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  1. Thanks. Good news..... I booked us a cruise where there is tons of good food all included. She keeps telling me she is going to get really fat Does anyone have any advice on how to help her gain in the mean time? We are trying to figure out what more we can do!
  2. Oh yes believe me she still knows I am attracted to her I tell her everyday how beautiful I think she is. Haha. She doesn't really have a limit, she just wants to kind of "go with the flow" of things. Recently she saw how crazy it made me that her thighs and ass grew and she loved it!
  3. Thanks for your concern Ive talked with her and she actually is cool with the whole thing, shes just not sure if she wants pictures posted at the moment. It felt good to get that off my chest! So what can I do to start fattening her up quick?! ;D
  4. I appreciate the reply. I wouldn't do anything without her consent. I just don't think now is the time to tell her about the fetish part of it and whatnot. I comment all the time saying how her boobs and ass seem bigger and how I love it. I tell her to "keep doing what your doing" and she laughs and says she does nothing! haha. I even asked if she would be okay with gaining a little and she said yes but she doesn't know how she would as she already eats whatever she wants and doesn't do any sports or anything. Hope that cleared some stuff up. Thanks Ayumi
  5. So i have been with this girl since the fall, and I am trying to get her to gain. I have not told her about this community and all yet, just waiting till we get further along. I do tell her all the time that shes beautiful and it would be sexy to put on a few pounds (in a nice way making sure she knows I like her for how she is). She is only around 130 now. She already has 36D's and a fat ass, so I'm sure she would look great with a gain. She put on about 8 lbs recently and says it doesn't bother her all, said her pants feel tighter Anyways, I want to wait for the right time to talk to her about all this stuff. But in the meantime, is there anything I can do to get her to gain without her realizing I am trying to? I would really appreciate some advice. If it works I will update you all with pictures. I GUARANTEE no one will be disappointed Thanks!
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