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  1. jarhead78

    My First Gainer Shake

    Brilliant video of Princess Blurmy! At 200lb, she is noticeably thicker and curvier than before, her pretty face plumper with a cute double chin, her jiggly soft big belly hangs below her tight black t-shirt and moves so erotically as she prepares and devours her shake with immense enthusiasm. Such a sweet voice and smile too. The introduction of the funnel at the end shows how she’s taking things up a notch and will be devouring many more heavy shakes to grow into a BBW befitting one of the lead characters from her amazing stories. More belly play and fat chat would be lovely next time please 😊
  2. jarhead78

    Weigh in and measurements

    Dee is so much softer, bigger and curvier in this vid - the gain is showing in her face too, it’s so erotic and beautiful to see the new jiggles as she measures and moves around, knowing that every new mound of womanliness is a result of such incredible, deliberate gluttony! Well done on your new weight Dee, 200 is now within sight 😍
  3. jarhead78

    Have You Missed Me?

    Welcome back! Great to see you again 😍
  4. jarhead78

    Spoilt Brat

    Absolutely unbelievable how jiggly and huge Shar looks here - well worth the money
  5. Saw this refreshingly curvy actress on TV last night, dressed to flaunt every inch too. I hope she becomes a regular fixture and doesn’t subscribe to the skinny-celeb mantra.
  6. jarhead78

    Make me Huge

    Worth every penny to hear Shar talk about how arousing she finds gorging and ballooning ever fatter. Just look at how plush this goddess has now become!
  7. jarhead78

    Through the Window

    Love seeing you in “everyday clothes” looking so beautifully chunky compared to slim girl you once were - such a gorgeous transformation
  8. jarhead78

    I Can’t Stop Growing

    Absolutely jaw-droppingly fat and jiggly -Such a true BBW now! Buy this vid!
  9. jarhead78

    Room Service

    Shar has been on holiday for 16 days now and has binged non-stop - you will be staggered at how much she has now gained. Looking genuinely obese in this vid, she devours a humongous burger and chips meal, continually smothering mayo and sauces on. Her belly looked absolutely stuffed at the start, like she had already eaten another meal just before this one - I certainly believe that! 🐷 Shar moans and burps her way through the last bites until laying down with a food coma at the end, a truly sensual clip!
    Big milestone Rocky! You’ve done amazing to hit this number - true BBW now!
  10. jarhead78

    Room Service

    Shar you absolute legend!! God you never cease to shock and excite with your unrelenting mission to be huge 🐷
  11. jarhead78

    Belly Drops

    Truly amazing. Shar now waddles like a true fat woman, she moans and groans throughout the vid from the effort of carrying such heft and mentions that her thighs are now so wide that they rub when she walks. The chair at the end sounds like it’s about to collapse under her girth at any second! She looked to be really enjoying doing the belly plops on the counter too.
  12. Back in your BC days I never imagined you’d get this huge, let alone 300! Looking so alluringly plush these days Candi
  13. jarhead78

    Shar's Ambition

    Shar you’ve reached a whole new level! What a stunning BBW you now are - I highly recommend this vid! Just look at the size of this goddess now
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