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    I just bought this video and at the beginning I was not particularly happy but when I saw your big belly I changed my mind. Your belly has become so soft and round after your accident and you continue to eat to make it grow more and more. It is impossible to say how beautiful you are. Your belly is so sexy that I would spend all day kissing her. Please BigBunny eats eat eats and keeps growing because you are fantastic and each of your videos is always more beautiful. I would like to see you more and more fat because you are the curvest BBW of Curvage. Please post another video soon.... this video is incredibile..... thank's a lot....i love you.
  1. misiadog

    Body Lotion

    Before Writing this review i have watched this video ten times e now i am sure that if you love round , soft and sexy belly you must watch this video. BigBunny you don't are one Bbw... you are a best bbw..... Every part of your boby is perfect.... During the video when you caress your belly and your legs you're incredibly sexy .... and in the end of video yor fat ass in soo beautiful.... i would be enter in the screen for kiss you.... too fantastic. Have a Nice Week....
  2. misiadog

    Post Workout Shower

    Since the first seconds i have thinked that this video is attractive. Your fat ass is beautiful but your belly and your boobs are impossible to describe because they aree too sexy. I know that Curvage don't allow nudity but your videos are fantastique in equal way. When you touch your boobs in the end of video you are incredible. I would kiss your soft and round belly for ever. This video is one of my preferred and i hope to see another video as soon as possible.
  3. misiadog

    Nuggets Breakfast

    Incredible... in this video after your breakfast you are so full.... your round belly is so sexy.... big... soft.... i would have a breakfast with you and after caress your round belly.... and your ass is magic.... this video is fantastic.... have a nice week end.... my week end will be good because i will watching this video a lot of times.
    Fantastic ... this video starts showing your beautiful face and your fantastic breasts and continues with your round and soft belly .... you're a marvel ... and at the end of the video when you caress your big belly you're too sexy . Wonderful video.
  4. misiadog

    Pancake Stuffing

    Before watching this video i did'nt love plun cake but now i adore them and i adore your.... i have watched this video a lot of times and you are every time more sexy....
  5. misiadog

    Solo Funnel Feed

    Magic video... i would be your feeder and touch your belly in the end of video.... very good.... your belly is became so big and so round .....
  6. misiadog


    Wow... you are become a soft girl... you prefere now you and not thin as you are in the past..... your face is very beautiful and you eyes are magic.... and your belly so big is very sexy
  7. misiadog

    Dressing a tight Dessous

    Wow... your proportions are perfect.... You have a super cute tummy.....You might be the sexiest BBW on the internet . Every video is amazing
  8. misiadog

    Workout Attempting

    Big Bunny you are simply amazing...... in this video your belly seems so big.... With blonde hairs you are so sexy and i love observe you during your workout. I would be kiss your soft belly. This week is started in a good way with your new wideo. I hope tu see another video video in the next days.
    Your belly is very big and soft. You are very hot and wonderful girl. Honestly I would say something else but you are so beautiful and i lost the words.Please make more videos you are so beautiful and you are my favorite BBW of all time.
    Your is very lucky but we are also becuase we can see your videos and this video is good to see before going to bed because we can dream your soft belly. You are a super BBW. Good "Fat" Night
  9. misiadog

    Beer Chug

    Dear BigBunny, I have just bought this video and i think that your belly is very sexy and your face very beautiful.... i don't have words for your eyes beacuse they are special.... i love beer but..... i prefer your sexy belly Have a Nice Evening.
  10. misiadog

    Cake Smash

    I would eat a cake like that with you. You are sweet like a the best cake in the world..... this video is very beautiful but you are very very very beautiful.
    In this video you are marvellous. Your face is so beautiful and your round body is wonderful. BigBunny you are a dream become real.