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    You’ve really let yourself go piggy and it shows! Your belly, thighs face and tots have exploded! It’s so hot seeing you grow bigger and softer, that black bra doesn’t stand a chance, you’re practically bursting out of it right now
    You’ve gotten so much fatter 😈 your belly has really gotten huge and your tits are just bursting out of that bra! Super sexy
    What a greedy piggy! eating all that food and still craving more! you've really turned into such a fatty😈
    you're getting so big! its so hot watching you stuff yourself, you're such a good piggy 🐷
    By far the hottest video you've made so far!! You are just way you smile as you play with your rounded soft belly is just the hottest thing, I'd love to buy the full topless version 😈🐷
    You look amazing in this video! you look so soft and round I can't believe how big you've gotten!
    I can't believe how round your face has gotten and by the end of this video all of those Swiss rolls are going to make that round belly of yours grow bigger, softer and hang lower 🐷 Keep up the great work Danni!
    Its honestly incredible how much you have blown up in such a short while! the stretch marks on your growing belly and thighs are a perfect example of how much of a greeedy girl you are congrats on making your goal and to many more you'll pass along your journey!
    Looking bigger and bigger in every post! you look fantastic and I love seeing you squeezing into tight dresses and pants. A few times I had to stop and think "how is she going to get all of that ass in those jeans?" xD keep that belly stuffed! and enjoy your curves😍
    Love hearing you talk about what a fatty you're becoming!
  1. zeldafan

    New chubby girl

    This thread is amazing!! anymore of her older videos? that bloat is fantastic!
  2. zeldafan

    Elizabeth Burnham

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLcsyweNWsdV7c7fMJpBULw?feature=mheehttp:// Anyone have the rest of her videos?
  3. zeldafan

    New chubby girl

    I hope someone pulls through.
  4. zeldafan

    New chubby girl

    Share please!!
  5. So I was friends with her on skype and as I was logging into skype I got a message from her father telling me she is underage.
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