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    Kitty has outdone herself with this decadent, gluttonous, sensual treat of a vid. Looking bigger than ever with a delightfully plump face, much thicker arms, massive thighs and ass, and of course that huge jiggly hanging belly! She greedily devours her naughty extra meal and gives a sweet commentary throughout - can’t wait to see more!
    Dee’s best video yet! Such a noticeable gain. Dee looks so content and happy in this vid, she takes huge mouthfuls of TacoBell and in between, speaks of how happy she is with her progress. She has developed a lovely feminine shape, becoming truly curvaceous and voluptuous all over. Her ass, hips and thighs look incredible straining at the stretchy fabric of that dress, not to mention her belly & boobs too.
  1. Getting so plush and gorgeously voluptuous now
    Cute vid as always Dee, I have to say that your ass is really getting exquisitely large and beautifully shaped now - that, combined with your flared hips and thighs and sticky-out tummy makes you a noticeably voluptuous lady that will stand out a mile in that lovely outfit - keep the lbs coming!
    Absolutely love this video, especially with the slow motion sections to it that give us time to take in those immense jiggles in motion in beautiful erotic detail. Shar’s body has begun to adjust to the huge intake that it’s been subjected to and her shape is becoming ever more voluptuous all over; her boobs have got huge - they spill out seductively here, her bra failing to contain them. Her huge hips have new stretch marks, her ass and thighs are bigger than ever and her face so beautifully plump. Her belly though is still a sight to behold - it hangs so much now! Shar is on a meteoric rise to become one of the true heavyweights- the way she stuffs herself here is so relentless and exciting to watch. 5 stars and worth every penny!
  2. Shar, you absolutely blow my mind with your relentless, immense mission to become huge 😍 To see you now as a huge, jiggly BBW goddess from where you started is the most erotic, decadent and sexy transformation EVER
    5 stars as always Shar! I can only echo what has already been said about this gorgeous vid - Shar is now spreading wider at a serious rate! 🐷 Her gorgeous body has adjusted to the huge, relentless intake and has now started making that ass seriously huge and those thighs thunderous! 😍 Shar’s chat is as engaging as ever here in between her greedily shovelling cream cake after cream cake down and jiggling her huge belly - to see her now as a 17-st goddess from how she started is insane. Worth every penny
  3. Hottest, most beautiful woman alive! 😍
  4. Looking thick! That booty is coming on beautifully Dee 😍
  5. Who’s the hefty hottie feeding you - looks like Kitty? You’re looking stupendously voluptuous now Shar! 😍
    Just totally gobsmacked! 😍🐷 This has to be Shar’s hottest, most decadently exciting vid yet. For those of us that have followed her from the start, awe-struck by her incredible transition from skinny to slim, to plump, to chubby, to fat, to OBESE - you will be blown away by the number on the scale! Huge congratulations and well done Shar - SO close to the big 250 now! 😍
  6. So huge now Shar, mindblowingly so in fact! Cant wait for the weigh in vid 😊
    Princess Blurmy has hit a new milestone and in this cute video she takes the time to give us a tour of all her burgeoning curves. Bright, animated and excited, she gleefully talks us through her new measurements. Looking so beautifully voluptuous now, here’s to many more new luscious lbs!
    OMFG!! Shar-1, Fridge-0! 😍🐷 This vid is unbelievable to watch, the amount of food Shar puts away beggars belief, she looks huge at the start as she waddles into view in that tight red dress but that is nothing to how she looks at the end! The commitment this beautiful lady has put into becoming a BBW mind-bending, it’s scarcely believable that only recently she was so slim. A few more binges like that and 250lbs+ is going to be here in the blink of an eye.
  7. Hello,

    I've picked you as winner of my competition.

    Let me know which clip you would like to review and I'll get it sorted for you.

    PB x

    1. jarhead78


      Thanks so much! Will message you 

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