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    Even since her previous vid, Shar has SERIOUSLY gone up a size! The shocking and beautiful sight of her on the bed for the first part of the vid will blow you away. The lighting is amazing, showing every last dimple, stretchmark and crease of her now-huge, jiggly belly. She greedily devours enough food to feed a family, her rolls are bigger than ever - back fat, hips, belly, boobs and thighs but even her arms are now puffy and full. Her face has changed so much now. So round and full, big cheeks and a double chin with the start of that jowly look that only true big women have - so hot! When she’s in the tub, she can barely sit forward due to her obese, massive gut but continues to scoff fries and chug beer after beer. On the chair-swing you get some quick glimpses of those thighs too - they’re massive now, wider than an average person’s waist! The chair support chain creaks and groans under her immense girth, she swings back and forth to the camera- a glorious POV of her under belly and upwards. Please buy this vid and support the most exciting thing to happen to the BBW and gaining scene!
    5 stars as always. Buy this vid! Shar shows off her new weighty curves from so many delicious angles in this vid, bingeing on dominos, pop and then a 1.1k calorie shake, she literally balloons before your eyes on her relentless mission to jiggly joy and her ambition to be an eye-poppingly massive goddess with huge jiggly curves that bounce uncontrollably with every hefty step she takes. Shar is the most exciting, refreshing thing to happen to the gaining/BBW scene. This video more than anything, shows that in spades! This transformation is a brave and courageous thing to put ones self through, especially considering doing it for such a public audience, huge respect Shar! Shar has hit BIG new heights in her weight, size and notability her width - that chassis is seriously WIDE now; her ass, hips and thighs are now humongous. That once-slender pretty face is now as round as can be with a cute double chin and puffy cheeks, Shar is now closing in on 300lbs faster than ever and looking ever more majestic and natural as a full-on BBW.
    Dee looks incredible in this vid. Loving the new autumn-hair too, so stylish! I’d love to see more full-length footage of those wide thighs, hips and ass in motion- can’t wait for the weigh in! I wished that curvage logo wasn’t blocking out some of the view during the vid though
  1. How wide are those hips and THIGHS now? You have the perfect shape for gaining!
  2. Big bit of kit these days! 😳 🐷
  3. Somebody’s looking rather large these days! 🐷 😍
    This video shows Shar from such natural angles in “every day” clothes in which you can see what a true fat girl she now is. Not just plump or curvy but full on BIG! The first few minutes show her with her massive, soft and un-stuffed, jiggly wide belly spilling out of control over her jeans. It’s crazy to see the sheer girth all over, the girder-thighs and sticky-out, wide ass with flared hips, the swollen boobs resting on top of that big upper-belly shelf. She greedily devours the food like her life depends on it but the real treat is seeing how she looks in that dress at the end. Shar has truly ballooned from a conventionally-skinny girl to one that you’d gawp at in public in disbelief that a person could be so fat! 😍
    Dee has really stepped things up a notch! She’s looking noticeably bigger all over in this vid.
    I’m never short of compliments for Shar but in my opinion, this video knocks all her previous work out of the park!😍 Not only is she blatantly bigger than ever, but the sheer, unashamed decadence and sensuality of this binge is a sight to behold. The moans and groans as she continues to gorge relentlessly are so sexy. The last 3 minutes or so of the vid really show what a huge and growing BBW she has become, there is a POV section towards the end, including some slo-mo of her out-of-control curves in motion! Worth every penny and more - buy this vid and help continue Shar’s journey to 300+
    This video of Shar encapsulates her stunning and ever-more curvaceous femininity so beautifully. Her belly at the start of the vid sticks out and hangs so sexily but is also so wonderfully soft and jiggly. You can’t miss her huge boobs through that outfit either - they have seriously grown recently! Shar talks of all the calories going into her body and that she’s even added pancake mix to the two mass gainer scoops to help fatten up her burgeoning curves extra fast! In the closing minutes, she stands and repeatedly jiggles that humongous ass and thunderous thighs. You can also see her out-of-control massive belly and huge boobs jiggling in symphony as she moves - it all shows so starkly how big this beautiful lady now is and how far she’s come in such a short time! Buy this vid!
  4. Blown away by how huge, wide and jiggly that ass of yours has got - and those thunderous, girder-thighs too 😍
    Was immediately struck by how huge and wide Shar looks now, jiggly rolls of new back fat spilling out, her boobs are massive but her belly, hips and thighs are immense! The measurements are incredible, especially when we consider how skinny she was when she started on Curvage. Her legs are now as wide as a lot of people’s waists! The lingerie looked classy and gorgeous as it clung to her jiggly curves but I was really hoping that belly was going to be set free in all its glory during that binge! Hopefully a weigh-in soon, looks to be a big one! 🐷😍
    Gorgeous video of Dee - she looks sumptuously big now. I especially liked the view at 5:24 😍
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