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  1. There are much better looking girls with better curves than Hanna. The best one of the 2° episode is Rahma, and I hope she will win
  2. She wasn't very successful at curling, but her dance last Friday was great http://www.rtl.de/videos/angelina-kirsch-massimo-sinato-zeigen-einen-tollen-slowfox-531540.html her Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/angelina.kirsch.curvy.model/
  3. Desperado

    German Curvy Supermodel TV-Show

    Celine is a real sweetheart. She has everything a curvy model needs, and she is also my favourite. Maybe because she looks like the typical stupid blonde from Eastern Germany - the curvier und better looking edition of Kelly Bundy. The jury didn't like the cellulite on her legs, but I also think she's sexy the way she is.