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  1. jamesjoyce

    Victoria, BC

    Anyone from near Victoria or elsewhere in BC on here?
  2. jamesjoyce

    Chanelle Hayes

    Check out those saggers, those tits are done,
  3. jamesjoyce

    Chanelle Hayes

    Wow, she looks massive!
  4. jamesjoyce

    Lisa Appleton

    Says blog has been removed
  5. jamesjoyce

    Lauren Socha

    I'm totes attracted to evil women Just watched that episode and she looks so good! Also been a fan of the show for a while now.
  6. jamesjoyce

    Lauren Socha

    She like rascistly assaulted a cab driver or something, right? Still hot though
  7. jamesjoyce

    Finnish reality star weight gain

    Like this
  8. jamesjoyce

    Finnish reality star weight gain

    Wow, there are some great pictures of her exposing that flab on the blog
  9. jamesjoyce

    Lauren Goodger

    whoops forgot to post the link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4325244/Lauren-Goodger-heads-home-gruelling-workout.html
  10. jamesjoyce

    Lauren Goodger

    Can't wait till this hog blimps up
  11. jamesjoyce

    Lisa Appleton

    What a weird looking lady
  12. jamesjoyce

    Chanelle Hayes

    I've asked this before but is there an uncensored link?
  13. jamesjoyce

    Russian Big Brother

    Aw shit, her gut looks smaller, hopefully just editing. Glad to see this thread going again though
  14. jamesjoyce

    Ivana Christova

    Nice, I wanna see more before and afters
  15. jamesjoyce

    Girls with fake tits getting fat

    Emma Butt is still fat, and bonus, fake lips. http://www.barelist.com/video_33558_tgp/emma-butt-02012017.html
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