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  1. Grayking

    Treadmill videos?

  2. Grayking

    Girlfriend’s Weight gain — need advice

    It doesn’t sound like you have done anything wrong and the problem is that she seems unable to reconsile her self-image with your preferences, as you’ve offered her support and stated that she can gain or lose weight and you’d still love, support, and find her attractive. But I don’t think she’s handling it in a very constructive way, but she might have some deep seeded issues with weight or body image. I think the only thing you can do is be open, kind, and honest with her. Tell her how her recent behavior has been making you feel. Try to work with her to find a constructive solution, because it doesn’t sound like the relationship is currently functioning.
  3. Grayking

    Cornell Frat's 'Pig Roast' and the Closeted Life

    I bet the Narddog could win if Phyllis introduced him to her softball friend.
  4. Grayking

    Girl in a video...

    Look for the weather girl thread on here.
  5. Grayking

    Online teasing/fat shaming

    I'll tell you how embarrassing all that extra fat is. Message me for my kik
  6. Make up a story where you saw someone that looked just like her but really fat. That might spark some response. I've used it before with success.
  7. Grayking

    Mindy Kaling

    Don't forget the scene where she bends over in a tight dress and destroys it