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  1. Handel

    Kim KardASShian

    Attached are some scrots. Really hard to find shots of datass. Always covered by text or out of the shot...
  2. Handel

    my fave thing about this site

    most girls the ass is fat if not the ass then the belly or the tits or the other parts but yeah mostly the girls are fat so i posted some cool stories on bbw-chan in this no-punctuation state of mind and said they were true and most people loved them it was about fat machines and family legacy etc etc but now the are getting deleted see echo thread for a little bit most of the good stuff was deleted anyone want me to post some of that here in a dedicated thread one thing i do is post pictures of fat girls and say they are way fatter the way i see it stream of conscious fat talking should have a place here since we all love fat and are mostly here because the ass is fat the girl is fat i like fat ad the stories are good if you want i can edit later and add punctuation to make the fat better quality fat btw attached are examples of pics i relate to my posts
  3. OMG, I got a reaction from Mal Malloy!

    *is starstruck*

  4. Handel

    Nicki Minaj

    Please, stop saying "tits." They are called "breasts." Christ, I can't believe I frequent a forum with such immature posters. I'm going to bed. Maybe my Minaj buttocks pillow will help me to forget this shameful ordeal.
  5. Handel

    Joby Bach

    So this is J. Bach... I shouldn't have disregarded her attempts to me me. Dat counterpoint, doe...
  6. Handel

    Female wrestlers

    Dominita from the WAW is fat. https://ink361.com/app/users/ig-4274047687/dominitawrestler1/photos
  7. Handel

    Hunter McGrady

    Like any of us would have a chance? This is great! She'll get marriage-fat!
  8. Handel

    Question from Japan: Is USA fat girl paradise?

    Yes. Some places more than others. I actually live and most frequently visit the "thinnest" parts of the country, but we still have plenty of fat girls and usually even the thin girls will be thick of have love handles or a bit of a belly etc. I have ventured into the fatter parts, though, and it is an FAs dream. You can tell that most girls are growing because fat will be spilling over their pants waists or they're wearing clothing with tons of give--or both! I'm not a religious man at all, but going to church is like stepping into heaven. So much beautiful fat girls everywhere, and after the service, you'll see why! These girls make their coffees white with cream and sugar (or usually fake sugar) and stuff their faces with pastries. It's not uncommon to see someone applying butter and jam to an already glazed pastry., then downing it, then going for another after the same pile of butter and jam ritual. There is so much overindulgence, you wonder how anyway can stay fit. Well, most don't. The women, as you said, especially. I'm so lucky to be an FA living here. If I was attracted to thin girls, I'd probably have to move somewhere else. Like Japan.
  9. Handel

    Huuuuge Ssbbw Pear In California

    Post some anyway.
  10. Handel

    Are we all just extremely sick? (trigger warnings)

    This reminds me of the struggle that pedophiles go through. People thing that pedophile is synonymous with child molester, but that is about the same as saying all FAs are feeders. Hell, half of the child molesters out there aren't even pedophiles. People are wired a certain way, and they can choose whether to act on it or not act on it. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to fat women. You can have perfectly healthy relationships with a fat person, without fattening them up at all, and even discussing with them to bring related fantasy into the bedroom with things like food play and padding. On the other hand, pedophiles have a much tougher time with this. If you think that telling your SO that you like fat is difficult, imagine telling them that you like kids and want them to pretend to be a little girl! Be thankful that you're afflicted with something so tame.
  11. Handel

    Are we all just extremely sick? (trigger warnings)

    Uh, okay. That's cool. If anyone wants woman fattening tips, feel free to PM me.
  12. Handel

    Are we all just extremely sick? (trigger warnings)

    I'm not the boner killer on the fat admiration/gaining/stuffing/feederism site. I would have thought that people that got their rocks off here would understand the old saying "whatever floats your boat," but it seems that people just want to kill boners. Yes and no. I didn't make her fat. She did. I didn't stop it, though. She is now into the fetish, too, although she won't admit it. She has her most intense orgasms while eating and needs her belly touched to get off during sex.
  13. Handel

    Are we all just extremely sick? (trigger warnings)

    If I spread my ideology, more women will get fat.
  14. Handel

    Are we all just extremely sick? (trigger warnings)

    Sugar is more addictive than cocaine http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0000698 A lot of fat has been removed from our food after a 1960s study with forged results. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/13/well/eat/how-the-sugar-industry-shifted-blame-to-fat.html The fats being removed lead to the food tasting terrible, so sugar was pumped into the food to make it palatable, addictive, and lead to fatter wallets for the sugar companies and fatter belies for the American people. All I'm doing is paying for pot and meals of adults that I know. These people are getting kids addicted to poison. Good game, sugar companies. FA boners everywhere thank you.
  15. Handel

    Are we all just extremely sick? (trigger warnings)

    Which don't mean crap. Evagrius Ponticus was just some dude. Lawyers can argue anything. I can argue that by being a mod on this site, you are contributing to more people getting into the fetish and thus getting fatter/dying/feeding other people to death. I'm contributing enough to society to make up for any of these costs. The girls were mostly bound to get fat, anyway. If this is really your argument, then fat should be taxed period. My point wasn't to say we should life to be bad. My point was: who is to say that encouraging girls to get fat is bad? If someone managed to get me to do something that I didn't want to do for their own pleasure without me realizing it, I would congratulate them. G fucking g. It's the same with money. If someone rips me off and they get away with it, good for them. That's my billionaires exist.