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  1. My god, what a heavenly view! 🥵 😍😍😍
    What a stupendously sexy, naughty, sensual and erotic video from the GORGEOUS (and bigger than EVER) Nikki! 😍 Nikki’s voice is beautiful, her exciting, engaging and warm personality shines through as she teases and jiggles EVERY last humongous, soft, decadent, stunning feminine mound on that heavenly body - the noise of her ass and thighs slapping as she wiggles and jiggles all her womanliness is SO incredibly hot! 🥵❤️ Buy this vid - 5 stars!! 🥰
  2. Incredible gain - you’re so plush and sexy now 😍
    BUY THIS VID! 🙌🏻😍 The whole vid is great BUT the view of Shar from 4:25 onwards, when she’s sitting and chugging beer is SO incredibly erotic and exciting. You really see how huge and plush she is there - huge belly projecting out to the front, so much so that her ballooning breasts are resting on it! 😍 Her thighs are massively wide on the chair, jiggly and dimpled, her wide sexy fat ass sticks out to the rear. Her arms are much thicker and softer, Shar’s face looks fuller than ever as she downs the beer, cute and freckly with her lovely fair hair 🥰 This gold-standard video is of the awesome quality Shar always delivers AND her curves are looking more full, voluptuous, heavy, wide and gorgeous than ever - all this hotness for just $6.99, it’s criminal not to indulge yourself!
  3. Em, I say it all the time but you are so sensual, voluptuous, beyond sexy and so cute all at once 🥰
  4. OMFG! 😍 You’re into new territory now, anyone clapping eyes on you in public would have no question on their mind that you’re a “fat girl”, got some serious size and curves on you! 😍
  5. Hello and welcome to you both Rach & Emz, it’s brilliant to have you and your gorgeous content here at Curvage 😍 Love your work on FF & OF, can’t wait to see more sensual, curvy jiggly goodness from you x
  6. Welcome to Curvage you beautiful goddesses! 😍
    Such a sensual display of openly naughty bingeing and what an engaging, beautiful look in her eyes as she stuffs and looks into the camera. Lexxa’s belly and curves are blossoming out of control, billowing and jiggling so erotically - such a great vid 😍
    What a cute, happy and exciting vid from the GORGEOUS Cookie! 😍 The sheer adulation she displays at her momentous gain, the cute smiles & lip-biting, in shock and amazement at her achievement are so endearing. Highly recommended - buy this clip! ❤️
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