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  1. I know, they're called "Gainers." But of late I met two who say "It's actually work to stay this big. If I don't deliberately overeat, my weight starts dropping." Like one got over 300 pounds, then got up to 311 so if her weight starts dropping, she'll still be over 300 pounds no matter what and she can handle it by weight gain shakes, cheesecake, chocolate and just being lazy. And up she goes! I know Curvage tends to favor the chubby and plump, but I like supersize and I like hearing personal stories of what these beauties do to grow bigger, bigger, bigger, whether they're doing paysite work or not, and some of them aren't...they are just turned on by eating and getting fatter.
  2. Take her to Europe or Japan and people will definitely experience her as being huge.
    CC is a total doll and this is a fantastic discount clip, fun and erotic at the same time. Fave parts: 1:24 "My boobs used to be up here" and "I look pregnant!!!!" I personally love when models acknowledge the things viewers can see but may be too polite to say. 3:05 when she turns to the side and you see those second set of boobs are blossoming, wow wow wow... and 3:23 - when she laughs, her belly jiggles. Anyone who loves big women will love this.
  3. "Had a date, two dates with short, adorable girl, 3 years younger. She was by no means "thin" but not fat - you know the type." Know this thread is quite old...but short, adorable girl, 3 years younger" jumped from a window Oct. 2016, 7 months after this post. RIP Jenny
  4. I can't even say how explosive that workout vid is. You know we all look at hundreds of images and videos of big women, but every now and then one comes along and my jaw drops and I gotta drop you a note saying "Bless you, Miss Beautiful!" Them rolls...that oversize, dee-lish behind. You are amazing...

    1. ChubbyCupcake


      That is so so kind of you to say 🥰

      When I get messages like this - my heart explodes. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me! You’re awesome! 

      All the love and hugs 

      CC 🧡 xx

  5. omg that happens to us, too, and when i have dated extra-fat women in the past, and not when they were near-thin. And my current fattie never needs encouraging to eat dessert whether we're together or not
  6. I have met this particular creature, who can argue for 8 solid hours, whose arguments make no sense, and who will be the death of your spirit and life if you don't get the hell out, but who is growing before your eyes and therefore you remain in the relationship far longer than you would ordinarily as the rolls and folds get thicker and thicker and you watch her getting dressed and see how distended her belly is getting and how wide her butt has grown, and all the thighs of her jeans are completely blown-out. KEEP BACK 500 FEET
  7. Not "became" rich. Was rich, like "Never have to work again even I live to be 700 years old." Rich with a fat belly, which she fucking hated ,so it was very tough to adore her for that reason.
  8. Does anyone else feel proud of their fat fox, and enjoy walking down the street holding her hand, sitting with her in restaurants, smiling when they see her move her big butt through folks at busy coffeeshops, being amused that some people turn sourpussed over the sight and presence of a fat woman, but others, women included, see you together and smile and seem to say to themselves "Right on! Big girl love!" I have so many photos that I can't post because she is a private person and I am not a DB, but yea, I like when people check out my jumbo angel. "Look how far her belly sticks out!" "Look how ENORMOUS she is next to me!" "Can you tell she loves to eat??"
  9. Three fatties!!! I want to make 'em dinner and dessert.
  10. Let's look at Feeble from another's point of view. You put up anything, anything at all, on your feed that the mob disagrees with and you will be immediately sliced, diced and condemned and that's the end of you, bub. Especially if it doesn't tow the line, straight down the liberal, politically correct line. Say, for example, that a friend of yours is a straight male, and a bunch of transgender folks start following him and leaving comments on his photos that are, well, yucky. And say your friend would rather this sub-segment of society follow those of their ilk, rather than someone like your friend, who doesn't hate TG and is certainly not "phobic." Let's say your friend expresses this in their feed in the nicest possible way, designed to offend no one. It will be as though her has advocated hanging puppies. Your friend's feed will be filled with all-caps bile, and calls for banning, and shunned, his friends driven away, every "like" on his photos "unliked" and anything he says from then on ignored. The problem is that the place is largely run by children in adult bodies who love to post their complaints, no matter how small. Its starts with "I'm bored" but also dips down into "I sneezed Tuesday" or other childish statement of zero value. It's a garbage can for people's most trivial expressions. Some chubby cutie-cuties, though, I'll say that.
  11. A close relative is a doctor specializing in obesity and diabetes. They live close by - about 9 miles away. I went there and told them, "My new friend K is over 300 pounds. I'd like to bring her over but I wanted to tell you beforehand that we're both a little nervous about it, don't want to make her feel uncomfortable over here. Ok?" They said "Ok." I never actually got to bring her over there - but having that conversation, for me, coming from a fat-despising family - was a big step. When YOU step up and declare yourself without apology, the world will follow. Also, the older you get, the less you care what others think. You only have one live, live it as you see fit and if others don't like it or are assholes, you can go somewhere else for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  12. Hi, Sunshine- just report whoever is being rude to you, as I have done, and mods will take care of it 1,2,3. You models are what make this site, and you absolutely don't have to respond to them or regard them - just report them. They're looking for a reaction and if you don't give them one they run out of gas and find someone else. 

  13. You are a very fat, attractive young lady I look forward to seeing more of.
  14. omg this is cute as hell! I love your hanging apron, your ripply upper thighs and esp. your cute double chin. (I have a thing for chubby faces, they make me melt.) Ill buy this set in a couple of days, I'm on the road now.
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