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    This has to be THE most beautiful, decadent, sensual, outrageously & shamelessly greedy, erotic, rampant and exciting recording of a beautiful feedee in action! 😍 Right from the start, you’ll be blown away by the sheer girth of Kitty now - she has reached the size where if out in public, people’s eyes will be drawn straight to her huge, jiggling mounds - the rate of growth is mind-bendingly hot. The way she seductively devours that huge amount of food is beyond arousing, then she stands and jiggles that huge, hanging apron belly and wiggles her big WIDE ass, hips and thighs - I think her next plane journey may be a struggle! 🐷 ❤️ Finally, her face is so round and beautiful and the way she narrates this sexy binge is so cute. Please support this gorgeous legend on her relentless journey to ever bigger things!
  1. Sweet Jesus- you’ve got MASSIVE!! 😍😍😍
  2. Great to see Mellie as always, she’s so voluptuous now 😍
  3. So round, huge and jiggly all over, insane to think you were actually skinny once! 😍
  4. I love how you’ve taken your bingeing up a few levels recently Chloe, you’re seriously huge and insanely curvy all over now, more beautiful than ever 😍
  5. Sally is so lovely! 😍 I hope we see a lot more of her, is she doing more content and is she gaining intentionally like you, @DirtyHarriet?
  6. Such a gorgeous pairing - you’re as beautiful as always Harriet but your friend is too, hope we see more of her in your sets x
  7. Your size and shape is beyond feminine perfection Hayden, stunningly voluptuous 🥰
  8. Just to echo the justified praise already bestowed on you in this thread @KittyPiggy, your transformation is one of the hottest and most beautiful the scene has witnessed; you have such an endearing, sweet nature and beautiful personality that shines through in all your content. Your gorgeous face, combined with your relentlessly-growing feminine mounds is beyond hot and it’s no wonder you have become such a legend of a BBW(not far of SSBBW!) 🙌🏻😍 I look back and remember you looking big (when you were “just” 250lb or so), doing that collaboration with Goddesshar and now look at you both, she’s at least a stone bigger than you were back then and YOU have gone to another level! 🥵 Would love to see another collaboration of you two again once normality resumes 😊
  9. Just so incredibly beautiful! 😍 You have done so well Kitty and are looking so sensually big and voluptuous now - such an exciting and beautiful transformation! 🥰
    I’ll leave a positive review because Dee has well and truly blossomed and this video is only $6.50 after all, so the fact it’s filmed in a horizontal clip/vertical box is only a small inconvenience. Dee’s new weight is startling considering how slender she once was - can’t wait to see another vid of Dee at the pool again once lockdown is over!
  10. Such an exciting, erotically feminine and beautiful shape x
  11. Such an effortlessly beautiful, curvaceous pretty goddess 😍
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