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  1. lembo

    Female wrestlers

    Dana, Liv Morgan and Alexa bliss are my favorites...
  2. lembo

    Taylor Swift

    She looks great with the extra weight. With being "thiccc" the norm for a woman trying to become popular amongst the urban youth, I can see her gaining another 15 lbs this year. Also could we stop the all the hate? A good rule of thumb is "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all." I don't even go into threads about women I find unattractive, let alone post negative comments.
  3. lembo


    Did she get ass implants?
  4. Wow she's really cute. Hope she gets fatter lol. Great soft body
  5. Ever thought of hitting the gym, working toward a real career, dressing nice and going out to bars or pubs and socializing? I'm not even a good looking guy and I get at least one girl to approach me while on a night out. It doesn't sound like you have a lot going for you in life and that's easy to change. I have a great career in IT. IT isn't being out sourced as much as you think, and it's not hard to get into. You seem like a very intelligent person. You could do anything you put your mind too.
  6. lembo

    Kelly Brook

    Her fitness days are long behind her now!
  7. lembo

    Greek girl?

    There was a Greek or mediterranean girl that was s Facebook gain that was posted on this site. Can't for the life of me remember where it was posted at . She was very tan tall curvy. Was a lot of pics in the thread of her.
  8. God she's huge. She just keeps getting bigger...
  9. lembo

    Jennifer Metcalfe

    All her fat is stored in her lower body. Mainly her big ass
  10. lembo

    Chanelle Hayes

    Damn she thicc!! Looks like she got liposuction on her stomach at one point lol. Will prolly just do that again and make a fitness DVD...
  11. lembo

    Claudia Romani

    Keep eating Claudia, you haven't gained a pound...;)
  12. lembo

    Female wrestlers

    Looked up her vids on YouTube. Moves well for a big girl. I'm surprised her federation hasn't told her to drop some pounds though.
  13. Haha Lucy thinks she can hide her gut by wearing all black...nice try Lucy, keep guzzling that beer.
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