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  1. Hi, I found this artist on ** and I highly recommend anyone who enjoys quality fat fetish comics to definitely check him out well worth it. He back publishes the comics for free on his Deviantart page but they're several dozen pages behind the ** page. You'll find both links below. https://www.**.com/ThiccRTreat/posts Page 42 Access (Highly recommend) Releases content every other day give or take mental breaks. https://www.deviantart.com/thicc-r-treat Page 17 Access
  2. Lord and savior author dono should we expect a chapter tonight
  3. Does it give anyone else anxiety waiting for the next post?
  4. Well statistically speaking she is female, women build muscle slower then men, and she was a bit lighter then Cody when he was in the 180 range even when she started bulking extremely and has been considerably eating more and is visibly shorter and if I was reading correctly the weight range for the comp is 220-250 though I may be mistaken. Based off Candinces reaction she was definitely heavier then 220 ish which Cody weighs. So I’d say it would be fair to assume based off all the information you’d provided as an another should could in theory be between 230-249 also I think it’d be funny if when they’re announced their name height and weight get brought up. I know when I’ve watched deadlift on TV they use it for reference
  5. Hi, everyone I just wanted some feedback of how some of you deal with the frustrations of dating someone who doesn’t share the fedish and wants no part of it, my SO is a little on the chunky side so it’s nice but I do find myself frustrated when she talks of working out in excess(I’m all for being healthy) now she knows about my preferences and has made it very clear she’s not interested which I respect and I love her very much so I was hoping someone could give me some advice as to how to cope with wishing she’d gain weight, not wanting to sabotage her and respect her choices because of that love I feel for her. She’s 5’1 and about 140-150lb range and I’d personally love to see her hit 180ish more or less but as stated above I’ll never force her, ask her to intentionally gain and she has no interest but I plan on marrying her so again only looking for an outlet or at least a place to vent my frustrations sometimes
  6. I need to stop checking my favorite stories page every time it's not updated I get sad 

    1. riptoryx


      Maybe send a friendly private message to the author(s) and let 'em know how eager you are to read more? I think writers tend to very much appreciate that kind of complimentary attention (or at the least, not resent it). Plus, your show of interest might turn out to be exactly the kind of motivating nudge that leads to new material being created and shared. After all, it's usually more fun to write stuff when you get feedback confirming that someone else will actually want to read it. :)

  7. God damn, you look huge what do you weigh now?
  8. Can anyone suggest anything to help cope knowing your fiancé has to stay within a certain range which is really small and even though you love her anyway it's still frustrating
  9. @extra_m13 She owns two pairs of jeans the rest are leggings or sweat pants, she wears scrubs that are to big to work because thats company policy and she eats ALOT on her own so i'm not worried about her intake.
  10. Actually she approached me about my concerns of her own volition and admitted to me she was only acting like that because her mother came to visit that day and got her all whipped up. She actually also admitted to me last night she's starting to like her added pudge and how soft/squishy she feels, as well as the fact that she likes when I play with it, so I feel a whole hell of a lot better and I feel like it got me all whipped up for no reason, also.... @extra_m13 she is 5'1 and 152.3LBs as of this morning and @MUSEic turns out her BP just read high because she ate before she went to the Doctors like a derp.. she got her blood drawn and is fine, I would NEVER jeopardize her health for my own sexual gratification. @Goldwing Thank you for your very logical and sound advice it put a lot of things very quickly into perspective for me.
  11. So my girlfriends mother decided that she was going on a diet (the mom) so she's changing everything in the house this I've taken it upon myself to ensure she isn't stunted
  12. So over the last year and a half my girlfriend has unintentionally gained about 30lbs, she is 5' 2" and started out weighing about 126lbs, we are now exploring the idea of her intentionally gaining to around 180lbs, on average she consumes around 1800 to 2200 calories a day can anyone make any suggestions that don't involve extreme measures to help increase her calorie intake ideally wed like her to be around 180 by next summer if not sooner
  13. This has happened over the course of about a year and some odd weeks, she knew what I liked from the start as I am honest
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