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  1. Here's the solo girl with a nice little potbelly.
  2. Fattened up in the tight blue dress
  3. Seyta

    Morph Requests

    Here's the second girl after her Freshman 15
  4. Here's a few more. This time I didn't post the befores for the sake of space.
  5. Here's another two. A few dozen extra pounds in a tight spandex dress, and a toned gymnast who got nice a chubby.
  6. Here's another This one's in a pretty tight lycra bodysuit
  7. Well, here's another shot at some morphs, this time with some attractive girls showing off their figures in tight spandex outfits. Again, I'm still trying to get the hang of this, so I put on as much weight as I could while still trying to make it so it didn't look too distorted. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. Well, I always wanted to try my hand at morphing, so this is my first crack at it I wanted to plump her up more, but unfortunately, my lack of experience came into play, and this ended up being about the best I could do while keeping it look at least somewhat realistic. Here's pics Pre-Morph and Post Morph Tell me what you guys think
  9. Epilogue Melanie Thomas bit her lip as she stared at herself in the mirror. College had not been kind. It had started off fantastically, with her managing to make it through her freshman year without gaining an ounce. However, as a sophomore, her workload had increased to the point that she could no longer go to the gym. Having been able to maintain her flawless athletic figure for her entire life up to that point though, she hadn’t been too worried. Of course, there were some slight changes in her body, her thighs and belly growing softer, her jeans becoming harder to close, but Melanie hadn’t noticed a thing. As the semesters went on, she partied more, drank more, and stopped watching what she ate at the dining halls, but all the while, she never became particularly concerned with the figure she prized so much. After all, she was Westwood’s Prom Queen and the hottest girl on campus. What could go wrong? Well…for starters, this, she thought to herself. Melanie was dressed in a pair of her old satin panties and a bra, staring at her thicker, heavier, flabbier frame. Her six-pack abs had melted away and in their place was a bulging beerbelly that hung over her waistband, the result of far too many beers and far too little exercise. Even when she sucked in, her flabby gut jut out and every time she bent over, multiple rolls became visible and lined her once slim waist. Her thighs were now soft and dimpled, with none of the tone they once possessed and directly above them, her waist sagged on both sides over the tight fabric that left them nowhere else to go. Her rear, once one of her most fantastic features, was now enormous. Each ass cheek had grown exponentially, and together, they formed two globules of fat that made it nearly impossible to find any jeans that fit. And worst of all, despite the fact that every other part of her body had at least doubled in size, and months ago, her scale had hit 165, her breasts had grown very little, if at all. Melanie turned away from the mirror and began getting dressed. She was already a year and eleven-months removed from college, and had been living at her parents home, jobless and with very few prospects. Things had been going down hill for her ever since graduation. By then, she had already put on at least 30 pounds and traded her lean high-school body for a that of a flabby college girl, and her first interview had been ruined by the fact that the too-small dress she had worn to it had burst at the seams the moment she plopped her much fatter ass down in the interviewers office. Incidentally, that was when she first realized the presence of her extra college-weight. Up until that point, she had still been convinced that she was drop dead gorgeous in anything she wore. Her denial in fact, had been far worse than even a certain former blonde rival of hers. Since then, every interview had been a bust, and her efforts to regain her former figure had been equally unsuccessful. Today though, she had another interview, and luckily for her, her interviewer had informed her that she was permitted to dress casually. With a grunt, she pulled an old pair of yoga pants (now the only article of clothing that really fit her) over her fattened thighs. For her top, she chose a black tank top that easily fit over her chest, but was unable to cover her midsection, revealing the round beer-belly beneath it. Melanie cursed the denial of her weight gain as well as the lack of money that was responsible for inability to obtain any fitting clothes, but she was already going to be late, so this was going to have to do. ----------------------------------------------------------- As she rode the elevator up, several thoughts crossed Melanie’s mind. Although her search for employment had been largely unsuccessful so far, it seemed like this was the one. After turning in her resume, Melanie had received an email from the company informing her that she all but had the job, and that the only thing left to do was to meet her in person. In fact, the vice-president was personally going to be her interviewer. That had to be a good sign right? When she arrived at the double-doors to the vice-president’s office, Melanie could hear a woman on the phone. Hesitating slightly, she gave a light knock. “Come in,” came a voice from inside. Regaining some of her confidence, Melanie pushed open the doors. As she walked into the interviewers office however, her blood turned cold. The office was lavishly decorated with several mirrors, a number of couches, what looked like a large wardrobe, and an ornate desk. Behind the desk though, speaking on the phone, was an attractive female regally dressed in a form-fitting black dress with a pair of strappy, expensive-looking heels, with long, blonde hair that Melanie would recognize anywhere. “Oh, what a surprise. Hello Melanie,” said the woman, putting down the phone with a smile. Melanie was too stunned to speak. “My my, I see you certainly enjoyed college,” Kim teased. Behind the cheery demeanor though, Melanie sensed a hint of venom. She desperately wanted to flee, realizing exactly what she had walked into; that the girl she had once tormented was now about to decide her future. However, her blood had turned to ice, and she found herself frozen in place. Kim strode past her and shut the door, and a pang of jealousy hit Melanie as she realized that her former rival was not just better off financially than her, but also in terms of fitness. She was definitely not the gorgeous, confident teen queen she had been during her peak years in high school, but she had definitely lost weight and was a far cry from the fat, desperate girl, stripped and humiliated at prom. Her body was still soft and untoned and her thighs were still pudgy with some dimpled cellulite visible from the back, but she had almost a flawless hourglass shape with big, perky breasts, and wide, soft hips. The dress wrapped a little too tightly around her midriff, which still sported baby love handles and a soft potbelly, and it appeared to cling a bit too much to her still soft ass, but other than that, it complemented her figure perfectly. Wistfully, Melanie tried to picture Kim as her old flabby self, but was unable to conjure up an image, her mind overwhelmed instead by the confident, curvy Kim in front of her. “Have a seat dear,” said Kim, bringing Melanie back to reality. Melanie contemplated fleeing the room immediately, but glanced up and realized that Kim had positioned herself in between her and the door. The imperious blonde, seeing this, smiled and motioned for her to sit. Obediently, Melanie sat herself down on a small couch. “Y…you look good,” she stammered, not knowing what else to say. Kim raised an eyebrow, and instead of sitting opposite of her at the interviewer’s position, sat down next to her. Melanie noted how Kim’s midsection folded over to form a number of small rolls of fat, but the blonde didn’t seem to be concerned. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” she responded. “I’ve been quite the lazy girl, so I’m still quite out of shape.” At this, Kim placed a hand on her pudgy belly and shook, making it wobble and jiggle. Melanie stared dumbly, not knowing what to say. “But of course, I suppose I’m still a little better off than you,” she added. The brunette was suddenly hit by a wave of mixed self-consciousness and panic. She immediately tried unsuccessfully to pull her tight top over her exposed beerbelly, and began stammering. “I…I’m sorry Kim. I don’t know what to say! I mean… you know…I never meant it right? W…we were just dumb kids in high…” Kim clamped a hand over her mouth to silence her. “Oh, of course I understand Melanie. You don’t have to worry. And besides, as I’ve figured out, men do like curves,” she said, winking, “so in a way, it all worked out in the end.” Melanie didn’t respond, but Kim continued anyways. “So, let’s get down to business. I know you want this job.” Melanie nodded. “Well, I’m not one to forget favors easily, and I remember everything you did for me our senior year,” Kim said, narrowing her eyes, and placing a hand of Melanie’s bulging belly. Melanie fidgeted nervously, realizing where this was going. “So I’ll tell you what, you can have this job. You just have to do one little thing for me.” Melanie gulped and prepared herself. Kim stood up and strut over to out-of-place looking wardrobe and opened it. Inside, was an assortment of feminine attire; spandex leggings, figure-hugging dresses, tight tops and blouses; in short, everything that had at some time or another been a part of Melanie’s wardrobe when she was still fit. Kim put a hand on her soft, shapely hips, and grinned evilly. “I think you know where I’m going with this.” ~~~~ FIN ~~~~
  10. Well, I always wanted to see this story finished, and since the original author is gone, I have it a try. It's my first story, so tell me what you think. ----------------------------------------------------------- Kim pouted as she looked in the mirror. After the humiliating incident with Jenna and Ashley, she’d finally had to admit to herself that her weight was getting out of hand. Nevertheless, being the vain girl that she was, she didn’t dare step on the scale, and was instead trying to squeeze herself into some of her sparsely-touched workout attire. In the very few instances in which she had exercised in the past, she had rarely visited the gym with anything more than just a sports bra and yoga pants or spandex shorts, and even then, half her time at the gym was usually spent admiring herself in a mirror. Unfortunately however, the tight clothes that had once graced her flawless figure were no longer quite so flattering. Her largest sports bras could barely contain her breasts, her figure-hugging tops failed to cover her belly, and her favorite shorts could barely fit over her bulging, flabby rear. Moreover, the well-tanned thighs that she had always been so proud of were now dimpled with early signs of cellulite, and jiggled every time she moved, their former firmness having given way to soft layers of fat. Worst of all though, was her tummy. She turned to the side, and what she saw wasn’t pleasing. Even when she sucked in, there was a visible pooch, and when she didn’t… well, she tried not to think about it. Sighing, she exhaled and began the struggle to remove her shorts. Clearly, exercising could not be the answer. After all, it would be a disaster if anyone from school saw her like this at the gym. And besides, Prom was still a few months away. She could certainly shed these few extra pounds she’d put on by then. All she had to do was change her eating habits, and the title of prom queen would be hers. After all, she was still the queen of Westwood High. ----------------------------------------------------------- And so those months passed, and Prom finally came around… Kim stared at herself smugly in the mirror. They would be announcing the winner of prom queen in just a few minutes. At last, she, the most beautiful and desirable girl in school, would get the title she had coveted for years. Or so she thought. In the months leading up to prom, Kim believed she had been losing weight and regaining her figure. After all, numbers didn’t lie. What she didn’t know though, was that Ashley and Jenna, slyly repaying her for all the “kindness” she had done them over the past few years, had routinely tampered with her bathroom scales. Just one week earlier, Kim had been convinced that she had managed to lose 20 pounds since the “incident”, oblivious to the ever-present layer of flab on her belly, hips, and thighs. Any normal girl would have noticed the signs far earlier, but Kim, being the haughty princess she was, had managed to convince herself that she was once again the slim, regal blonde who ruled the school. Of course, there had been a few incidents in which she had to think twice about this. When it came time to squeeze into her prom dress, closing the zipper was nearly impossible. Ashley and Jenna however, simply explained that although she had obviously lost quite a bit of weight, she still wasn’t as slim as she had been before, and would still need her girdle. Kim, vain as ever, believed them. However, just to ensure that she looked absolutely perfect, she took the precaution of squeezing a pair of Spanx under the girdle. No harm in making her hot body look even hotter after all. Despite all of this, it had still taken a herculean effort to fit Kim into her dress. Ashley and Jenna had been nervous that Kim might notice but Kim of course, after only a few false flatteries, was convinced she looked absolutely stunning tonight. Her prom dress had cost several thousand dollars and was glittering pink and strapless with a jewel-encrusted bodice. Notably, although it did a fantastic job of showing off her cleavage, it also clung tightly to every other curve of her now much softer body. Even with both Spanx and girdle, a small potbelly was still visible, emphasized even more by the too-tight dress wrapped around it. Her thighs were thick enough that they were pushed up against each other and barely had room to move in the dress, and her plump rear, which had taken nearly 15 minutes to fit into the tight fabric, was as good as exposed. Her face was still quite gorgeous and a pleasure to look at, but even the makeup couldn’t hide the slight double-chin present on the once slim girl. Kim of course, noticed nothing. At last, deeming that she was fit for presentation, Kim left the girls restroom and made her way to the center of the dance floor where the prom queen nominees were to gather. Oblivious to the fact that her rear jiggled with every step, Kim strut like a supermodel past her peers, and although her extra pounds were clearly visible to almost everyone who took even half a glance, they preferred to suppress their chuckles rather than tell it to her face. “And now Westwood High, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…” Kim smirked at Melanie, who was separated from her by a few others girls who obviously had no chance. “Your new Prom Queen is…” Kim could see herself wearing the crown already. “The stunning, the beautiful…” Kim could barely contain herself. “Melanie Thomas!!!” For a moment, Kim was stunned. She stared open-mouthed as Melanie walked to center-stage and took the crown. The crowd erupted with hoots and cheers as Melanie placed it on her head and struck a sultry pose, giving a little smirk at the plumped up blonde. At this, Kim snapped. “YOU BITCH!” screamed Kim, storming towards Melanie, “You rigged the votes! There’s no way you could’ve beaten me! I’m Kim! I’m the queen! I’m the hottest girl in school!” “Oh shut up Kimmy, “ responded Melanie smugly, “the only thing you have to blame for your loss are those donuts you’ve been stuffing yourself with and that new potbelly of yours.” Kim, oblivious to the fact that Melanie was perfectly correct, brimmed with rage. Melanie had cheated. There was no way she could have won. The crown was rightfully hers. And she was going to get it one way or another. She stepped forward and reached out to grab the crown. But Melanie, who had been carefully scrutinizing the strained fabric clinging to the blonde’s thickened figure, was too quick for her, and with one swift motion, grabbed the bodice of Kim’s dress and yanked hard. There was a popping sound as the zipper broke and the dress came loose and fell around Kim’s feet. The crowd hushed immediately. In front of them was the supposed Queen of Westwood High, barely squeezed into a pair of spanx, and a girdle. Kim’s rage subsided immediately when she realized what had happened. She was now standing in front of more than 1000 people in just a strapless bra, and her figure-shaping undergarments. Her cheeks grew hot and she immediately threw her hands in front of her in a vain effort to try and hide from the crowd of eager viewers. Her anger at Melanie was completely lost, and now, her eyes only darted back and forth trying to find an escape. “Well, well Kim. What do we have here?” said Melanie, a vicious grin forming on her lips. “Wait, Melanie, please don’t!” squealed a panicked Kim, who had just put two and two together and realized that perhaps she hadn’t lost all the weight she thought she had. “Please, you can keep the crown, just don’t…” Kim gasped as Melanie lunged forward and with one hand, pulled hard on the already-strained girdle. With a ripping sound, it came undone, and the crowd of students watched mesmerized as the transformation occurred in front of them. The regally dressed blonde who had been standing in front of them just moments ago was gone. In her place was a panicked-looking out-of-shape girl, bent over slightly with her knees touching each other, desperately trying to cover herself in front of the hungry eyes. Gracing her midriff was a noticeable potbelly pushing against the tight ivory-colored lining of her spanx, with her bent posture giving rise to several rolls of flabby flesh. Directly above, the constrained fat , eager to escape from the confines of the suffocating fabric, spilled over in a very muffin-top-esque manner. Her thighs, still beautifully tanned, showed no sign of any muscle or tone, and were covered by a thick layer of flab with both cellulite and stretch marks clearly visible from the back. Her arms were plump and soft, yet failed to cover up her enormous breasts that were threatening to burst out of the cups that were squeezing them together. Kim, now terrified, stared at Melanie who was holding the remnants of her girdle. Realizing that there was no way out of this, she made a stumbling dash, still in her high heels, for the girls bathroom. Her paunchy gut, barely even contained by her spanx, jiggled and nearly threw her off balance several times, and her soft, pudgy thighs rubbed against each other with each step she took. After only a few seconds, she was already gasping for breath, but to her relief, the crowd parted for her with a few wolf-whistles and snickers, and she shoved herself through the door of the restroom. Looking in the mirror, she assessed the damage. How could I miss this, she thought. I’m flabby! I have a paunch! I have cellulite! Oh my god!. Ignoring her ruined makeup, she made a futile attempt to suck in her soft, bulging belly, but despite all her effort and even the spanx aiding her, the pudge wouldn’t budge. “You know Kim, I honestly never expected it to be this bad.” Kim whirled around to see Melanie, standing in front of the closed restroom entrance. Ordinarily, Kim would have been furious with what Melanie had just done to her, but after the events that had just transpired, she no longer her usual self. In fact, she was already resigning to the fact that there would be absolutely no way for her to move past this mess with her social status intact. “Ughhhhh, you got what you wanted didn’t you? Can you just…you know…leave me alone right now??” Kim snapped, a slight sob audible in her voice. Upon realizing that she was still wearing only her undergarments, she quickly turned away and faced the mirror, leaving Melanie with a full view of her much larger backside. Melanie raised an eyebrow as she saw Kim’s now burgeoned rear, at least twice the size of the firm and toned ass it had been only a few months before. Originally, she had planned to come in to delivering the humiliating final blow to her former rival, but she grinned wickedly as a new plan came to mind. “Awww, now now Kim, let’s not be so hasty. I’m just here to apologize for what I did to you. I mean, I thought maybe you’d gained a pound or two but I never imagined that you’d let yourself go this much,” she lied. “Y-you’re sorry?” stuttered Kim, barely able to contain her emotions. “Well of course,” Melanie continued, “and I’ll tell you what, I’ve been kind of a bitch, so how about I promise to make sure nobody bugs you about this whole ordeal anymore. In fact, from now on, you can hang with me, back at the top of the social ladder like you belong!” Upon hearing that, a ray of hope glimmered in Kim’s head. Perhaps she could still live out her senior year in the queenly manner she’d become so used to. “You really m-mean that, I mean, after everything I’ve done to you?” “Oh yes,” responded Melanie, “you just have to do one little thing for me.” “Anything!” blubbered the out-of-shape blonde “I’ll do anything you want!” In the back of her mind, Melanie was jumping up and down with glee. This was going more perfectly than she imagined. “Well first, peel off that shapewear of yours. I want to see just how bad it’s gotten. You know, like a damage assessment, so we know how to deal with the situation from now on.” Kim hesitated for a moment, but the thought of being able to retain at least some of her prized social status overpowered any other thoughts, and she turned towards Melanie and, with some difficulty, began stripping off her spanx. The shiny fabric clung tightly to Kim’s corpulent belly, and she had to struggle intensely to peel it off. Slowly, the fabric made its way down her waist, and with each inch that came off, the many layers of fat that had been previously held in made themselves visible. At last, after several minutes, she managed to free her new potbelly from the restricting shapewear. Melanie clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. In front of her, the former Queen of Westwood High was nearly unrecognizable. Even when held in by her spanx, Kim’s mid-section had appeared like a beer-belly that would only be found on a lazy college-girl who had forsaken the gym and spent her days lounging on a sofa, eating whatever she could get her hands on. Without the spanx though, her paunchy gut extended several inches past her already enormous breasts, hanging over the waistband of the stretched out fabric beneath them, with lovehandles escaping from both sides. “Well, what d’you think,” asked Kim nervously. Melanie stepped forward and rubbed Kim’s bloated belly. It was soft and gave way wherever she touched it. She then grabbed the fleshy love handles and squeezed slightly, hiding her smile as Kim winced. This would be even better than she imagined. “Oh, don’t worry Kim, it’s not nearly as bad as you think,” she lied. Kim breathed a sigh of relief. She had no idea what Melanie was planning, but for now, it was her only hope. “So, ummmmm, what is it that you’ll need me to do?” Melanie smiled. “Well Kim, if you want to keep your seat at the top of the school, we need to let everyone else know that nothing’s changed right?” Kim nodded dumbly. “So, obviously, that just means you’ll keep doing everything you were doing before, especially your appearance.” “My appearance?” “Yes Kim, your appearance. You know, keep the same hairstyle, the same makeup, the same clothes…” At that, Kim began having second thoughts. Putting on her old form-fitting clothes had been a struggle even with the girdle. And she would somehow have to get another one from that store since her old girdle was now broken. “Th-the same clothes? But…I mean…I can’t exactly fit into them anymore, and I would need another gird…” Melanie cut her off. “Oh don’t worry about that. I’m sure we can find a way to get you into your old clothes. And by the way, you won’t be wearing the girdle,” she said with a smirk. “But I…” “Kim. Do you want to hang with us or not?” Melanie asked, narrowing her eyes. Kim, at last, realized exactly how this would turn out for her. But at this point, she was willing to do anything to keep only chance she had at retaining her status at the top of the school. “Okay. Yes, I’ll do it.” ----------------------------------------------------------- “Come on Kim, we’re going to be late,” snapped Melanie, tapping her foot impatiently. “Sorry, coming!” she replied apologetically. The former Queen of Westwood High tightened the few stomach muscles she had left walked out of the restroom. Out of the corners of her eyes, she saw stares and grins from students on either side. She tossed her long-blonde hair to the side, threw on a pouty face, and pretended to ignore them. She was dressed in the same black spandex dress that formed her profile picture. Only, this time, she didn’t have the girdle. The dress itself was stretched to the limit, and anyone who looked could clearly see that it was made for a girl a few dozen pounds lighter. It barely managed to contain her massive bust, and forced her breasts tightly together, making her cleavage unmissable. In fact, with her old figure, she would have been able to single-handedly stop all masculine traffic in the hallways, but of course, that figure was long gone. Her flabby paunch of a midsection stretched the thin spandex covering it and now took the appearance of a classic beerbelly, bulging forward and jiggling as she walked. Her waistline was far beyond muffin-topping, and instead formed into a pair of plump lovehandles, indicating exactly where the waistline of her panties were located. Below them, the dress struggled to reach over and cover her ass, and clung tightly to the toneless and dimpled spongy thighs. Such would be the attire of the fallen Queen of Westwood High for the day, and for the rest of her high school career.
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