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  1. I second this statement, that last one is great
  2. Great surprise to see some more thanks! Glad theres an easier way for people to get some content into this thread now rather than needing a good PC and technical knowledge
  3. Thanks its great to see I like it a lot
  4. Two ideas that might be different: Sam Quek (British Olympian) Sarah Whittle from Smosh on youtube. Think they would make good BBWs
  5. Well I'd certainly say you look great with all the extra weight, so nothing to worry about there
  6. Looks like someone has been eating really well during quarantine
  7. I prefer fatter faces I think they are cute especially chubby cheeks and soft double chins.
  8. Looking great with the extra weight love how cute your feet look there though starting to get a little chunky themselves?
  9. Those dinning chairs look far more suited and able to take her weight and frame compared to those foldable ones from before that she seemed to be out growing.
  10. Just keep feeding her what she wants when she wants. Clearly doing something right. Looking so much softer than she used to and its amazing. As long as she feels it too and you make her feel that way and she knows you like her that way while still supplier her treats whats wrong?
  11. Wow shes certainly is looking a lot thicker and softer round the middle with that lovely belly now. That top really shows off her growth. Its great to hear shes more comfortable with herself lets hope she carries on eating to feed that hungry belly of hers and it grows too. Just keep on treating her really well and I'm sure it will come with time
  12. certainly looks like you've been eating well for sure getting very chunky!
  13. I personally love the belly especially with the pj's pulled right up over it giving an amazingly lovely outline alone with the rest of your figure
  14. Wow looking real chunky and heavy there, those pj's look great on you real cute. Certainly need a new chair before you break it with all that extra weight
  15. Wow shes really getting huge hopefully we can get a display of the outfit if they fit or not
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