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  1. I thought that it would be nice to be able to browse the website in a dark mode. Would this be something that could be implemented?
  2. I was hoping someone might have those videos she had on her tumblr earlier this year in which she was running back and forth in her bedroom.
  3. Damn I thought this was an update on Kirsten's Room lol
  4. you could've just ignored this post, but whatever suits you I guess.
  5. guyoninternet

    Kate Perry

    I don't find her new hair attractive, but every time I see a thread on Curvage or someone else, it's mostly people complaining about her hair :/
  6. is it just me or does she look a bit chubbier?
  7. Attractiveness-wise? Sure. But she seems to be racking in some goddamn cash.
  8. that picture of her with the cap and leggings on looks like it's been poorly photoshopped lmfao
  9. what the hell is going on there!?
  10. the thing is that she has done the plastic surgery thing so it doesn't look stupid. But I have a feeling at some point she'll just end up looking like Kim.
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