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  1. So just to clear things up and for future reference, boobs are OK?
  2. oh no it looks like she ate Tommy Walsh 😱
  3. Any screenshots or videos? Hard to find recent ones
  4. That's sabrina_xx from streamate, pretty sure she's a little bigger than that now
  5. Lordofall96

    Mia Khalifa

    What I would give to see her as the fat girl she once was, but the liklehood of ever seeing photos of that is almost impossible 🙄
  6. Holy shit your boobs have really ballooned! You look incredible now, I can't imagine what you'll look like in the months to come 😃
  7. Don't forget those tits, I was expecting a full breast lift/reduction too
  8. Ah fair enough, must just be perspective and high heels
  9. Isn't Olivia quite a bit shorter than Loey? I always thought Loey was quite tall?
  10. Personally, the reason I preffered the old style was that I was only interested in a few threads so it was nice and easy to go to 'general videos' and see only a few threads having been updated so what I wanted to see was more or less right at the top. It's the hassle of trawling through endless threads that I'm not interested in to get to what I want that bothers me. I never really saw 'general videos' as a purely videos category anyway, it was just a place where everything I liked was. Obviously this is only my take on the situation but I'm sure people would like some kind of category system (not necessarily pics vs vids or whatever) even if it only reduces the time finding what you came for. Also, did the 'pornstars weight gain [Hardcore]' thread get deleted or just moved? ok, in restrospect this post was more or less uneccessary and far too long - sorry
  11. Lordofall96

    Daisy Ridley

    Definitely, If only she was that thick all the time
  12. She also cams on streamate occasionally, she was on yesterday and said she's roughly 230lbs at the moment
  13. I guess that's fair enough, it's a shame though
  14. Does anyone know what happened to Cutie from **? she hasn't posted anything new for at least 3 months
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