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  1. Monkey

    Emily Atack

    I'd wine and dine her for sure she looks way better softer
  2. I do love a chunky body with a thin face as cute as chubby cheeks and double chins are. I just really like the contrast especially if you could take a head shot and not know the rest of her was chunky. Imagine people would be a bit like whoa after only seeing her face
  3. Monkey

    Loey Lane

    Damn shes big but what I love most is shes always wearing tight clothes or leggings so it really shows everything off. Looks so soft and heavy really waddling with that walk.
  4. Monkey

    Loey Lane

    I love the way she has to check where shes placing her arse before she sits down as once she turns round she can't see the seat any more. That's the sign of a really hefty fat girl.
  5. Those first two pictures are great. Anyone happen to have the episodes still?
  6. Monkey

    Friend getting fat

    Still looking nice and chunky in that last photo though. Was it hers or your suggestion to go for lunch? Cant tell who would enjoy it more
  7. Monkey

    Friend getting fat

    I always presumed she was that sort of size never realised she had blown up from being quite small. Her greed has clearly caught up with her at least in her waist line anyway. Great topic keep us updated any more pics or stories would be greatly appreciated.
  8. What was that for? or just general playing around which I can imagine can happen during their down time.
  9. Not much to add but even on a fairly quick glance i would say the right hip goes out equal to that of the left in what you suggest in the third picture. Look at the bottom right hand corner of the middle picture and the difference in light to dark, which is what a guess is to the full girth of her thigh/hip in the picture? Now just to see a detailed picture of that image would be heaven
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