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  1. Her lips are a bit much, sure, but it is pretty impressive that she’s going to such great lengths for The Love of The Dream. People have been saying that she’s “not naturally built to be big” and I’ll admit that her shape reflects it, but somehow for me that kind of adds to the allure. These boards have seen naturally big women with co fidence who don’t necessarily care about their weight, and it’s seen girls who gain as a result of endulging their feeding fetish, but it’s not that often we see a woman like this, who’s gone to such lengths because she wants to get as big and fat as she can get. The part in the video where she mentions that she gets horny from the feel of her jiggling— there’s no doubt she’s One Of Us!
  2. Well, hey now, I don't think it's fair to take a few anecdotal cases and generalize that to ALL ssbbw's. Given how many of the women who find their way to this site especially are Fat And Proud, and may even have bulked themselves up on purpose, I would expect they are willing to put more effort into taking good care of themselves and addressing the unique issues that come with their size. Sadly, many other women likely end up obese as a result of years of the same general self-neglect that causes them to lapse in their hygiene. Or perhaps they aren't willing to take the extra measures to care for their hard-to-reach areas because they don't want to admit that they're too fat to properly keep clean. I don't think one bad experience is enough to turn me off of SSBBW's forever, especially if she and I really "click" in other ways. But just like Normal Society must inevitably come to terms with the fact that not all intimate relationships are like the ones in the movies, we can benefit from an open discussion about these things.
  3. I actually had a similar experience to this myself not long ago, having found myself disappointed by third base with a woman much larger than my previous biggest partner. Even sitting on the couch cuddling and watching TV was awkward, since her wide hips and massive ass made her a lot taller than me sitting down, so I could just barely reach my arm around her shoulders/waist. When things got more in-depth, I found I had to struggle to balance myself on one arm, and thus only had a single hand free and a limited part of her I could reach, while her hands had full reign over my body. I fear she may have gotten the impression that I wasn't as "into it" as her as a result, when in reality I was working so hard that afterwards I felt myself trembling and out of breath from the exertion. There was also the fact that I could smell something unpleasant coming off of her, and during the act I realized there are probably parts of her body that she can't wash unassisted. While I know it's not her fault and I'm sure she tries to keep herself clean, the idea still comes as a turn-off. I'm still weighing my feelings on the issue and I'm not ready to say I'd never try again, with her specifically or with any woman of her size, but I can definitely sympathize with the OP about underestimating the downsides of supersize intimacy. All the wonderful SSBBW members and paysite models around here certainly do a good job of spoiling us, don't they?
  4. Lack of body shots and at least one picture with cleavage are the signs I notice most. Since big girls tend to have big chests, most of them can produce at least one good "cleavage selfie" even if they're pear-shaped overall. Also, the "MySpace angle" (camera held overhead and at an angle; face looking upward and upper torso visible) is actually a trick to make a girl look thinner (since she's looking up, no double chin; boobs conceal the lower torso), so a girl who's still using that as her profile pic in 2016 is either trying to hide some chub or still thinks that pic from 2005 is her best photo. (Could be both.)
  5. So a while back I heard some obnoxious morning talk radio host talking about bad Tinder dates. One of his callers said that when his date showed up, she was 70 pounds heavier in person than in her profile, and how that was a dealbreaker for him. My first thought would have been "Jackpot!" and my second thought would probably have been "second date: buffet." But it got me thinking: in my experience with online dating sites, the ladies I've met have frequently been heavier than they appeared in their profile photos. Part of this is obviously because these ladies think being fat is a downside and try to minimize/hide it, and in other cases the photos may be outdated (how often do you update yours?). Rarely do I see a profile of a lady who is unapologetically large and owns it. It may be due to my own preferences, but it seems like the majority of women on dating sites are overweight and billing themselves as "a little extra" or the like. Does anyone else have any experience in this vein? Are larger women who don't take pride in being large more likely to turn to online dating? Do "BBW and proud" women even bother with non-plus-size-centric dating sites?
  6. A while back I brainstormed some ideas for stories I wanted to try writing, but then lost the motivation (and the paper I brainstormed onto) and never wrote them. I just turned my desk upside-down to find the paper, and you can have the ideas since I'm doing jack-all with them. 1. A college girl is secretly being fattened up by her roommate. Constantly ordering takeout and offering to share, supplying weight gain shakes and telling her they're "appetite suppressants", re-calibrating the bathroom scale, etc. 2. Newlyweds take an "eating tour" honeymoon. I read a story like this once at Dimensions, where the couple rents a Winnebago and tours the Southwest, but you could also think Eat Pray Love sans the praying. 3. Puberty ends up far too generous to one girl, and so she attempts to bulk out hoping the rest of her figure "catches up" with her overdeveloped chest. 4. A "Jekyll and Hyde" scenario, except Hyde is less evil and more just ravenously hungry and promiscuous. 5. After gaining the Freshman 15 and then some, a college coed tries to stop the gaining by taking up a sport, only to find that her talent (and newfound passion) lies in weightlifting. Her coach and the rest of her team make it crystal clear that the gaining has just begun! 6. A tall, lanky pagan priestess catches the eye of a "fertility spirit" and finds herself growing more bountiful by the day. Good luck!
  7. Well, I'm single now, but my last girlfriend was slightly heavier than me. I was 5'9" and about 160; she was 5'0" and fluctuated from 180-200 while I dated her. Not much heavier, but because she was short she looked pretty big. I remember I could only get my arms around her if I hugged her from the back; from the front her breasts kept me at bay.
  8. Welcome, and glad to hear you're feeling confident these days! Hope you'll make yourself at home here-- I'm sure you'll fit right in!
  9. So, one more girl I once knew: She was 4'10" (one inch too tall to be legally classified as a midget, she'd like to tell people) and reasonably curvaceous. Even at her thinnest she was a D-cup and had hips. She also had pretty severe ADHD and a few other mental issues, for which she took medication. One type of medication killed her appetite and increased her metabolism, while the other deadened her metabolism and made her hungry all the time. She was also just too spaceheaded to actively exert any effort to control her weight, so there was a real danger that she'd waste away on one or balloon out of control on the other. Her doctors' solution was a "six months on, six months off" regimen where she would alternate medications. The result was that she had gotten comfortable with spending the fall and winter gaining about 60 pounds, then losing it over the spring and summer. She peaked around 175 in March, and dropped to about 115 in September, and that's with little to no muscle mass, so at her biggest she was basically a walking gelatin parfait. She wasn't shy about calling herself "fat" either; not in a self-deprecating manner either, but a "tide goes in and out, seasons pass, and I get fat and thin again" way. If you asked, she'd also be more than happy to show you the two scars on her belly roll. She apparently woke up one morning to discover that she'd left a screwdriver in her bed (for some reason) and that during the night shed rolled over onto it and skewered herself. Fortunately, it had happened during Peak Fat Season, and the screwdriver had simply gone into her belly, through the cushioning, and out her left love handle, missing all her organs and leaving matching entry and exit wounds. How she managed to sleep through this I can't even conjecture. Upon hearing the story, I tactfully suggested that if her winter weight had saved her life, perhaps it wasn't safe to go all summer without it. She responded that she couldn't possibly hold herself at a constant weight because of the medication, so if she wanted to keep her fat in the summer she'd have to be that much fatter in the winter, and 175 on her 4'10" frame was as fat as she could handle being.
  10. I too had that one book that helped inspire me in my formative years. It was called Such a Pretty Face: On Being Fat in America. It was a documentary-style sociological study of what "the fat experience" was like and how our society treated fat people (TL;DR: not great). There were quite a few examples of people-- mostly women-- telling the story of how they had gotten so fat to begin with: either they had always been big and childhood chubbiness had blossomed into adult obesity, or some event in their life had triggered the change. Some of them had never even experienced what it was like to not be gaining, to be able to wear clothes you wore last year. There were also some photos of fat women in flowing garments, trying their best to be beautiful, and of groups of teenage girls (or as I knew them at the time, girls my age) at weight loss camp in their swimsuits, posing for their 'before" pictures. For some of them, "after" never really materialized. If any of you can find it, I definitely recommend it. I've checked various libraries since then but never found another copy. Some of it can be pretty sobering regarding what fat people go through (though this IS 2016 and I'd like to hope we've made progress) but there are some real gems in there.
  11. I don't know of any specific recipes, but I do have two helpful hints for you. 1. Coconut water (the kind that comes in a carton) makes a good, flavorful base for just about any recipe that requires a liquid. Anything that wants to simmer, or calls for stock, or even as a marinade. (I use it for stews in the slow cooker.) And because it's fruit-based, it sounds healthy. But it's really pretty much just liquid sugar. NOTE: Your friend will figure this out immediately if she drinks it straight, since it tastes like the beverage equivalent of eating frosting straight from the can. Make sure you frame this as a recipe ingredient, not a stand-alone. 2. If she's learning to cook just for herself, the biggest challenge is that the best recipes are designed to feed a whole family. Cooking for one person usually means you end up with a fridge full of leftovers. Instead of covert calories, you could try just leaving out the "serves X people" part of the recipe, and go for deceptively large portion sizes instead.
  12. I'm neither a woman nor a gainer nor a personal trainer, but I saw your thread in Personals about this as well, and I have to say it's a very intriguing idea. I had never even seen such a physique on a woman before this, but these results are incredible! Are those pictures of women you've coached and/or dated before this, or others you've gotten into the program? I also wish you the best in all this, but let me ask you: just how committed to a lifestyle change does a woman have to be for you to help them? I know that you're looking for The One, but I also know major undertakings can be intimidating, and there may be some among us who are kind of interested, but unsure. Would it be possible for you to design a sort of "entry-level" workout/diet program for someone to try out to see if they like the "bigger stronger fatter lifestyle"? That way you might get more responses, and then somebody might find they've got The Itch and want to keep going bigger and bigger... and bigger.
  13. Another college memory: First, let me set the scene. This girl was about 5'5" and couldn't have been under 200. Probably 225ish. She carried it well, too-- she looked like every part of her had been inflated. Round face, double chin. Wide hips, round butt, thich thighs. Soft, plump hands with fingers squeezed into her rings. A spare tire with plenty of love handles, but not much a belly. That was okay though, because it just emphasized her biggest, best part-- her breasts. If she'd been slim, she'd have been a D cup at least. At her weight, each breast was the size of her head, at least. I don't know her cup size, and I doubt she knew herself because stores don't sell 'em that big. Better yet, she favored a zippered-hoodie-and-jeans style, but could never find a hoodie big enough to zip up over those glorious globes, so she almost always had some cleavage on display. She wasn't as happy about her endowments as everyone around her, though. Two incidents in particular stand out for me. 1. I once overheard her in the cafeteria: "Okay boobies, you've got to start getting smaller, just you're just... there.. always in my face.. always in my way... and I can't deal." The girls she was sitting with offered half-hearted sympathy. I just kept walking, figuring she didn't want a man's opinion right now. 2. I sat down at her table another day, as she was mentioning to a friend that she was two days into a diet and was super-hungry. She knew she was chubby all over, but never seemed to mind the weight in general. She was mostly desperate to lose some of her excess boobage (yes, that's what she called it), and yet she was kind of scared that her waist and hips would shrink but her boobs wouldn't. Feeling impish, I blew on my hot soup, purposely wafting the smell towards her to revv up her appetite. "Why do you do this to me?!" she cried in mock anger, and we all laughed. Two days later she was pigging out on an order of fries, so I guess the diet didn't last. Those are just the most notable conversations about her weight. On numerous occasions, her boobs would nudge something on the table, or she would try to zip up her hoodie only to fail to traverse those tracts of land, or her hand would absentmindedly migrate to her lovehandles, and then she'd notice, look up at one of us, and give a "FML" expression and sigh with a half-smile.
  14. When you first mentioned the book series without using the name, I did remember that the word "Berenstain" was spelled oddly, but I couldn't remember exactly how. I agree with MUSEic though-- given how many last names end in "-stein", it's not all that surprising that people mentally lump this one in with all the others. The two e's in the "Beren-" part also encourage you to remember there being e's in the name. Also, if you do an image search for some of the covers of these books, you'll notice "Berenstain" is written in cursive. Considering that the target demographic is probably still learning to write in cursive, that's not doing them any favors towards remembering how the name is spelt 20 years later.
  15. I'd also say it depends. I've seen women who were gorgeous at 300-400 pounds, and I've seen smaller women who were beautiful at their current weight but probably wouldn't be more attractive if they were heavier. Mobility and quality of life is definitely an issue. A woman has to be happy in her own skin, and fat doesn't exactly improve the relationship if a woman's weight stops her from doing things she and I would want to do, now does it? Proportion is also an issue. My personal preference is bustline > hips/butt > waistline, and for most women the waist eclipses the bust before you get to 300 pounds.
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