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  1. Artsy


    The second picture worked out really well!
  2. Super cute chubby woman! :D 


  3. Aw look how cute Taylor Swift looks as a fatty! :lol:

    Face Changer 2_cffDS5.png

  4. Artsy


    What celeb should I do next?
  5. @Curvage Casey look how cute you and @MissSugarPlumpFairy look! :lol: 2135671520_16350275824022.thumb.jpg.897c2b918413021ae67b87397f5e0c64.jpg

    1. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Awww this is so cuuute! I love this effect 🖤

  6. Guess the morphed celebrity! :D 1635023029006.thumb.jpg.88bb9d8e3f62b4904fba925604d52fbb.jpg

  7. Artsy


    Cartoon versions of morphed celebs!
  8. Artsy


    I made a few morphs with using the app facelab and I got some amazing results. It really is a great app for face morphing!
  9. Now that is scary hot! See what I did there? lMAO
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