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    I love this video! It showcases Dreamers curves and I'm looking forward to more like it in the future.
  1. I can definitely understand how fetish based attraction can seem conditional in nature. It must have been hard. As far as asexual struggles I can relate to that mindset, for me its about wanting to find a point of attraction that is accepting of you as a whole person, not for a particular aspect of yourself.
  2. tjmax88

    Misha Barton

  3. Completely correct. Not that any pleas to remove the creepy material will succeed. It seems perfectly logical to assume someone from this site made the comments. If you look into it any time this community gets wind of a relatively unknown video on YouTube that video get about 2000 hits on average. Furthermore I think that the creepy comments area from people who either have no clue that they are being creepy or just don't care. I just hope that cooler heads prevail and the comments are removed
  4. Too late the last few comments on her newest video are most definitely creepy
  5. Single in Orange County, CA... Yeah umm I'm not sure what else to post here lol
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