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  1. shoshenskoe

    Bebe Rexha

    Those thighs and calves 😍
  2. shoshenskoe


    Her recently acquired meaty arms are so attractive
  3. shoshenskoe


    Does anybody know who is she?
  4. Principally, I'm into math, philosophy, anime, movies and retro videogames . I really love debating (in a good way!) about politics, philosophy, etc
  5. shoshenskoe


    Before she was just a beautiful face but afterwards she became my favourite chubby/thick celeb. I really love her thick body, specially those chubby arms and untoned thighs.
  6. She hit the gym when she was younger so possibly that helped her to develop that meaty and heavy body. It seems she considers herself as a BBW now.
  7. Old pics of Lily Allen and her cellulite...
  8. That first pic... Nicole's belly is hanging and it's covering his panties a bit! I LOVE her thick calvesand cellulite in the second pic!
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