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    What an absolute gift from the legend that is Goddess Shar - this vid is worth every penny and more. Shar looks bigger, jigglier, heavier, softer and more plush than ever in this vid, it’s as if she’s increased momentum in her incredible gain since reaching her last goal and is surging towards the big 300 (and beyond!) Just look at those chubby hands too! The last few seconds of the video will blow your mind in how huge and effortlessly beautiful she is now.
    Wow!! Not much I can add to what the other reviews have said, other than to just agree wholeheartedly that this gorgeous vid from Shar is worth every penny! She looks stupendously beautiful and seductive with her gorgeous new hairstyle and those curves are looking more huge than ever. Some serious bingeing and jiggling in this vid!
    What a sexy, decadent and sensual display of naughty, erotic bingeing by this beautiful Italian goddess, the angle it’s filmed from also shows how huge, jiggly and dimply her big thighs have become, as well as her double chin and cute cheeks.
  1. Welcome to Curvage! loving your pics
    Truly incredible! 😍 Please buy this vid and support this absolute BBW legend on her relentless journey to jiggly joy - Shar has reached her goal and looks every inch the goddes title that she bestowed herself with when she was just a slip of a girl only a couple of years ago, half the weight she is now! 4:13 onwards is when you see her at her best in this vid, the angle shows so starkly the sheer girth of this obese goddess, so wide and voluptuous, with such bulging massive jiggly curves. Shar binges at such an intense and deliberate rate, it’s so erotic, decadent, sensual and naughty to see - this lady is fixated on her mission to get HUGE and she’s firmly on target. I honestly think even 300lbs will also be just an intermediate goal too at this rate 😍 From 8:37 she talks about her impending weigh in, with a sweet innocence and openness - Shar looks so cute chatting with her plump cheeks, double chin, plush lips and beautiful smile - a sight to behold when you cast your mind back to what a skinny-Minnie she once was. Once she weighs in, the numbers are no surprise - this girl EATS! 🐷 - Her huge jiggly gut is visible over the scales, the belly button jewels clinging on for dear life! Well done Shar, it looks like you’ve not just hit this goal, but changed gear and got new urgency to binge past 300!
    What a magnificent opening vid from this delightfully attractive young lady! So much content for such a small price, the last 2 minutes of the second vid are especially exciting, this is a whole lotta woman!
    Well Shar’s relentless journey to becoming absolutely huge shows no sight of abating! Shar is her biggest EVER here, she looks over 19-stone as soon as she stands in the opening minutes in that sheer, clingy dress - her hips, ass and thighs are HUGE and her face is noticeably fatter with that cute jowly jiggliness that only a true BBW has. She moves like a true fat lady now, heavy breathing and everything wobbling and jiggling at the slightest provocation. There is no denying that this stunning woman is now a true BBW in every sense now and looks to be steadily heading towards being SSBBW sized! The vid is extremely well thought out and the sheer gluttony combined with such beauty and erotic decadence is mind blowing. Well done Shar, you always deliver! 😍
    Well this vid has blown me away! 😍 To echo other reviews left; Shar is different in this vid to all her others - it’s so personal, intimate and candid. Shar IS a true BBW now and extols that in spades in this vid. She sits with her burgeoning curves on display, looking more plush, exquisitely voluptuous and majestic than ever. She looks so at ease and relaxed here, like someone that has made an incredible journey of their dreams and is now so happy and satisfied that they have made it. A truly beautiful video from start to finish. Shar you absolute legend! 🙌🏻💃🏻
    Honestly can’t believe how wide Shar is from the side now - the whole vid is so decadently, erotically sensual but the last 33 seconds did it for me - what a huge sexy BBW this incredible lady now is 😍
    Even since her previous vid, Shar has SERIOUSLY gone up a size! The shocking and beautiful sight of her on the bed for the first part of the vid will blow you away. The lighting is amazing, showing every last dimple, stretchmark and crease of her now-huge, jiggly belly. She greedily devours enough food to feed a family, her rolls are bigger than ever - back fat, hips, belly, boobs and thighs but even her arms are now puffy and full. Her face has changed so much now. So round and full, big cheeks and a double chin with the start of that jowly look that only true big women have - so hot! When she’s in the tub, she can barely sit forward due to her obese, massive gut but continues to scoff fries and chug beer after beer. On the chair-swing you get some quick glimpses of those thighs too - they’re massive now, wider than an average person’s waist! The chair support chain creaks and groans under her immense girth, she swings back and forth to the camera- a glorious POV of her under belly and upwards. Please buy this vid and support the most exciting thing to happen to the BBW and gaining scene!
    5 stars as always. Buy this vid! Shar shows off her new weighty curves from so many delicious angles in this vid, bingeing on dominos, pop and then a 1.1k calorie shake, she literally balloons before your eyes on her relentless mission to jiggly joy and her ambition to be an eye-poppingly massive goddess with huge jiggly curves that bounce uncontrollably with every hefty step she takes. Shar is the most exciting, refreshing thing to happen to the gaining/BBW scene. This video more than anything, shows that in spades! This transformation is a brave and courageous thing to put ones self through, especially considering doing it for such a public audience, huge respect Shar! Shar has hit BIG new heights in her weight, size and notability her width - that chassis is seriously WIDE now; her ass, hips and thighs are now humongous. That once-slender pretty face is now as round as can be with a cute double chin and puffy cheeks, Shar is now closing in on 300lbs faster than ever and looking ever more majestic and natural as a full-on BBW.
    Dee looks incredible in this vid. Loving the new autumn-hair too, so stylish! I’d love to see more full-length footage of those wide thighs, hips and ass in motion- can’t wait for the weigh in! I wished that curvage logo wasn’t blocking out some of the view during the vid though
  2. How wide are those hips and THIGHS now? You have the perfect shape for gaining!
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