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  1. Your plan or mutual plan? 🤪 Either way love everything regardless! What a lucky guy!
  2. I tried searching but didn't come up with anything. Is there a thread dedicated to this beauty? If not there definitely should be!
  3. It is not possible for you to post too much. Please keep sharing, you are such a lucky guy.
    Just wow. What a fantastic video, Playboy would definitely be better if you were one of their models. You definitely show how all your curves can rock the Playboy world and give their models a run for their money. I cannot wait to watch more of your amazing content!
    Lauren looks absolutely amazing, I can't believe how much she has grown and how eager she is to keep growing. This is such an amazing video, makes me want to go splurge on some food and coffee.
  4. Welcome! You are very beautiful, can't wait to see more 🙂
  5. bigboy20

    Katy Mixon

    Does anyone know where we can watch previous episodes?
  6. bigboy20

    Katy Mixon

    Wow. What episode was this from?
  7. Those thighs are absolutely incredible. I can't believe how luscious they look in those pants.
  8. Anyone know where I could find clips of Elena to see? I don't watch a lot of BB so I don't know where to look specifically.
  9. bigboy20

    Kendra Wilkinson

    I'm pretty sure they're two different people. If you look at her most recent instagram post, Kendra is with the other girl in the pink top.
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