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  1. The effervescent beauty, Emily Atack looked simply stunning on Celeb Catchphrase last night, as pretty as ever but those CURVES in that clingy blue dress! 🥵🔥😍
    Shar has outdone herself with this insanely sexy and tantalisingly sensual video continuing her beautiful, erotic and decadent, legendary journey from slender 9st “conventionally-attractive” girl to STUNNING 21.5st BBW GODDESS! 🥵😍 You will be blown away by the size and shape of Shar’s curves here, EVERYTHING is so big now! Soft, jiggly, wide, hefty, naughty womanly mounds. Her face is as beautiful as ever, but now with a newly-added fullness that only adds to her gorgeous BBW status. In the opening seconds, Shar asks: if you saw me walking down the street, would you think “She’s a fat girl”? She then asks if anyone would ever believe it’s possible she was once so skinny - that last sentence is pertinent because this gorgeous woman has put herself through (in my opinion) THE most beautiful, brave, naughty, exciting and arousing transformation of any gainer/feedee. She’s not “typical/naturally fat” but instead has really worked hard at achieving the size and shape of her wildest desires - that in itself makes her gain deserve extra credit, the sheer relentless determination to become huge testament to how strong Shar is as a person 🥰 Later in the vid she’s sat side-on, gorging on a huge kebab. Her big jiggly round wide ass sticks out behind her, filling the chair with ease, her thick hefty thighs are struggling for space and her HUGE BBW belly juts out to the front, massive and wobbly - no hiding that! 😍 Her fuller face looking stunning as she smiles naughtily between stuffing like a woman possessed. Shar looks between 265 & 280 here, the thought of her bingeing to 300 is enough to make a red blooded male go weak at the knees! 🥵😍
  2. Can’t wait to watch this - what a naughty big sexy goddess you now are 😍
  3. Would love to serve you up as much deliciousness as you could ever want x
  4. You’re a total goddess! Would love to rub, caress, jiggle and worship those heavenly curves of yours 🥰
    Buy this vid and support this gorgeous, heavenly-bodied English rose! 🌹😍 Throughout the vid, CC is so beautifully-spoken, with such a gorgeous smile, such a bubbly happy and engaging personality. She makes no secret of how much she is enjoying her gluttonous, sensual ways and the number on the scale backs that up! The speed with which CC devours that shake will blow your mind, as well the last part of the vid (after the shake), where she’s sat in the kitchen chair, you really get a sense of scale of this stunning woman’s size! The jiggles as she laughs are mesmerisingly sexy - what a total goddess 😍
  5. God I was blown away by this vid - that number is insanely exciting (you’re more than two of me put together!) and you look so gorgeously plush and feminine, so pretty and sensual - what an absolute goddess! 😍
  6. Such erotic, feminine and arousingly sensual proportions! 🥰 You are a big, beautiful statuesque absolute goddess of a woman 😍
  7. Wow, look at the size and shape of this gorgeous woman now! 😍 This has to be the biggest she’s ever been, surely? What a total goddess
  8. Think someone’s a bit more than the 240lbs they were back in August eh @xcharliexangelx?😍 Any chance of a weigh in and measurements vid?
  9. Yes and I wouldn’t accept anything other than that for the rest of my life, there’s nothing hotter! 🙌🏻❤️ I have been attracted to larger ladies as far back as I can remember but one event stands out as the “start”. At high school when I was 14, I remember a (already curvy/full figured) teacher returning from her 6-week holiday about 20lbs heavier than before (I’d say 200lbs), she always wore revealing/clingy dresses before the gain and as she sashayed into the assembly hall, head held high & proud, the sight of her tummy swaying side to side, her big wide ass & hips quivering, thick jiggly thighs wobbling and massive boobs bouncing with every hefty step, I remember being SO immensely aroused that I had to sort myself out as soon as I got home! 🙈 She got even bigger as time went on but always showed it off and seemed to really embrace it, so hot! From then on (other than trying to fit in and go for whats “acceptable” when I was young) I’ve dated many voluptuous women and had two beautiful relationships with ladies from FF that were both relatively tall, over 300lbs, healthy, happy, confident, vibrant, exciting, stylish and gorgeous. The whole experience with a BBW is so sensual, decadent, passionate, enlightening, exciting and satisfying. Right from how it feels to kiss plush lips and feel those out-of-control curves press against you, to walking with your arm around them and feeling those gorgeous mounds quivering and jiggling with each step, to catching the eyes of envious onlookers (male and female) as she strides across the restaurant in a clingy dress that leaves nothing to the imagination! 😍 On a sexual level, going down on a BBW is mind blowing. Tasting that heavenly place while grabbing and jiggling those soft, billowing hips, ass, thighs, belly and boobs, hearing and feeling her getting extra aroused at her curves being worshipped as you tease her with your tongue is off the scale! 😍 The contrast of her weighty curves against a masculine, lean, muscular physique is so sexy too.
  10. Such a decadent, naughty, erotically exciting journey to jiggly joy! 🙌🏻😍
    Shar is back with a VENGANCE!! 🐷🔥😍 You will not believe the sheer, unbridled gluttony on display here from this beautiful lady - scoffing 5 Big Macs then chugging the biggest most filling WG shake! Sat devouring the shake, there’s a point in the vid when Shar’s mass and girth hides the whole chair! 😍 There was a time when Shar could look “slim” from certain angles but not now, massive EVERYWHERE. Puffy, thick arms and shoulders, round beautiful face, big round boobs, humongous wobbly peachy bum, outrageously jiggly, wide sticky-out belly, and massive hips and thighs. Buy this vid and support this stunning gaining goddess on her beautiful journey to 300lbs
  11. What a beautiful, majestically voluptuous, sensual BBW goddess you are 🙌🏻❤️
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