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  1. hey hun, in the forums is where I talk about my weight, my next goal was to surpass 210 & make a video about it ...its about baby steps...last video I was barely 200 ...and I'll be making another video of me at 220 all til I get to 230 .. :)

  2. Every time I see a new picture, I see your progress, you really do love getting rounder. Thank you for making the planet a better place!
    I bought this video about a year ago I just re-watched it she is so hot then!
    It’s hard to believe women like this actually exist . So fat, was so thin ,and just wants to get fatter straight up wife material .
    before I watched this video, I was checking out her before pictures and I mean wow this girl has put on an impressive amount of weight in such a short amount of time truly a goddess .
    I know this is scripted but considering the massive amount of weight she has gained I feel like this is actually an element of her real life .so hot! 🔥
    This girl really is taking her gaining seriously you don’t get stretch marks like that without really being committed to becoming a total fatty .
    If you like bbw and like them acting like a lil piggy buy thisp and thank me later Once again, she slams a huge weight gain shake, And that body she’s fatter in every video.
    if you like side views weight gaining hottie with stretch makes and girl committed to getting fatter buy this NOW. Best 10$ I've ever spent!
  3. wow I love a side view video and this one is the best I've ever seen 😍
  4. wow she is really loving the shakes. what a goddess!
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