'd find it nigh on impossible to resist food or have any hope of controlling her voracious appetite. He knew at some point she would decide enough was enough, try to start a diet and attempt to shed some blubber. He knew this, and he was out to ensure that she failed, miserably. He could see what rachael couldn't. He could see that she was steadily eating herself past a dangerous tipping point. A tipping point where her appetite ,coupled with her burgeoning form and general lack of physical activity would render any chance of weight loss almost impossible and ultimately lead to much bigger gains.
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    Looking for Rachael Stevens weight gain story

    Part 2 She knew she was gaining but this physical change was much more than she would have expected for such a short period of time. "I'm getting fatter faster". She said flatly. As much as she hated feeling like such a fat, unhealthy pig, a happy and feverishly excited thought occured to her. "Well at least this will be over faster then", and with that a light bulb went on. She absolutely hating the feeling of ruining her perfect body and getting so big and heavy, but if she made an effort to gain weight even faster this whole stunt could be over faster and then she could claim the fame she "deserved". She wished she could have disagreed with herself but her practical mind won. Get it over with faster and return to normal faster. Having worked out for most of her adult life, she was fully aware of the tecniques deployed by guys looking to bulk up quickly as they built muscle. So that day, as much as she hated to, she ordered Gary to start adding weight gain drinks to her diet. She wished there was another way but didn't believe there was. She wanted to be famous and there was nothing that would get in her way. Against her better judgement she began demanding more food from gary as well as the shakes. She now saw it as a personal mission to finish everything he cooked, even if it took her all night. Initially gary struggled to keep up with her increase, so he hired a second chef to greatly increase the portion sizes. Gary had loved being in charge of her appetite and having power over her after so many years of abuse. He saw her change of tact as a personal challenge and an attempt for her to regain control again. He didn't want this, and made it his personal mission to make too much food for her to eat at every meal. Rachael saw that he was doing this and it infuriated her. She had enjoyed a few, fleeting days of control. Even though it was over how much food she ate, she had enjoyed it. For a few months now she had felt powerless and outside of herself. She had a very controlling nature and hated being at the mercy of other people. So to get a small amount of control back, what ever the purpose, was what she wanted. "If he thinks he's going to out do me, he's got another think coming". So she pushed herself as far as she could, determined to meet his challenge at every meal.She didn't even give a second thought to the side effects of eating so much more, she was determined to show him who's boss. And so they went, back and forth. Her sometimes beating him, and him sometimes beating her, neither willing to back down, and rachael only getting fatter. After just a few weeks her body was changing even faster. Even her baggiest stretch pants were quickly shrinking as her body filled them up. Her quickly dwindling collection of fitting clothes were reduced to nothing but stretch pants and baggy t-shirts. She had honestly been too caught up in beating gary to notice how few of her pants fit her and the physical reality of why. She had ignored every tightening pair of trousers, simply wearing a bigger pair. She had dismissed her t-shirts that now dug in on the arms and rolled up around the waist as there simply wasn't enough material to cover the flabby expanse growing there. She knew the weight gain was accelerating, but had lost a lot of perspective in her will to dominate Gary. She hadn't even weighed herself in weeks. But one day, as she lay on her sofa, her stomach struggling to make room for the latest banquet she had just ingested, reality came a knocking. She was clad in pink stretch (stretched haha)pants and just about had a grey t-shirt on. She was sat in what had now become her favourite spot to recover from Gary's feasts, flicking through tv channels and settling into her usual evening lull when she spied something in the corner of her eye. On the coffee table she was resting her legs on, between her feet sat a plate, piled high with chocolate filled doughtnuts. "the sneaky git", she whispered under her breath. Gary had snook it in earlier when she had gone to the ladies room. She honestly felt stuffed to the gills with all gary's good eating sloshing around in her distended belly. But a challenge was a challenge. She plonked her remote down than tried to sit forward with her legs still on the coffee table. Rachael had always been very flexible and would have thought nothing of this simple movement a few months ago, but things were very different now. In the past few weeks Rachael had been so busy competing with Gary she hadn't really noticed how much heavier and bigger she had gotten, and she simply wasn't physically prepared to deal with all the extra weight. She should have been up in seconds but founds herself lay back on the sofa, as if held down by an invisible force. The amount of effort she once used to sit on the sofa barely moved her, she tried a few more times but felt like she was stuck to the sofa. What she did begin to notice was just how much jiggling around her body made after each attempt to right herself and how breathless it was making her. It wasn't that Rachael was dumb, she just had no idea of the difficulties that present themselves as people rapidly gain weight. She realised there was no way she could sit using what remained of her stomach muscles alone. She used her arms to push against the back of the sofa and slowly raised herself forward. Fear began to trickle into her mind now as as her arms shook with the strain and effort of moving her. It was beginnig to dawn on her just how hard it was for her to do something as simple as sitting up. If she had had an empty stomach, it wouldn't have been half as bad. But with her belly so packed solidly full of food and her exhaustion from the marathon nature of the meal, She had a real struggle ahead of her. Rachael's belly was now a thing of beauty. It had grown a large, doughy fold that hung over her pussy when she was standing and covered it completely when she was sitting. It hung over over the whole way around, joining her big juicy hips. Her hips had grown wide and flabby with permanent folds that trailed away towards her belly button. She had folds all up her sides which joined the thick back fat that drooped and wobbled as she moved. Topping all of this of were her breasts, each one now many times bigger, filling up what remained of her t-shirt and straining to be free. Despite their size, they were still very shapely and round and sagged less than they should. Her thighs had gone to seed. Previously toned, fatty goodness now covered each one burying her legs beyond recognition. They spread like jelly(jelo for the yanks) across the sofa, wobbling from the effort of her exertions. At the base of each thigh now sat two growing mounds of rippling fat. Each buttock positively bulged with fat from the inactivity of late and worked as a counter weight as she leaned forward. All these elements now worked against Rachael. All topped by a belly that now sat like an obstacle on rachaels thighs, between her and the doughnuts. Further and further she pushed herself closer to her goal. As she rose her belly Squashed against her meaty thighs which were still propped up on the table. folds appeared in a network of lines as her belly fat struggled to find space. With one arm pushing on the sofa and one arm reaching up she inched closer towards the plate. She was going to get and eat every last one of them doughtnuts, nothing could stop her now. Not even her clothes. Already stretched to their limit her pants were now finally giving in to the fact that her body was simply big big to fit in them. Her belly pulled the front of her pants down, her thighs strained the limits of the fabric as the belly pushed them further apart. And her buttocks bulged and heaved as the fabric finally began to give way. She heard the first ripping noise coming from behind her as she sat up more and more. It wasn't a dramatic ripping. With each slow movement, more fabric gave way. Now her thighs began to gently tear free as the stitching slowly ripped and soft flab oozed out. under her belly, buried by her lucious shelf of fat, she could feel the material of her pants succumbing to the force being exherted on it. She felt a sudden dull rip from somewhere between her legs and her belly jutted forward as it partially ripped free. "the pants are holding me back!", She thought. Scared at the reality of if but excited that she had found a way to reach the doughtnuts, She pushed her belly out and breathed in sharply. The change was almost instant. Before she could change her mind she felt the last scraps of her pants gave way under the weight of her belly. Like water bursting a damb her belly lunged forward with an eruption of ripping sounds and spent elastic. Her thighs and bottom also ripped free from their prison and spread noticeably further across the sofa. "FINALLY!" she shouted clasping her hand onto the plate. She quickly extricated her thighs off the table, barely noticing the scraps of her pants. Her previous meal forgotten, she feverishly she stuffed doughtnut after doughtnut into her mouth. She was lost in the simplicity of her desires. Beat gary, eat food had become her mantra, a mantra that was ruining her. Even though she felt ill she wasn't stopping. "Could I stop if i wanted?" She thought hazily as the platefull of doughnut reached its end. Before she'd even had time to ponder the thought she set upon the last doughnut, auto pilot helping her devour it. She was busy chewing the last mouth full when she caught a glance of herself in a mirror and froze. She was usually too reclined to see herself and had avoided mirrors in general for some time. To rachael, it was like something out of a horror story. Gone was any sign of one of FHMs top 10 sexiest women. Sitting in her place was something very different from that. She stared transfixed, not daring to look down. Deep terror rushed through her as she realised just how much bigger she had gotten in her state of ignorance. Every feature looked dramatically changed. Fat, soft jiggling flab had invaded every part of her. It had covered every feature and rendered it unrecognisable. Looking at the image in the mirror there wasn't a single part of her that resembled the her that once was. It was as is her newly thickened form had appeared in surprise as she'd concentrated so hard in blocking it out. Still looking in the mirror she reached down to her belly. Instictively, she reached to where her belly once and her hands sunk into her fleshy sides. "jesus!" She shouted and jumped feeling her body wobble and shake with the shock. Nausea washed over her as she guided her hands further forwards in the mirror until she finally reached the front of her belly. It felt like someone had stuck a big soft joke belly onto hers but it wasn't so. Feeling the mass it it now she sunk her fingers in, kneeding the flab and squashing it between her fingers. It felt so surreal, like touching somebody else. Further down her hands reached, taking in the roundness and fullness of her belly. She reached the bottom of her belly now and realised with dull horror that her belly now sat firmly between hers thighs. "Jesus christ", she whispered to herself, as she cupped and tried to lift her belly. Terror gripped her as she realised just how much effort it was requiring to do something that should have been so easy. The fat spread and sagged as she lifted her belly up creating different fold on her sides. She noticed now just how much her sides had filled out and were pushing against her arms. "this can't be real" she thought. mesmerised by the show in the mirror. Higher and higher her belly lifted until at last she released it and watched it crash back down, slapping her thighs and jiggling furiously. Every part of her wobbled with the tumult and Rachael now saw herself plainly. "I've done it!", she thought. "I'm a real butterball now, larry is bound to say I'm ready!" She wanted to be excited, but couldn't quite find the energy. The face staring back at her looked so scared and different. The eyes were the same, and the nose and hair. But the chubby flesh now sitting around these feature was very different. Chocolate smeared, Chubby,dimpled cheeks now sat on top of a double chin. The certainty, the arrogance of those eyes was now replaced with worry and doubt. "will larry say I'm big enough?" She thought as she slowly got off the sofa. The scraps of her pants fell to her feet leaving a shredded pink mess. As she walked to the bathroom she felt every part of her enlargement. Her thighs were rubbing down to her knees starting to get sore, her belly wobbling and bouncing uncontrollably with every movement. She flicked on the light as she entered and walked towards the scales. Gingerly she tapped her foot on it to turn it on then stepped up to receive her judgement. It felt like an eternity watching the digital display flash as it calculated how much every blubbery part of her weighed. She almost thought about not looking when it beeped to say it had a reading. Looking down now she saw the reading flashing up at her. 219lbs (15 stone 9lbs)the scales read. Stunned she stood there barely thinking. "I've put on 50lbs in a few weeks!" she exclaimed. "I knew I'd gone into overload but this is ridiculous!" Part of her almost felt jubilant. She had made a challenge to herself to gain weight faster to reach her destiny and by god she had done it. She had hated every minute of it but now felt almost like giving herself a high five. She stood there for a few more minutes thinking about all the fame and glory awating her when she heard the front door slam. "andy!" She said aloud. With out thinking she went straight to her room, jumped into bed and pulled her covers over her. Andy had been away for a few weeks so she was very apprehensive about letting him see her...development. Andy was excited. From what Gary had told him over the phone Rachael had really packed on some serious weight recently and showed no signs of slowing down. "She eating like a fat girl now" Gary had mused over the phone. "I honestly think, if she doesn't slow down soon she won't be able to stop". Gary said these things to Andy like a friend warning of bad news but Andy took this news very differently. Knowing that his girlfriend's weight was ballooning without respite, increasing even, excited him. Knowing that she was doing it in a bid to become famous again without taking into account the true physical and phychological consequences the added weight would have on her, made him grin. He knew from what Gary had said that Rachael was heading towards a tipping point and he loved it. Unbenownst to her Andy holds a hidden passion for the larger lady. In his youth he had always fantasised about women putting on monstrously large amounts of weight against their will until they were too fat and overwhelmed to resist. He had nurtured these fantasies for years until He'd gone to university. Sadly, real life got in the way and he understood that something like that could never have a place in the real world. So He'd pushed it down out of sight, slept with exclusively waifish women and concentrated on his career. Years later and now a famous photographer, he was always surrounded by skinny models. Their svelte forms filled his days and he learnt to love it. When he had suggested Rachael gain weight he had said it purely after looking at a magazine. It was only after wards, that night when he'd dreamt about making love to Rachael that it all came flooding back. In his dream rachael was complaining about how much bigger she was getting and how much food she was eating. All this whilst steadily inflating with fat during their love making. She seemed oblivious to the weight that was amassing around her as they made love with her on top. Wider and wider she spread until her belly had reached his upper chest. Her backside had inflated to the point where it was resting past his knees and still growing. Fatter and fatter she got, smothering him and losing all semblance to a normal human being. It was the sensation of suffocating under the mass of her in his dream that woke him abruptly and left him so aroused. He'd not felt arousal like this for many years and now all his wishes and hopes from the life he'd turned his back on returned in a flash. He wanted Rachael fat, the bigger the better. He wanted to ruin any chance of her ever regaining her figure, to push her past the tipping point into a cycle of greed and laziness that would eventually engulf her. But how to do it? He knew she'd never except the outright truth from him on the subject. She'd think him a freak and it would probably incentivise her to lose all the gorgeous weight and ultimately, lose him. No, he'd have to play a much clever game plan than that. She was fattening herself up now anyway without any encouragement from him. The best thing he could think of to do would be to slip into the background for a while, let her eat herself fat free from prying eyes. He had plenty of jobs that took him all over the world so being away would be easy. All he had to do was wait until she'd attained a nicely fattened figure that leant itself to gaining weight much more than losing it. Gary had been his confidant whilst he had been away and had surprised him when he'd explained his frustration at her becoming demanding in the kitchen. He'd even paid for the extra chef to ensure she gained as much weight as possible before his return. Andy had even been out clothes shopping for her after Gary had mentioned her state of affairs in relation to her clothes and how none of them fit her anymore. He'd got almost a whole wardrobe in the boot of his car of all different sizes of clothes and underwear. He wanted to make it so easy for her to just let go.
  9. stolemy_hat

    Looking for Rachael Stevens weight gain story

    Wow, What a compliment! I wrote that story on fantasy feeder years ago and didn't think anyone would miss it when I deleted it. I have it plus a few more chapters. It's still unfinished so any idea for a climax would be appreciated. Enjoy. PART 1 Rachael Stevens was angry. Angry at ther agent, angry at her self and angry at the press. The initial rush of attention to her appearing in strictly ballroom had finally fizzled out. A year ago she had been on television weekly and she had made plenty of money simply from being a celebrity. Over the past few months though, Tv shows had started rejecting her. Less and less people were calling and she was yet again slipping into obscurity. "This is fucking ridiculous! I've won sexiest woman in FHM magazine loads of times and they won't even give me an interview!" She was sat on her sofa with her boyfriend and her agent. "We'll figure something out, we alway do", explained her agent reassuringly. "we just need a new angle". "Like what?" She asked. Over the past month she had volunteered for every reality tv show going and she had been refused for all of them. She had even contacted FHM and offered to do a shoot for a reduced fee and they had been flaky and never got back to her, despite her efforts. The attention was drying up, and she hated it. "Every fucking nobody is on TV at the moment and I'm not getting a look in". Her agent tried to apologise, tried to explain that they had exhausted every possible avenue but she wouldn't have it. Her boyfriend Andrew watched all of this, appalled that she thought it was okay to treat somebody so horribly and with so little respect. He had come to realise these past few months also that his girlfriend wasn't a very nice person. At first he had really liked her, maybe even loved her, but slowly he had begun to realise, her first love was celebrity, a fact he now resented. She simply didn't have the emotional depth to see past being in the spotlight, any spotlight. She was addicted to fame and it sickened him. Watching her berate and belittle her agent so callously got him thinking. "What wouldn't she do to get back into the spotlight?" He could see she was desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. He sat there for several more minutes watching her tirade whilst trying to think of the most demeaning tricks he could convince her do to win the public eye again. He probably wouldn't have thought of anything had he not noticed the awful girl's magazine lying on the sofa. She always insisted on buying what ever shit they sold on any celebrity and it did nothing except fuel her jealousy and determination to be famous again. It was a specific article on the cover however, that caught his eye. It was an article about celebrity weight loss and showed a selection of pop stars/ actresses who had lost weight over the summer and were sporting their new, slim line selves in assorted bikini's. "people go nuts for weight loss stories, he thought". He looked at her perfect body. She sat with her legs on the sofa wearing blue jeans and a simply, green strappy top. She was slim yet curvy with shapely legs, wide hips and a pert, full breasts. She was stunning and in no need of a diet. He knew she worked hard to keep her wash board stomach, toned thighs and he knew she struggled a continous battle to keep her weight in check. It led him to ponder, what desire was stronger, her desire to be fit and healthy or her desire to be famous? He had to find out. He thought he would wait for a pause in the conversation but he soon realised there was no shutting her up once she got going so he blurted out load, cutting her off mid expletive, "You could always get fat?!" there were a few seconds of silence as if he had broken her completely. She looked at him puzzled, half from the fact she had forgotten he was there, half from the alien sentence he had just uttered. "what?" she said, not really comprehending what he was saying in any way at all. "you know," he stammered, "for the...publicity?" Her agents face had instantly changed and Andy could see it light up with ideas. "What the fuck do you mean put on weight?! I work hard to keep this body perfect! What fucking use would that be??!!" Andrew Could see that her rage had now found a new target, and rather than take in what he'd said, she was just going to vent her frustration on him. And she would have, if her agent hadn't joined in. "that's perfect!" He said jumping up, clearly elated. "it was staring us in the face and we couldn't even see it, andy you're a genius!" Rachaels face had changed from angry to a unhappy confusion. "what do you mean, how is anything about what andy said genius?" Larry, her agent, had just about reached the end of his tether with Rachael. She was rude, selfish and had basically ruined every chance he had got her to get back into the limelight with her bad attitude. He would have quit had he not needed the money to pay his mounting debts. So he had suffered this treatment for months dutifully, hating her more and more. He geniunely thought he was going to be fired after the latest and most scorching attack on his abilities but now he could see a ray of light. "Think about it!" "it's the perfect opportunity and guarantees you get right back into the limelight!" Rachael's attention was finally piqued at his words as the opportunity of guaranteed fame was to good to ignore. "what do you mean?" She asked. "you want to get famous again right? You want to the public to be obsessed with you all over again? people wondering every day what you're up to and clamoring for news about you?" "yes of course I do!", she said. "wel let me paint this picture for you. You've always been the perfect pop princess, with the perfect body. I mean you look great, you always have.....that's the problem." "what do you mean?" Rachael was genuinely interested now. Her agent had seemed hopelessly lost for months and she had never seen him so passionate about an idea which excited her. "you're too perfect, you're unattainable. You're like a unicorn, a thing of fantasy. Guys fall to their feet for you, they love you and always will. But women, women feel alienated by you. You're this image of perfection that they feel compared against and simply can't relate to. To them you're just an image. An ideal. I want to make you real, bring you down to earth. Show them that you're human too, that you're not perfect, that you're one of them. You see women love to see the real side of people. They're not interested in perfection and everything being great. They want to see messy lives and the weaknesses they see in themselves reflected in you." "And how would me being fat achieve that?" She was really bewildered by what he was saying and still half thought it was a joke. "You want to get famous again? get fat". "you can't be serious?" She said. She could see both of them looking at her far too happily, as if they had suddenly discovered buried tresure. She had worked hard to keep her body trim and toned and the thought of ruining it on purpose seemed like an impossibility. "oh I'm quite serious" Larry said. "people don't want to read about your perfect life anymore because frankly its boring. They want drama and gossip. You disappear from the public eye for a few months, maybe even a year or two. Come back fat, chubbed up...with a weight problem. People will go wild for you. It doesn't matter what you excuse is. Sad, depressed whatever, every paper in england is going to want to interview you and find out why. You'll be the hot topic in every magazine simply from piling on some poundage. And the best bit is, that's just the beginning. Women will finally be able to relate to you, they'll love you. And once you drop the weight you can sell your story of how you did it! You could make a fitness DVD, book, tv apearances, you name it. They'll book you for years to come because you'll finally be more than just an image, they'll see you as a real woman. a real celebrity" Rachael was taken aback. It was genuinely a great idea. She couldn't see a flaw in it. There's was no way she wouldn't get famous again after going through that and showing her human side. She was getting excited just thinking about people wanting to know all about her and clamoring after her. She was also taken aback at the thought of letting her beautiful body become fat and flabby. She had never been in any way over weight and could only imagine what it would be like. It scared her because she knew she had no choice but to go along with Larry's idea if she wanted to be famous again and she did. Fame lay at the end of his scheme as did a radically changed her. "I can't believe I'm even considering this, but I think you're right." "Of course I'm right!" Larry said, "And it's the easiest thing in the world for you to do! All you have to do is lie back and relax. Eat alot more obviously and no more exercise but in effect it's the easiest fame gamble. You can't lose. You literally need to do nothing except live a life of relaxation and eat lots of good food. You're gonna eat your self famous!" "how much weight are we talking about?" She quizzed, hoping secretly it would be a low meagre amount of weight. Andrew joined in with the answer, curious to see how much she was truly willing to sacrifice. "oh a good few stone I should imagine! The more the better" "no(she protested) not loads of weight?" "If you gain a little bit of weight, no one will really notice. you could gain a stone and a half and still be a few stone lighter than the average woman",Larry mused. "No, for this, there's got to be a dramatic difference I'm afraid or people might not buy it." "You need to look like you've really let yourself go, it'll make your story all the more incredible when you've lost the weight and sold your tale of how you've done it". If you gain enough weight and then lose it, you could even become the face of a weight loss company and get sponsored. It'd guarantee a permanent residence in the public eye" All this sounded perfect, rachael had never really felt accepted by of alot of mainstream media as her image had been too specific and restrictive. What harm could some weight gain do if her career exploded afterwards? She would have prefered to not put on weight but her desire to be famous was far too strong. "Okay...I'll do it. How should I start?" "Don't worry honey, Larry and I willl sort out all the details. Rachael spent rest of the day listening to Larry spin his web around her and by the end of it she was convinced there was no other way. She hated the thought of all the fat she would have to suffer, but it was worth it. She went to bed that night on the promise that they would start her on her journey the next day. She couldn't sleep for some time wondering what the next few months would hold for her but eventually succummed to blissful slumber. She awoke at 6:30 that morning and was about to get out of bed and start her early morning work out when she remembered the conversation the night before. She lay there wondering what she was going to do to amuse herself as exercise was now forbidden when she drifted off to sleep again. She awoke at 10am confused that she had slept so easily. Larry had already instructed her chef as to her new diet and the breakfast he brought her made her balk. "Oh jesus gary, I can't eat all this crap!" "Larry's orders miss". Gary placed the larger tray than she was used to and promptly left the room. He had cooked her up a classic English breakfast of hash browns, bacon, fried eggs, beans, fried bread, sausages, tomato and chips complete with a chocolate malt shake. This was far too much food for her and she never ate such unhealthy fare. Reluctantly she picked her fork up and sliced herself some sausage and beans. "here goes" she said and shoveled it in. It was greasy and gloopy and so alien to her she nearly spat it out but then the flavour hit. "it tasted like all the things she always denied herself were in that one mouthful and it was heaven. She ate the first mouthful quicker than she expected and was quickly reaching for more. Each mouthful bore a new and wonderful flavour that greeted her tongue like the embrace of an old friend. After a few minutes she had forgotten all her misgivings and was truly enjoying food for what felt like the first time in a very long time. "maybe this won't be so bad after all" she thought. Unfortunately her enthusiasm didn't match her stomach size and she was forced to concede defeat after finishing over half the plate, a feat in itself. She had eaten in one meal more than she would probably have eaten in a whole day and it tasted fantastic. She still had no interest in being fat, but she had to admit, she loved the fun of eating freely. After she had cleaned up She jumped on the scales to see what her starting weight would be. 112 lbs came the read out. A solid 8 stone, she hadn't gained a pound. She spent the rest of the day trying to stop herself from exercising and struggling to eat then digest the meals she was eating. She really couldn't accept that she was going to put on any weight, but she still kept on eating what ever Gary made her. If she was anything, she was determined. By the end of the day her belly was aching and she felt exhausted by the effort of eating so much but satisfied that she had shown commitment to her mission. The next day was very much the same, and the next. Struggling to finish meals and failing then falling asleep with a bloated stomach. Andy loved seeing how commited she was to reaching her goal and even took to encouraging her to eat more by reminding her how famous each extra pound would make her. After a few days rachael noticed that her stomach was looking swollen but not fat. Her stomach was stretching but she wasn't gaining any weight yet. It swelled out like a pregnant woman's but there was no sign of flab settling in. She also noticed that within a few days she was feeling hungrier in the morning and hungrier at night. She stepped on the scales 4 days in and saw the number had gone up to 118lbs. "six pounds!" she thought, knowing most of it was just undigested food in her belly. So she slowly began to get used to skipping exercise and having a continually stuffed stomach. After 2 weeks she noticed that her body was finally showing some signs of her gluttony. Her belly still stuck out from the food but there was a softness appearing at the bottom of her belly that wobbled the tiniest bit when she slapped it. She also noticed that her thighs felt ever so slightly softer. She didn't know how to take these changes. Part of her was disgusted at her swollen belly and the fat that now lightly laced her belly and her thighs. Another part nof her was estatic that she was taking steps towards becoming famous again. A week later she went on the scales knowing she would weigh more. "127lbs!" That was over a stone heavier than when she had started!! She could feel it too. Her belly was now thoroughly covered with a soft mound of flab that pushed gently against her pants more and more. Her belly was still food swollen, but the fat growing there was spreading to her hips and the rest of her body. She could feel a softness to her body when she walked. Her thighs felt softer, her arms felt softer, even her breasts looked like they were answering to the call. They felt fleshier and fuller. Even her sides had a subtle amount of softness making its appearance. She wasn't fat at all, she looked normal, but she had never looked normal before so it was hard to take. After 3 more weeks she really began to see the effects of her overindulgence. Her belly now had a flabby roll that hung over all her pants when she was sat down. Her sides were gently filling out and starter folds appeared when she twisted her body. Her belly roll folded at the top, showing a second roll that was now appearing below her breasts. They were complimented by her hips which had now joined her belly and began to bulge over all of her pants. Below the pant line her legs were becoming plump and fleshy due to her induced inactivity. Her muscles were quickly turning to flab as she spent most her days sat on her backside, and what a back side. Her buttocks looked a far cry from the toned things of just a month or so ago. Fleshy goodness had invaded it as it spread further and further under her, ballooning up nearly as much as her tummy. She hated feeling all the extra weight. She could feel her body jiggle when she moved around and found it scary how heavy all her movements felt. What also scared her was how quickly her fitness had evaporated. She was becoming winded easily and found herself even taking naps during the day, something the healthy her would never do. At 153lbs she was both horrified and facinated at her figure. Looking at her swollen form in the mirror she could scarestly believe it was her. She felt like an alien staring at somebody else in the mirror. It looked like someone had shoved a air hose into her and inflated every feature. Every movement now caused a ripple of fat to jiggle and wobble across her body that truly scared her. The fact that she could now grab a hand full of her own belly fat made her feel sick to her stomach at the increasing differences. What also scared her was how big her appetite had gotten and how her habits had changed to accommodate it. At first every extra bite had been a purposeful effort. Nothing came naturally. But as the meals got bigger, her natural capacity to store food increased with her appetite. The breakfast she had eaten on the first day of her journey would have seemed like a small snack next to the platters she was now forcing down herself. It scared her how much food it now took to recreate that feeling of fullness she had experienced that first day. She knew it was a lot of food, but the more she ate it, the harder it was to remember ever eating anythings less. She' balk occasionally when gary increased the meal size again quite dramatically. She was shocked that he now saw her as the type of girl who could eat such a spread. She was even more shocked when on some occasions not only did she finish the meal, she ended up having seconds. As she hit and surpassed 169lbs she knew she was now actually becoming fat. She hated that her escalating poundage had now made most of her clothes unwearable. A few weeks earlier she had tried to fit in her biggest size of jeans. They had still just about fit on her thighs but were noticeably snug. Sadly for her their journey ended there. Her ass, belly and hip fat had got far too big and bulbous to accomodate her wishes. Try as she might there was no way they were going to fit her. As horrified as she was at the time discovering the physical reality of her gormandising, she was much more scared now. Out of morbid curiousity she thought she'd try the same pair of jeans on again. "how much worse can it be?" she thought, "its only been a few weeks!" She lifted her first leg into them noticing for the first time that her thighs were brushing agains each other. Ignoring this she put the other leg in then yanked the pants upwards. She expected a similiar result to last time but it was not so. Not really looking she realised the jeans were stuck just above her knees. "i must have buttoned it after trying it on last time", she reasoned. But when she looked down all attempts at deluding herself were forgotten. Her jeans were unbuttoned, the zip was down. The only thing stopping the pants going any further were her gelatinous thighs. "oh fuck" she whispered feeling ill at the sight of the flabby mess that were her legs. Fat oozed over the rim of her pants, jiggling as she moved around. "how could it be this much tighter?" She thought.
  10. Big girl by sips of the yogscast!!
  11. stolemy_hat

    Claire Richards – Steps

    Oh my shit!!! Celebrity big brother is a program I would rather put a camp-fire out with my face than watch but when I saw claire lumbering down them stairs bigger than I've seen her in months I couldn't take my eyes off her. I'll be watching with pleasure!!
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    Welcome back friends.

    Nice to be back! 8)