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  1. Shrill. Pencil.
  2. Caligro

    Erica Lauren

    You're either not very good with scales or have never been with a woman. She's pushing 260-270 at least
  3. You are just hell-bent on being a Debbie Downer on every great thread that graces here, aren't you?
  4. Just. Stop. Everyone. Stop. For the love of god. Just because a woman looks slightly different from one photo to the next (in this case wearing panties that actually FIT), doesn't mean she's losing weight. We are looking at her through a screen, sometimes distorted, poorly lit or fisheyed and saying "nah brah, she's loosing, dude she looks thinner ahhmahhgahhd!!!" Pictures are imperfect, so are human bodies from one day to the next. Get over yourselves.
  5. Long story short as some people on here may recognize my user, there's a profile on Deviantart named "Triple B Lovers" who has since moved his premium collection over to Patron. I get it, guy wants to be paid for his obviously time - consuming work. So I sign up, fill out personal info including cc info and bam, I'm now a supporter. Money is charged to card. Guy claims that it is only taken once per month, "cause that's how Patron works." Meanwhile all of his files are password encrypted and he doesn't give them out but once a month. Not to be redundant but yet again, money has been charged and I'm not able to do anything with it. Now there's a small flame war brewing because I brought it to his attention on his public message board (did not see the option of private pm until switching to desktop mode on chrome browser through android tablet). I may have been a bit rude and catty I admit, but am I in the wrong here to see it this way?
  6. Needed a Black Widow photoshoot like yesterday :
  7. There's no way she's only 143.
  8. Caligro

    Geogina Horne

    That's Teer Wayde. :-X
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