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  1. haha yes, she is very very soft and buttery and her weight hovers around 314. She started at 180 in 2012.
  2. You mean like this? I have another of my honey weighing herself with the camera pointing down to show the number on the scale and her fat belly is in the way, but seems it's not on this drive.
  3. omg the three of them in bed would be amazing...flab-fest??
  4. OMG you're so swollen! Looks great!
  5. Love that first one. First, tight jeans clearly showing how fat she is out front. Second, you can see from her body stance that her great weight up front is pulling her spine forward, making her big belly look even bigger! The second one is just all fat, lol...cute cute. Did you get their digits???
  6. I dearly love how completely out of shape and "blown up" you are, arms, belly, thighs, behind, and chubby face, it's sooo sexy. If you were not coupled I would pursue you with flowers, chocolate and plenty of treats! For now, though, the purchase of your vids will suffice. Have a great Saturday
  7. Don't stress it, she sounds like an idiot, to be honest. It'll probably last as long as her first marriage.
  8. "she lost almost all of her facial features, her chin completely disappeared. She had two pregnancies and is a massive housewife now." Super hot!
  9. Love how your fat belly sticks OUT and hangs down, it's so adorable and hot as hell, too. Honestly, you look great. 🤘
  10. Depends on the circumstances, of course. I would like to fatten a new spouse or at the very least a girlfriend with whom I have a deep connection. But under the right conditions, I wouldn't mind fattening you up to a little over 400 pounds, so fat that you sweetly waddle, so fat that being in bed with you is like being with a giant beach ball. I would spoil the living daylights out of you, too, of course! You'd be my fat little princess with your rolls and folds and chubby face and hugs from heaven.
  11. Was there any time where she complained or wanted to change her mind or you guys otherwise hit a snag?
  12. Young lady, you are getting soooooooooo fat and flabby and gorgeous!
  13. Every pic in the above is hot as hell, including your "waving" with visible arm flab, the ever-thickening rolls of back fat, and oh, that cottage cheese!!!!!
  14. Nothing hotter than a woman who is fat and says so out loud. Don't forget to point out your "apron" which seems to be hanging lower and lower, down, down, down it goes! Hot as hell.
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