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    Absolutely insane amount of food consumed here and you will not believe the size of Shar now at the end of the vid - So huge and jiggly!
    Buy this vid! Pure and simple - $6.99 for 9 minutes of decadent, erotic, jiggly womanliness is the bargain of the century! It’s such a nice change for Shar to be focussing in how huge her thighs, hips and ass have become in this vid. Her thighs are now as wide as many people’s entire torso and dimpled with such soft, succulent cellulite, the way they and her massive hips and bum jiggle when she grabs them is mesmerising. Shar’s pretty face is noticeably chubbier in this vid and the combination of her greedily gorging a burger while jiggling her ever-expanding curves is so arousing.
    Such an erotic, brilliant video from HaydenBlue! Well worth every penny for the sublime content she delivers here. She has such a wonderfully exaggerated hourglass, feminine shape with endless mounds of softness that jiggle mesmerisingly. When she goes on all-fours and jiggles her tummy and ass, the sound of the slapping and clapping is such a turn on in addition to the sight of it all in motion 😍
    Another 5 stars for the gorgeous Dee. Such respect for this determined mission to become a BBW, that began long before her Curvage tenure. The pounds are now seriously piling on and Dee has developed a wonderfully curvy, jiggly and womanly figure that looks delicious in her lovely dress. Buy this vid and support Dee’s journey to jiggly joy.
  1. Keep going beautiful- you’ll be a real fatty soon!
  2. Welcome back! I love your insatiable feminine curves and beauty - can’t wait to watch your clips
  3. Enjoy the journey- you are going to be an amazing BBW
  4. Can’t wait to see you develop those luscious curves - beautiful lady
  5. It’s incredible to see that huge jiggly fatty struggling and stuffing her gorgeous face like that, totally out-of-control-FAT, then remembering the little slip of a girl that appeared on Curvage saying “I’m here to grow” 😍
    Kitty has outdone herself with this decadent, gluttonous, sensual treat of a vid. Looking bigger than ever with a delightfully plump face, much thicker arms, massive thighs and ass, and of course that huge jiggly hanging belly! She greedily devours her naughty extra meal and gives a sweet commentary throughout - can’t wait to see more!
    Dee’s best video yet! Such a noticeable gain. Dee looks so content and happy in this vid, she takes huge mouthfuls of TacoBell and in between, speaks of how happy she is with her progress. She has developed a lovely feminine shape, becoming truly curvaceous and voluptuous all over. Her ass, hips and thighs look incredible straining at the stretchy fabric of that dress, not to mention her belly & boobs too.
  6. Getting so plush and gorgeously voluptuous now
    Cute vid as always Dee, I have to say that your ass is really getting exquisitely large and beautifully shaped now - that, combined with your flared hips and thighs and sticky-out tummy makes you a noticeably voluptuous lady that will stand out a mile in that lovely outfit - keep the lbs coming!
    Absolutely love this video, especially with the slow motion sections to it that give us time to take in those immense jiggles in motion in beautiful erotic detail. Shar’s body has begun to adjust to the huge intake that it’s been subjected to and her shape is becoming ever more voluptuous all over; her boobs have got huge - they spill out seductively here, her bra failing to contain them. Her huge hips have new stretch marks, her ass and thighs are bigger than ever and her face so beautifully plump. Her belly though is still a sight to behold - it hangs so much now! Shar is on a meteoric rise to become one of the true heavyweights- the way she stuffs herself here is so relentless and exciting to watch. 5 stars and worth every penny!
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