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  1. Holy **** she looks huge. Finally!! Edit: can the vid be found elsewhere? Not working for me.
  2. It's like the poster doesn't even know that they themselves aged the exact same amount. Mind boggling.
  3. Yeah, she looks meaty as ****. Love it!
  4. She should do that again. With cream. And just drink it all. Damn I wish she'd just let go and get plump as hell 😛
  5. Quite like it when Lucy is the bigger one in the shoot
  6. That's an old set but damn is it ever a good one.
  7. God damn! I wish she'd just go full BBW on us.
  8. Based on the idea of her upcoming site, that's an astute observation.
  9. Holy shit. Who cares... Baby Juses, please shut these people up.
  10. Someone can fix this up. I'm on my phone. Limited editing options. Hot damn though...
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