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  1. She did lose the weight within a year, But it is skowly comming back
  2. I personalet Think She is very Pretty even for a skinny Chick. To does complaining about her being On this forum. Just Remember Half the girls are Not celebs and Curvy comes in all sizes Not just fat. You Can even be fat and Not curvy
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5677837/Marnie-Simpson-shows-rounder-derriere-filler-injections-dons-skimpy-bikini-LA.html
  4. I ageee, i Think 155-165 She i fairly short 5.6.
  5. thedaneweight

    WHO is this

    Anyone knows WHO this is https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57cd719174083
  6. That is her entire Act That She is a fat ugly slut, and men are pigs in all her shows and movies. She Actually used to be funny in her young days and her last movie was Not Half BAd.
  7. Can’t compare the two. Ariel Winther was never a sex symbol in the US Like kelly has Been in the uk. Heck She plays the unattractive younger sister and her only claim to Fame That one show. When the show dies so Will her carreer
  8. All of Them have female trainers
  9. Actually none of the trainers did in the 12 weeks. Mascha Actually never lost all the weight
  10. Thanks it was my home made translation. Just to give you an idea of what She was saying. But Yes it is very hot. There is an American version called fit to fat to fit. Season 2 should be out soon. Otherwise youtube Fallon weight gain.
  11. She really had a Hard time with the pressure On her body, She was feeling sick and had headache. To be fair a 20% increase in bodyweigt is a lot in 8 weeks.
  12. I Think she from 145 to 190 considering her height
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