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  1. Hi there, I’m looking to see if any female gainers would be interested in just chatting with me about their gain. I’m here as a casual, I just want to encourage a gainer to get fatter and talk to them about their gaining experience, nothing serious. My preferences are usually from 160-300, into outgrowing clothes, stuffing, and burping. For privacy reasons I don’t keep a lot on my account but I’m not opposed to talking about myself if that’s what someone wants.
  2. Does anyone remember a story about this guy who befriends this girl who has been gaining weight but it adds a Bacchus element to it? The story also includes parts of the gainer girl’s girlfriend getting fat and the girlfriend is writing a play.
  3. This event happened the other day but I was hanging out with my friend who has recently put back on a bit of weight. She’s roughly 5’ 2 and I would guess right at about 180 now. So my friend has really thickened up, her boobs are fairly round and heavy looking now, she’s now sporting a pudgy double chin, but by far the best part is how her belly has grown softer and flabbier. So we’re hanging out, we’re both a little tipsy, but we were eating Mongolian and and she was just unabashedly stuffing herself silly. I’m talking random moans from being getting full and really sexy, deep burps. Mouthful after mouthful keeps going down and she is shamelessly inhaling this meal and carrying out a conversation with in between massive gulps. She keeps packing it in and I can tell that her already tight jeans were becoming increasingly tighter. Right at that height if this wonderful display of gluttony she stands up and coming out of a burp says, “I need to uurrp get by, I have to change into different jeans”. So I start teasing her a bit and she eventually said that she was too full to keep standing. She falls back on the couch and just decided to take her pants off so she could continue eating. Not only did she polish off her order but asked if I was going to finish mine! I’ve definitely seen this friend have gluttonous bouts like this before but this one was by far the best. I definitely understood how she regained so much weight.
  4. What were some of the best Kimberly Marvel vids? I'm looking for Kim at her fattest and most gluttonous.
  5. A friend of mine used to be fat and has recently lost a lot of weight. We were hanging out last night and she tells me how she's been having a lot trouble eating less and that she hasn't been working out at all. She then proceeds to tell me that the night before she caved and ate everything in her house. I couldn't help but imagine her raiding her place for snacks and just laying her couch with her pants unbuttoned shoving everything into her mouth. When she was fatter she could really put it away and was just very gluttonous all around. Fingers crossed that her old eating habits swing back.
  6. I was trying to look into Ensure to see if there were any negative health effects. My girlfriend said that she would be down to drink some but wanted to make sure it was not harmful. Also what are some good drinks to help her get fatter?
  7. I just want to get some ideas and see what the community thinks. I personally love a good cheesecake stuffing.
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