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  1. Omg I almost didn’t recognize you ! You got so fat lol

    face is looking plump too! 😘

  2. Hey Shar how tall are you? if anyone else know's Im very curious!

    1. jonkroll


      5'6" i believe

  3. Wow those once perky breasts have grown into enormous heavy hangers! They have gotten so fat and saggy lol so hot
  4. how tall are you Gia? and have you gained all this weight by accident?

    1. Gia123


      5ft8. It happened so quick. I mean I always had a little pot belly. Well now not so little 

  5. Omg...do her lips seriously look like that permanently now?
  6. I'd never thought I would say this, but she's turning into a real fat girl
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