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  1. Hen42

    Demi Lovato

    All her Instagram photos are heavily photoshopped. Many not lurking on curvage were shocked to see the difference between her Instagram posts and her giant thighs in her tour or candid photos.
  2. Hen42

    Cecily Strong

    Where did you find these pics? From a recent skit? She had lost weight shortly after this thread ceased, but over the past season + it’s been trickling back. Luckily.
  3. Yes I've noticed in recent videos she's looking nice and soft. I was disappointed last year at her apparent weight loss. The only problem is her midriff might continue to be partially covered instead of fully exposed if she keeps gaining.
  4. Hen42

    Kait Parker

    That must be old. She's much softer now.
  5. That pregnancy rumor link is for another Rachel Nichols; the actress.
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